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Images of Co Laois c.1937

All images donated by William Muldowney

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'Tea Stall' Ballylinan Fashion 1937
Standing  - Misses L. Bambrick, A. Delaney, J. Dunne, M McBrien, C. Kaye, R. Brennan.
Seated - Mrs Kelly, Miss M Bambrick, Mrs Roach, Mrs Conway, Mrs J. Kelly

Photo by Leo O'Brien Carlow

'St. Mary's Stall' Ballylinan Fashion 1937
Standing - Miss M. Delaney, Miss M McKenna.
Seated - Miss J McKenna, Miss E Delaney

Photo by Leo O'Brien Carlow

Mrs Jas McDonald lived in that big house on the left hand side of the Arles pump built by old Mike Ran and old Dan Wall.
Mrs Hovington lived in Ashfield, a very English name.
Miss M Scully lived in old house opposite Arles pump; she married Peter Farrell. Both dead and buried in Arles. Photo of grave to follow.
Mrs Jack Jones lived just below the cover on the left .
Mrs John McDonald, Mother of big Mick (brass band member) from Ashfield, two of her sons were Priests.
Mrs Arnold Wall lived two fields away from where I was born in Tierernane. Bill Muldowney
The Two Presidents Ballylinan 1937
St Anne's Stall - Mrs J Hovenden
Wheel of Fortune - Mrs J Farrell
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