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Ads & Images of  local traders in Co Laois

* Images donated by William Muldowney

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Martin Feeney came to Arles 1934, had a lovely thatched shop which was demolished and replaced by the present structure, which has been closed since early 1992. This was also know as a hookster shop.
He stocked various selection of items, including a large galvanised barrel in the middle of the shop, containing paraffin oil. Customers came with cans and bottles which Martin filled for them from a tap on the top of the barrel using a hand pump. On the counter near the oil you could buy cakes bread sweets etc. A tea chest, a sack of sugar and pollard and flour cluttering the floor.
Bill Muldowney 2005
Mrs. Feeney weighing the tea or sugar for a customer, made a cornet like bag from a square of brown paper. Feeney's had a quarter lb tea bag specially made, (1939 sample above).

Bill Muldowney 2005

Feeney's Arles 1968

Feeney's of Arles c1939
Bambrick Bros of Ballickmoyler c1939

J. Feehan of Ballickmoyler c1939
Joseph Kavanagh of Ballickmoyler c1937
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