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The Carlow Vindicator

and Leinster Standard


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The Vindicator Carlow

County Library holds the Carlow Vindicator for 1892. The Vindicator operated from Dublin Street and was in existence for about five years. During the Parnellite "split" in the 1890s the Carlow Vindicator was on the side of Parnell's party while the Nationalist and Leinster Times supported the anti-Parnellite cause.

Source: Carlow County Library

Carlow Vindicator.

Letter to the Editor.

Tinryland, April 30th, 1892.


Dear Sir, --I wish through the medium of your journal to expose a case of the most barefaced landgrabbing , which I am sure will meet with the condemnation it deserves from all honest men. I was evicted from my home, which was in the possession of my family for generations, by my landlord . Mr Denis. R. Beresford, for non-payment of a rent which must be admitted to was exorbitant even by his own valuer. He scarcely allowed the clay to settle over his mother's grave when he called in the services of Messrs Moore, Mack and Ryan and Watters (the latter acting as emergency man), and turned myself and my sister out on the road on a cold February morning.

We were not well out when J---?---- (name published in report but I will not publish it in this transcript) comes and takes possession of all my improvements and those of my forefathers, without one penny compensation to me --the time selected by this pious Catholic for doing so being Holy Week. The rent of the farm (if you can call it such) is 12 yearly, the area six acres, including a road all around it about thirty perches. This, with waste of rocks, leaves about five acres tillage land. So you see it was the house and premises built by my predecessors, without one penny from the landlord, and on which I expended during the last ten years over 100, which were coveted.~~

I remain yours,
John Byrne.

The Carlow Vindicator, May 1892.

Ball at The Military Barracks, Carlow.

Colonel Butler and the officers of the 8th Battalion King's Royal Rifles gave a most enjoyable ball in the Military Barracks, Carlow, on Tuesday night. The attendance was large and thoroughly representative of the local gentry.

The music was supplied by Mr. Mervyn Browne; while the catering was entrusted to Mr. Blunt, who has for the last three years given unbounded satisfaction to the regiment.

Appended is a list of the officers and guests:

Col. Sir Thomas Butler, Bart.; Mr. R. Butler, Mr. C.R. Butler and the Misses Butler; Col. E.H. Butler, Mr and Mrs Browne-Clayton and the Misses Browne-Clayton ; Capt. Lord W. Fitzgerald, Mrs Grogan, Major Alexander, Mr. Godwyn B. Swifte, Mr amd Mrs O'Callaghan, Miss Bolton, Mr and Mrs Joy, Miss Watson, Miss Eustace and Miss G. Eustace, Mr T. Alexander, Mr and Mrs Black, Mrs Bagenal, the Misses Newton, Mr H. Crane, Mr and Miss McMahon, Captain P.C. Newton, Mr. H. Keogh, Mrs and the Misses Keogh, Mrs Annesley, Mr. Perry, Major Doyne, the Misses Milner, Mrs C. Duckett; Major J.J. H. Eustace, Capt. G.W. L'Estrange, Capt. J.K. Milner, Capt. C. Duckett, Lieut. W.T. Richardson, Second-Lieut J.H. Grogan, Capt. and Adjutant H.E.Maxwell, Surgeon Lieut.-Col. E.A.Rawson, Lieut. G.R.Shine, Lieut. N.A.Delacherois-Crommelin, Lieut. J.W.Stopford, Second Lieut. D.St. P. Bunbury.

Milita Inspection.

Colonel Fane, commanding the 102 Regiment District at Naas, held his usual inspection of the 8th Batt. King's Royal Rifles on Tuesday last at Carlow.

The men were first drawn up in full marching order on the Barrack Square and subjected to a minute inspection, after which the regiment was marched out to Old Grange, where they performed a series of military evolutions with all the precision of a regiment of regulars. Col. Fane heartily congratulated the men on their soldierly appearance and in particular "D" Company, commanded by Capt. Duckett, and of which Sergeant Cork is the non-commissioned officer in charge. The rifle range was visited during the day, and Col. Fane expressed himself as highly satisfied with the shooting of the men. The Battalion will be disbanded to-day (Saturday).


Poster 1896.

Healthy Young Men wishing to join the Army can be Enlisted at the
Recruiting Sergeant will visit Carlow Military Barracks on the first Tuesday in March 1896 to enlist Recruits.


Transcribed by Jean Casey, 2010

The Carlow Vindicator, May 1892.

State of the Workhouse.

Number in Workhouse; 433. born 1, discharged 44, died 1, remaining 430.

Number in Workhouse corresponding period last year 434, increase 4. Average cost for hall diet, 1 shilling, 11 pence; general cost per head, 3 shillings and 7 pence; ditto in infirmary, 4 shillings 11 pence.


Cost of stimulants used in workhouse infirmary week ending 21st May 1892, 3 pounds 5 shillings and 8 pence; corresponding period last year, 2 pounds, 14 shillings and 5 pence halfpenny; increase 11 shillings and 2 pence farthing. Cost of tobacco, 11 shillings and 5 pence halfpenny.

A loan of 3 pounds 17 shillings and 6 pence was sought from the Local Government Board for the supply of seed potatoes.

By kind permission of Michael Purcell  11/2011

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