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White Star Laundry

Montgomery Street.  Carlow

Montgomery Street
Source: Google Street view

Montgomery Street
Source: Google Street view

Montgomery Street
Source: Google Street view

Some of the girls from the White Star laundry 1965/66

Montgomery Street
Source: Google Street view

Montgomery Street  Carlow

White Star laundry 1965/66 with Bernie Bayden, Annette Burke, Margo Slattery, Dolores Callinan, Maureen Salter, Kitty Thompson and Nancy Coogan.  Maura Fitzpatrick. Mary Murphy (McGrath) John Street.

Note from  Glyn Hardwick; my uncle Tommy Brennan used to drive the van in the early 1960's before he became a driver for Carpenters funeral home

Note from: Rosaleen Kearns <> The White Star Laundry was located at the bottom of Montgomery Street on the corner of the Barrow Track.  It was beside Joshua Watson Grain Stores.  They also had two depots in Tullow Street, one opposite the Allied  Irish Bank,  (in the present Med Bar premises) and the other one further down the street opposite Haddens (it is now occupied by Sean Swan Electrical.)  It became Celtic Laundry,  then Celtic Linen in the late 1970s I believe.   It was owned by a Wexford family called Scallan.  Their head office was at Drinagh in Wexford which was run by Sean Scallan.  His sister Alice Scallan ran the Carlow Laundry.  She lived in Centaur Street. The factory in Montgomery Street was closed a number of years ago, and operations moved to the Wexford plant.  There was meant to have been a large scale hotel, shopping centre and apartments built there but the site remains derelict. Ros
Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - Carlow, County Carlow
Montgomery St.

Adams Abraham Montgomery St.
Armstrong Ellen  Montgomery St.
Byrne James Montgomery St.
Byrne Mary Montgomery St.
Byrne Patrick Montgomery St.
Byrne Philip Montgomery St.
Carr James Montgomery St.
Childs Rev. Edmund Montgomery St.
Connor Margaret Montgomery St.
Cronin William Montgomery St.
Cummins James Montgomery St.
Curran William Montgomery St.
Donovan Thomas Montgomery St.
Edwards Anne Montgomery St.
Egan David Montgomery St.
Foote William Montgomery St.
Gasworks Montgomery St.
James Thomas Montgomery St.
Kearney John Montgomery St.
Kelly Catherine Montgomery St.
Lahee Harriet  Montgomery St.
Lambert John Montgomery St.
Larkin Michael Montgomery St.
Madden Michael Montgomery St.
O'Neill Bridget Montgomery St.
Piercy John D. Montgomery St.
Richardson Thomas Montgomery St.
Whitmore William Montgomery St.
Young James Montgomery St.

1901  census Houses in Montgomery Street (Carlow, Carlow)
House Number Surnames in House
1 Richardson
1 Stuart
2 Brennen
2 Kelly
3 Mc Donald
4 Henlon
4 Hickson
5.1 Deane
5.2 Canan
5.2 Henley
6 Barnett
6 Lynch
7 Dawson
7 Gorman
8 Keeffe
9 Carter
9 Nolan
10 Doyle
11 Murphy
12 Reid
13 McEvoy
14 Hogan
15 Kelly
15 Roche
16 Keith
16 Kelly
17 Donnelly
18 Farrell
18 Madden
19 Murphy
20 Hickey
21 Nolan
22 Miller
23 Young
24 Byrne
25 Mitchell
25 Moore
26 Cassidy
27 Noonan
28 Warren
29 Cullen
31 Haan
31 Tobin
32 Meredith
32 Tocker
33 O'Rourke
34 Bruen
1911 census Houses in Montgomery Street (Carlow Urban, Carlow)
House Number Surnames in House
1 Hoey
1 Young
2 Begg
2 Byrne
2 Dunne
2 Mc Carthy
3 Miller
4 Hickey
5 Kerrigan
5 O Neill
5 ONeill
6 Carter
6 Nolan
7 Farrell
7 Madden
8 Donnelly
9 Kelly
10 Doyle
11 Geoghegan
12 Hayden
13 Cullen
14 Mc Garry
15 Brennan
16 Trundle
17 Warren
18 Doyle
19 Byrne
20 Dawson
21 Maher
22 Barnett
22 Smyth
23 Deane
23 Henley
24 Cooney
24 Hickson
24 Nolan
25 Mc Evoy
26 Connor
27.1 Richardson
27.2 Cummins
27.2 Ferguson
27.2 Ormsby
27.2 Russell
28 Parbery
29 Lawlor
30 Connor
30 Haan
31 Brophy
31 McDonald
31 Pierce
32 O'Rourke
33 Brennan
33 Kelly
34 Reid
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