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Carlow  Surname Records

Walker Records

Abbreviated transcriptions from old index to Carlow Cathedral Registers.

Source: Michael Purcell 2009 & Transcribed by Mary Corcoran

1820 Walker Joseph, Bap.  father  John,  mother  Elenor Murphy.   The Quarries, 
1822 Walker Mary, Bap.  father  John,  mother  Eleoner Murphy.   (no address recorded) 
1825 Walker Johanna,  Bap.  father  John,?  mother  Ellen Murphy.   The Quarries, 
1827 Walker William, Bap.  father  John,  mother  Ellen Murphy.   (no address recorded) 
1828 Walker Ann, Baptised  over 3 years old, foster child of  Mary Walker (nee Doyle),     Graigue.
1829 Walker Jane, Baptised  father  John mother Ellen Murphy   Bernards Lane
1839 Walker Thomas, Bap  father  Peter,  mother  Catherine Brennan.   Burrin Street, 
1845 Walker Frances, married to Eliza Gorman       Tullow Street,?
1845 Walker William, married  to Mary Gorman,          Chapel Lane, 
1845 Walker William, Bap.  Convert  aged 22 years.       Chapel Lane, 
1846 Walker Henry,  Bap. father Robert, mother Brid Graham.   Coal Market, 
1846 Walker Matt.  Bap.  father  Frank,  mother  Eliza Gorman.   Tullow Street, 
1847 Walker James Bap. father  William mother Mary Gorman.   (no address recorded) 
1848 Walker Mary, Bap. Father Francis, mother Eliz Gorman.   (no address recorded)
1850 Walker Anne,  Baptised father  Francis,  mother  Eliza Gorman.   Brown Street, 
1850 Walker Mary, Bap.  father  William  mother  Mary Gorman   Brewery Lane, 
1852 Walker Francis, Bap father Frank, mother Eliza Gorman.   Chapel Lane,
1852 Walker Henry, Bap. father Henry, mother Catherine Wholahan.   Barrack Street,
1853 Walker John,  Bap.  father  William,  mother  Mary Gorman.   Chapel Lane, 
1854 Walker Joseph, Bap. father Francis, mother Eliza Gorman.   Chapel Lane,
1855 Walker William, Bap.  father  William,  mother  Kitty Byrne.   Barrack Street, 
1856 Walker Mary, Bap.  father  Francis  mother  Eilisa Gorman.   College Street, 
1857 Walker Jacob,  Bap. father Francis, mother Elizabeth Gorman.   College Street,?
1857 Walker Joseph, Bap.     mother Catherine Ho......?   Gallypot Lane, 
1859 Walker Edward,  Bap.  Fr. Francis, mother Elizabeth Gorman.   Chapel Lane,
1859 Walker Teresa,  Bap.  father  William  mother  Maria Gorman.   Bridewell Lane, 
1861 Walker Sam.  Bap.  father  Francis,  mother  Eliza Gorman.   Chapel Lane, 
1862 Walker Edward (Twin),  Bap. Fr. William, mother Maria Gorman.   Bridewell Lane,
1862 Walker William, (Twin), Bap.  father  William.  Mother  Maria Gorman.   Bridewell Lane, 
1864 Walker Vincent, Bap.  father  Francis, mother Eliza Gorman.   College Street, 
1866 Walker Thomas, (father Peter) married to Mary Haughney, (father James)?  Graigue, living in Granby Row.   Wicklow,? 
1866 Walker Joseph (Twin), Bap. father William, mother Mary Gorman.   Bridewell Lane,?
1866 Walker Thomas (Twin), Bap  father  William  mother  Mary Gorman.   Bridewell Lane,
1867 Walker James, Bap. father Thomas mother Mary Haughney.   Granby Row,
1869 Walker Anne, Baptised  father  Thomas,  mother  Mary Haughney.   Granby Row,
1870 Walker Sue,  Bap.  father  Henry  mother  Margaret Mathews.   Barrack Street, 
1871 Walker Mary, Bap.  father  Thomas,  mother Mary ?.   Bridewell Lane, 
1872 Walker Elizabeth, Bap. father Henry mother Margaret Mathews.   Pollerton Road
1873 Walker Henry, died            
1874 Walker Peter,  Bap.  father  Thomas,  mother  Mary Haughney.   Bridewell Lane, 
