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William John Jacob

County Carlow

This is my grandfather, William John Jacob. He was born in 1892 in County Carlow. He served in the U.S. Army during World War I in Nevers, France. He was a blacksmith and worked on locomotives in France as a member of Engineers Co. C, 150th Engineers. He was in France from 1918-1919. I'd like to honour him here. The Uniform is US Anna,
The wool tunic was close fitting with a short standing collar, with is fastened together with two metal hooks and eyes. A unit and a national metal badge is worn on each collar The breaches are cut in the riding style with reinforced sections at the inner knee area. Below the knee the breeches form tightly to the leg and are held in place by a section of lacing. Between the boot and breaches are cloth puttees.
The US copied these from the other Allied countries, initially the US soldiers were issued a useful canvas legging. These trousers are held up by a narrow web belt, with a metal buckle. Due to the canvas legging worn.
I would say this photo is from 1917
Source Terry Curran & Anna Nolan

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