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Water Lane

Aka The Strand


Kennedy Street taken from Burrin Street looking towards Coalmarket

Map of The Strand c.1800's

Kennedy Street taken from Coalmarket looking towards Burrin Street

Kennedy Street was once known as The Strand. It was also known as Water Lane and runs from Burrin Street to Coalmarket


The Strand also known as Water Lane got its name because it ran alongside the river Burrin and up to the early, 1900s it was where local people brought animals for water also farmers on their way to market watered their stock at this spot. In 1823 William Mangan built a house and mills in the area but left a stream open in order to continue the supply of water for animals. The gardens and entrance gates are of Hanover House. Further down the street Paul A. Brown had his legal practice and lived for a while in Burrin Place on the corner of Granby Row. In recent times it was known as "The Junction" it now forms part of the Kilkenny Road. Source: Michael Purcell

Houses and Residences in Water Lane

In the 1901 census of Irelnd the following people were living in Water Lane:

1 - Patrick Doyle. Farmer

1 - James Donohor Scholar

2 - John Mooney. Hairdresser

2 - James Kelly. Apprentist to Hairdresser (above)

In the 1911 census of Irelnd the following people were living in Water Lane:

1 - Martin Murphy. Draper and Porter

2 - Duncan Mac Donell. Const R. I. C.

4 - James Gavin. Constable R I Constabular 

5 - Joseph King. Coachman

6 - Walter Martin. Poultryman (11 members of the Martin family registered living at No. 6 in 1911)

Source: 1901 & 1911 Census of Ireland

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