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1757 & 1758 Records

The Parish of Tullow

This is an Image of two pages of Parish record for Church of Ireland, Tullow.
Carlow (COI).
Parish Church Congregation - Tullow 1757 & 1758


Page 1

Henary Son of Edward & Kathrine Willson. Aprile ye 29th 1757

Esther Daughter of William & Barbara Hoar. May ye 13th 1757

John son to Joshua Nixon and Martha Fouler. (no date written)

Doreus Daughter of James and Sarah Price. A Trooper in Blighs Redgment on June ye 3rd 1757

William Son of William and Mary Reed. June ye 19th 1757

Mars Son to Hamelton Alice Mophett. June ye 17th 1757

George Son of Thomas and Elinor Burgess. July ye 17th 1757

Michael Son to Michael Owens And Elizabeth Chance. August ye 28th 1757

Mary Daughter of Thomas and Mary Ramsey. Sept ye11th 1757

Robert Son to Vera and Jermiah Rickabey and his wife, February (illegible page torn).


Page 2

Mary Daughter to Thobias Trope Thorp [side of entry] and Susana Peters. October ye 16th 1757

Thos Son to Thos and Ruth Bullmer Oct ye 16th 1757

Mary Daughter to Aurther and Mary Kershew. October ye 23rd 1757

Janet? Daughter to Myles and Leda Young. ye 1757

Samual Son of ? And Mary Brown. Nov ye 27th 1757

George Son to Wills and Alice Burges. Dec ye 15th 1757

Mary Daughter of George and Katrine Manger. Jan ye 27th ye 1757

Jane Daughter of Ulick Sander Carr Sanlder and Mary his wife February ye 1758


Page 1

A Child of Anthony Droughts March ye 14th 1757

Katrine Pickett March ye 19th 1757

A Child of Thos Ramsey March ye 29th 1757

The same day a Son of Patrick Whealond

Garett Nowlan Carried to Templepeter May ye 3rd 1757

Mary Doyle May ye 5th 1757

A Child of Willam Hoars Aprill ye 1758

Ann Henshawson Sept 10th 1757

A son of Robert Keravin, August 9th 1757

A Daughter of Robert Keravin, August 10th 1757

Mrs Whelan of BallyConnell, September the 1st 1757.

..? Byrn from ye County Kildare Jun 9th 1757

Child of James Conelly


Page 2

Child of Andrew Bryans. Oct ye 16 1757

Mrs Whelon of Lascolman October ye 26th 1757

Thos Mills February ye 10th 1758

Magrett Bealon. Febry ye 15th 1758

A Child of Hamton Mophet. Febry ye 20th 1758

Bridgett Noulan Febry ye 23rd 1758

Lary Byrne March ye 18th 1758

A Child of Willm Hoars Aprill ye 2nd 1758

A Child of Mrs Samson Aprill ye 7th 1758

A Child of Willm Hoars Aprill ye 8th 1758

Thos Buttler Aprill ye 10th 1758

A Child of Andrew Bryans Aprill the 19th 1758

A Child of Mrs Horns Aprill the 5th 1758

Garett Carty May ye 1st 1758

A Child of Mathew Garley May ye 1st 1758

A Child of Mick Galaway Aprill ye 17th 1758


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Transcribed by M. Brennan 2012 (This is not a complete record)

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