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William Drummond and Sons Ltd

Pembroke, Carlow.

William Drummond and Sons Ltd seed merchants.

Source of image from Dermot O'Brien's Facebook.

W. Drummond & Sons. Pembroke, Carlow
c.1931 - 1939

1931 - In October 1931, we purchased the late Mr. James Dugan’s interest in his premises at Pembroke and 5 Dublin Street, Carlow.

1934 – In order to cope with the growing requirements of our Nursery business we took over fifteen acres at Killeshin, Carlow, principally for the production of Roses and Fruit Trees and Shrubs. This Nursery is now established and almost up to its full production capacity.

1938- We found accommodation at 5 Dublin Street to be unequal to the requirements of our expanding seed business. We decided that the best interest of our customers would be served by establishing the seed business and stores on the Pembroke Nursery grounds.

1939 – We have now erected an entirely new and up to date block embracing a shop, offices and stores with floor space of 14,000 square feet, where we will be in a position to provide for the growing requirements of our business.

Our New Address is:
W. Drummond & Sons, Ltd
Seedsmen and Nurserymen
Pembroke, Carlow.
Head Office, 57 & 58 Dawson Street, Dublin, C2
Garden Seed and Nursery Catalogues on request
Head Office, 57 & 58 Dawson Street, Dublin, C2
The image on the left is what the building looks like today in the year 2017
57-58 Dawson St. Dublin is now a Book shop in 2017.

Image from Dan Carbery
  Drummonds Pembroke. 1930's to 1970's. Forerunner of the "Garden Centre". They supplied seed to the ordinary gardener and cereal, root crop and grass seed to farmers. They also owned about 15 acres on the Killeshin road just past the primary school which was known as Drummonds Nursery. There they cultivated roses, fruit trees and shrubs for sale. The site in Pembroke was latterly used to store grain. Photo by Keith Goad.

Source: Excerpts from the Carlow County Museum submitted by Dan Carbery

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