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Viewmount House

Kernanstown. Co. Carlow

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Map of Viewmount c.1846
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Map of Viewmount c.1841
(Part of the hand drawn map of the Robert Clayton Browne, Esq estate map produced in 1841.)

Note from Michael Purcell Dec 2009

The map (above) has a outline drawing of View Mount House, outhouses, stores and stables and also the Gate Lodge entrance. Accounts from the period claim that it was in the field adjoining View Mount House ( to the left of it as you view the map ) that an estimated 2,000 United Irishmen assembled before they advanced on Carlow town to take part in the Battle of Carlow on the 25th of May 1798 and because of this assembly the then owner of View Mount, Sir Edward Crosbie, a few weeks after the event, was sentenced to be Hanged, Drawn and Quartered . His body was buried near View Mount house and some years later his head was buried at Urglin Churchyard. Up to the present day members of the Browne-Clayton family claim that they often saw a figure in the driveway of their home, Brownes Hill House, walking about with his head under his arm and this long before they heard the story of the execution of Sir Edward Crosbie !

The spot where his body was buried could be identified up to a few years ago by several granite stones laid out in a nearby field. On the map the world famous Dolmen is identified in another field marked "Cromlech". Also identified is the site of St. Kevins Abbey and of course Brownes Hill House itself with it very large stores and stables and its famous gardens. There is another map of View Mount dated 1820 , the house, stables, outhouses and Gate Lodge are illustrated in detail. We will publish this map later.

Viewmount House, Co. Carlow

Viewmount House itself was one of several handsome residences built in the charming countryside of County Carlow during the Georgian Age. It was one of the earliest houses in the county, built by the Browne family in 1750 and predating Browne's Hill by 13 years. 18th century MPs were wont to devote their latter years to overseeing the construction of magnificent new homes that might reflect their lifetime achievements for centuries to come.

Samuel Lewis noted in 1837, the house is 'pleasantly situated and commanding a beautiful prospect of the neighbouring country'. (1) To the front rises 'a noble mountain ridge, while in other directions the prospect is bound by Lugh-naCuillagh and Mount Leinster'.

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