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Richard Corrigan Papers

Courtesy of Turtle Bunbury

Urglin Co. Carlow Marriages


NOTE: These Urglin Marriage records have been transcribed by Maribeth Nolan from copies of original parish records.
Page numbers and entry numbers may not follow in sequence.

Urglin Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE    No. 44

4th June 1826
William ABBEY of Tullow   to Anne NICHOLSON
of Killerig

Witness. George NICHOLSON

URGLIN  Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE   No. 6

March 11 1716

Phelim BYRNE To  Anne GAFNEY   dau  to

Wm. GAFNEY Johnstown   Killerig

Urglin Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE   No. 21

=18th July   1803 31st.  October

Edward BOX  to Anne GIVELY  (widow)

Urglin CO. Carlow Marriage   No. 16

10th December 1791

Thomas    of Thomas and Eliza CONDELL

Urglin  Co. Carlow MARRIAGE   No. 13

October 7th 1789

Thomas COPE    to   Catherine DEMPSEY


Feb 14/10? 1715

Abraham   Biby  to  Katherine?

Urglin  CO.  Carlow BU MARRIAGE    No.  9

3rd.  July 1784

Nicholas BROWN  To Sarah   HOPKINS

 Urglin   Co. Carlow MARRIED       No.  15

18th November  1791

Thomas BURK   to Mary DORSON

Urglin Co.  Carlow  Marriage        No. 45

17th September 1825

Benjamin COLE of Palatine to Mary GARLAND
of the parish of Kinea

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE        No.7

February 26 1716

Denis CAVANAGH to Joan  NOLAN  Grangeforth

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE        No.??

August 1st, 1785

Charles POWLETT DOYNE Esq to Miss Jane EBBING

Urglin Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE         No.37

March 27th 1819

Robert DAVIS   of Carlow to Eliza WHELAN
of Carlow

 Urglin Co. Carlow Marriage      No.39

27th April 1819



 Urglin Co. Carlow Marriage         No.40

17th May 1819

 Abraham  Haskins of Coolkenno Hall

Co. Wicklow   to Margaret FITZMAURICE

of Springhill Carlow

July 29 1716
daughter of

Urglin   CO. Carlow MARRIAGES        No. 14

25th June 1791

 Samuel Dowse    of Co. Wexford    to Anne
Thompson    Burton Hall

 Urglin Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE        No.23

April 29th 1804

William GIVING  to  Jane HOLMES

Urglin Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE         No. 36

14th October 1817

Singleton GARDNER to Mary CULLEN of Carlow

 Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE      No. 3?

13th November 1805

Lieutenant   John JONES   of Cook City Militia

to Mary HOBART

URGLIN   Co.   CARLOW   MARRIAGE   1715        No.2

Feb. 14 1715

Hugh LINCHY  to  Eliza DORAN

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE       No.20

18th July 1803

Thomas LITTLE    to Mary LAWLER

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE       No.42

2nd May 1825

John MAGRATH of Baure Lands Co. Kilkenny to
Georgina    daughter of D.A. MILLER

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE     No.27

December 27th 1804

Oliver MOORE to Frances  EUSTACE

Page 3

 Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIED   No.28

10th February 1805

John MURRAY   to   Eliza FLETCHER

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE    No.12

3rd June 1789

Patt NOWLAN  to Mary Maguire

Urglin   Co. Carlow MARRIAGE        No. 32

18th April 1807

John LITTLE   to   Susannah BOOTH

U  Urglin Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE      No.19

3rd. June 1803

George MOOREHOUSE  to  Jane COPE

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE       No. 26

9th November 1804

Richard WALL to Anne THORPE

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE      1715      No. 3

February 15 1715

James NOLAN  Grange  to  Margaret BYRNE
(Mary BYRNE)   Grange

 Urglin   Co.   Carlow MARRIAGE           No.22

 26th April 1804

 Jonas PAINE to Martha BUNBURY

Urglin CO. Carlow MARRIED        No.34

February 7th 1817

Thomas QUINLAN   to  Ellen COPE

Urglin Co. Carlow Marriage       No.4`

10th  August 1829

Wm. Stuart of Stuarts Lodge    to   Elizabeth

Duckett      Killerig    by Rev. HICKEY

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE      No.38

26th March 1819

Jeremiah SWAYNE    tof  Scarawalsh     to Eliza
SWAYNE  of  Ferns   widow

Urglin Co. Carlow MARRIAGE     No.31

7th May 1806

Charles THORPE    to  Mary  Coleman   (widow)

Urglin     Co.  Carlow        MARRIAGE     No.10


Urglin   Co. Carlow MARRIAGE     No. 29

11th  November 1805

Richard  RUEBOTTOM    to    Bridget BYRNE

Urglin CO. Carlow MARRIAGE      No.25

31st.  May 1804

John SMYTH    to    Alice BAGOT

Urglin Co.  Carlow MARRIAGE      No.35

June 5th 1817

Robert THORNTON    to   Mary  HANBRIDGE

Urglin Co.  Carlow MARRIAGE       No. ??

September 17 1716
     George THORNTON  to  Hannah WALKER

Urglin   CO.   Carlow MARRIAGE           No.33

13th March 1808

Charles WARNER  Esq.    to Mary  RUDKINS

both of Carlow

Urglin CO.  Carlow MARRIAGE     No.26

9th November 1804

Richard WALL    to    Anne THORPE

Urglin   Co. Carlow    MARRIAGE    No.18

May 8th 1803

Chris   WALKER  to Mary HABIT

Urglin   Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE  No.24

20th May 1804

Thomas YOUNG to Alice  KENNEDY

Urglin   CO. Carlow MARRIAGE  No. 8

  December  2nd  1726

Margaret  WILSON Parents Hugh and Jane  WILSON

to James PIERSON  of Urglin

Urglin Co. Carlow  MARRIAGE  No.43

13th  September 1825

Anne WELCH of Rutland  to Charles WORTHINGTON
of  Clonmelch

Transcribed by Maribeth Nolan Dec 2012