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Adverts of the period


Source: 'A Book of Dublin'  published by the Coporation of Dublin in 1929 & From: Ward Lock & Co's Guid Books on Dublin 1937

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And how about nipping over to the States for £38 return in 1929
In 1929 you could buy this house in Dublin for £950.  Today the same house will set you back close on One Million Euros 
Paterson's Irish Matches
In 1929 you could buy a brand new Ford 4 door saloon car for the princely sum of £225
Postmark is Dublin (Báile Átha Cliath)
18 Sep 1925.
A business postcard to Mr John Rice, 38 Tullow Street. Carlow, posted in Dublin. 1925
Reverse of the business postcard.


If it's the question of a good lamp - fit
Royal Ediswan
Kennedy Brushes

Marmite 1920
Source: ebay seller 2012

Chesterfield Cigarettes 1920

Deans Cough Drops

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