1877 Walker Francis, Died aged 25 years, Book Binder,       College Street,
1877 Walker Thomas, Bap.  father  Thomas  mother  Mary Haughney.   Bridewell Lane, 
1881 Walker Edward,  Bap. Fr. Thomas,  mother Mary Aughney.   Bridewell Lane,
1883 Walker James married (parents Francis and Eliza) to Dora Curren (parents John and Anne)      
1884 Walker Dora,  Bap. father james, mother Dora Curran.   Athy Street,
1884 Walker Mary, died aged 58 years, ? Keepers Wife.       Bridewell Lane,
1885? Walker Francis, Died aged 70 years ? Book Binder.     College Street,
1886 Walker Francis John, Bap. father James, mother Dora Curren.   Athy Street,
1887 Walker Sam.  died  aged 24 years,  Book Binders son.       College Street, 
1888 Walker Mary, Bap.  father  James,  mother  Dora Curren.   Athy Street, 
1893 Walker Matt.  Bap.  father  Francis,  mother  Charlotte Doherty.   Athy Road, 
1895 Walker Eliz. died aged 80, Book Binders wife.       College Street,
1895 Walker Thomas, died  Gardener,  aged 56 years,       Bridewell Lane, 
1898 Walker ?? death   Old Woman,  a convert,       Dublin Road.
1898 Walker John,  Bap. father Peter, mother Ellen Nolan.   Brewery Lane,
1899 Walker John, married (parents, James and Catherine Walker)  to Catherine Ann O' Brien, (parents, Joe and Elizabeth Molloy. Carlow.   Dublin? 
1900 Walker Elizabeth, Bap. Fr. Peter, mother Ellen Nolan.   Brewery Lane,
1902 Walker Peter,  Bap.  father  Peter,  mother  Ellen Nolan.   Bridewell Lane, 
1904 Walker Mary, Bap.  father  Peter,  mother  Ellen Nolan.   Dublin Road, 
1907 Walker Edward, Bap. Fr. Peter, mother Ellen Nolan.   Dublin Road,
1908? Walker Edward married (father Thomas Walker) To Mary Muhall (fatherDavid Mulhall)   Bridewell Lane.
1909 Walker Joseph, Bap. father  Peter,  mother  Ellen Nolan.   Dublin Road, 
1909 Walker Thomas,  Bap.  father  Edward,  mother  Mary Muhall.   Bridewell Lane,
1910 Walker Patrick,  Bap.  father  Peter,  mother  Ellen Nolan.   Dublin Road, 
1911 Walker Edward, Bap. Fr.  Edward,  mother  Mary Muhall.   Bridewell Lane,
1912 Walker Michael,  Bap.  father  Peter,  mother  Ellen Nolan.   Dublin Road, 
1912 Walker Peter,  died  aged 10 years,  Butchers son.       Dublin Road, 
1913 Walker Christopher, Bap. father  Peter,  mother  Ellen Flynn.   Dublin Road,
1914 Walker David,  Bap. father  Edward,  mother  Mary Muhall.   Bridewell Lane, 
1918 Walker Martin, married  (parents Walter and Kate Caur ?)? Kate Finn, Mill Lane (parents Patrick and Alica Hendrick.   Water Lane ,?
1932 Walker John, died Father Edward, mother Mary Mulhall. aged 13 years. Buried in Old Graves. Bridewell Lane
1934 Walker Ellen, died aged 2 years, father Edward, mother Mary Muhall. Buried in Old Graves. Bridewell Lane,
1934 Walker Peter,  died  aged 9 years,  (parents Edward Walker and Mary Muhall,    Buried in Old St. Marys.   Bridewell Lane, 
1937 Walker Eliz. died aged 26,         Pollerton Road,
1946 Walker Peter,  died            Green Lane, 
1960 Walker Edward,  died  aged 80,         Pollerton Road.
1966 Walker Joseph, died aged 57 years.         Pollerton Road,
1972 Walker Mary, died aged 84 years.         Pollerton Road,
1976 Walker Thomas, died            Pollerton Road, 
1979 Walker Michael,  died            New Oak Estate, 
1980 Walker Mary, died           St. Patrick's Ave.

Transcribed by Mary Corcoran, October 2009; (any errors are mine alone , Mary)

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