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County Carlow

Tithe Defaulters 1831

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The Tithe Defaulter Schedules are held in the National Archives, Bishop St, Dublin. These schedules are lists of the names of the people who did not pay their tithes for the year 1831. When increasing numbers of tithe payers refused to pay tithes during the years 1830 and 1831, in particular, many Church of Ireland clergymen found themselves in difficult financial circumstances. The Government set up what was called the Clergy Relief Fund 1831, to alleviate the problem. One consequence of this Act was that the Government then had the job of collecting the arrears of tithes in each parish rather than the clergymen.   If the clergyman wished to seek assistance under the terms of the Act, he had to swear an affidavit setting out the methods he had employed in attempting to recover the arrears of tithe for 1831. To accompany the affidavit he had to write out a Schedule, listing the Names, Descriptions, and Places of Abode of the Persons, Occupiers of Land within his Parish or the "Representatives of such of them as are dead." He also had to state how much tithe was due from each tithe payer and how much each tithe payer was in arrears. The affidavits and the schedules then had to be sent to Dublin Castle for a decision as to whether relief would be granted or not under the terms of the Act which set up the Clergy Relief Fund.  

There are 1,061 pages of names of Tithe Defaulters. These 1,061 pages of names cover 232 Parishes and lists 29,027 names throughout Ireland. This is a unique record of people living in Ireland, and of their address and occupation, at the time that the various Schedules were compiled, in June, July and August 1832. The following index is for the schedule for County Carlow.

"County Carlow Tithe Defaulters 1831"
Place of Abode, Occupation (Farmer unless given otherwise)

Ullard Parish in St Mullins and Idrone Baronies


Thomas Byrne
Pat Byrne
Daniel Carty
Edward Carrol
Edward Doyle
Patrick Kehoe
Edward Keogh
Pat King
Michael Murphy
Pat Magrath
James Neile
Michael Neile
Morgan Neile
Matthew Redmond
James Redmond
Pat Redmond
Catherine Redmond
Thomas Whelan

Charles Byrne
Thomas Byrne
Michael Byrne
James Byrne (Ned)
Morgan Byrne
Ned Byrne Senior
Simon Byrne
Mathew Byrne
Ned Byrne (William)
Ned Byrne (Michael)
John Breen
Andrew Brennan
Andrew Cahill
James Doyle
Robert Doyle
Catherine Doyle
Dennis Farrell
Charles Farrell
Frank Hanrick
Andrew Hayden
Mathew Kavanagh Senior
Mathew Kavanagh Junior
Michael Kavanagh
Thomas Keatinge
Laurence Keatinge
Pat Keatinge
James Morrisy
Thomas Murphy
Pat Murphy
Timothy Nowlan
Michael Ryan

Widow Curran
Bryan Kelly

Catherine Byrne
Mr Campion
Pat Cloven
James Cloven
Peter Culleton
Pat Corcoran
Francis Corcoran
Michael Darcy
James Dalton
Edward Dalton
Bridget Dalton
Mary Doyle
John Fenlon
Thomas Fenlon
James Foley
Daniel Gorman
Laurence Gorman Senior
Laurence Gorman Junior
Pat Gorman
Thomas Kavanagh Esq., J.P.
Mary Kelly
Andrew Lannan Senior
Andrew Lannan Junior
Timothy Rigny
James Stokes
Edward Fallen
Pat Walsh Senior
Pat Walsh Junior
Edward Walsh
Walter Walsh
May Whelan

Michael Bryan
Pat Cloney
Mary Carroll
Andrew Doyle
Thomas Murphy
David Gorman
Pat Gorman
James Hunt
Moses Hunt
William Hunt
Bryan Henesy
Edward Lannan
Pat Joyce
John Lannan
John Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Owen Nowlan
Mr Rossiter
William Shea
Bryan McCabe

Thomas Byrne
John Byrne
Pat Bulger
John Burgess
Sarah Dowling
Thomas Dalton
James Dalton
John Griffen
James Hunt
John King
John Murphy
James Neile

Michael Doyle
James Butler
Thomas Butler
Edward Butler
Richard Butler
Peter Byrne
Pat Byrne
Alexandre Corcoran
Martin Carrol
Martin Curran
Ellen Curran
John Costello
Pat Carrol
Morgan Doyle
John Doyle
Andrew Dalton
Pat Drew
James Finlon
Charles Byrne
James Foley
Michael Fahy
Mathew Henesy
Edward Henesy
Andrew Murphy
Michael Keatinge
Michael Monahan
William Magrath
Michael Ryan
Stephen Tobin
Michael Tobin
Pat Walsh

Mr Haughton

Luke Hagarty Esq., J.P.

Thomas Kavanagh Esq., J.P.


Grangeforth Parish in Carlow Barony


John Dillon

Edward Donohue

John Macassy
James Macassy
John Allen
Michael Roach
Thomas Waters
Patrick Murphy
William McEvoy
John Murray
John Gainor
Michael Lynch
Michael Byrne
Gerard Byrne
Mary Lynch
William Gainor
Thomas Lawler
John Finn
Patrick Walsh
Anne Walsh
John Silk
William Byrne
Patrick Whelan
George White
Michael Lawler
Patrick Neal
Patrick Lawler
Margaret Hughes
Bridget Codd
Patrick Nowlan
Miles Doolan
Francis Dunne
Michael Hollagan
John Potts
Thomas Nowlan
Anne Griffin
Michael Muldoon
Denis Kinsila
John Kavanagh
Walter Whelan
Edward Murray
Patrick McDaniel
Michael Nowlan
Patrick Nowlan
Simon Henesy
Patrick Byrne
Thomas Dunne
Anne Doyle
Owen Doyle
Edward Doyle
Thomas Toole
William Nowlan
Patrick McDaniel
Michael Kavanagh
Michael Brennan
James Murphy
Peter Farrell
Michael Roach
Patrick Mahon
William Mahon
Michael Mahon
John Gallaher
Pat Headen
Richard Headen
Thomas Nowlan
Catherine Nowlan
Winifred Byrne
Michael Byrne
John Byrne
John Byrne
Edward Redmond
John Hicky
Patrick Hicky
Patrick Whelan
Michael Whelan
Thomas Travers
James Thorpe
Mary Thorpe
Patrick McEvoy
David Dagge
John Smith
Dennis Doyle
Patrick Hanlon
Patrick Roache
Henry Hanlon
John Hanlon
James Quin
Mark Dunn
Edward Murphy
Dan Murphy
Timothy Hendricke
Dan Nowlan
James Curran, Blacksmith
Catherine Brennan
Bryan Keilly
Margaret Keilly
James Kinsela
Catherine Kinsela
Luke Kinsela
Michael Farrell
Henry Roebottom
Michael Fitzpatrick
Francis Headen
Catherine Headen
James Crummeen
Thomas Crummeen
James Dwyer
Elizabeth Dwyer
William Dwyer
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