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Carlow in 1900

Michael Purcell <>

1900, Boer War protest & William Bunbury.

[note added 2013 - Michael Hanrahan (executed by the British in 1916) organised some of the "boys" throughout Carlow to break up fundraisers being held for the relief of distress during the Boer War, the incident described below was also described in attachment to the minutes of the Workman's Club, where it was recorded that Michael and his brother were the chief hecklers at the meetings referred to.].)

Nationalist and Leinster Times.

January 1900.

War Concert in Carlow.

Head Constable McCoy, whose talent for organising public entertainment, has long being recognised, has been devoting his efforts to the aid of the various funds for the relief of the sufferers by the war. He has got up three grand concerts, varied by limelight views of the scenes from South Africa.

The first concerts were on Monday (mid-day) and night, they were well attended.

The seeds of future disorder were sown when some ultra Britishers hissed President Kruger's effigy as shown on the screen.

Later further irritation was caused by the singing of "God Save The Queen" a tune which has unfortunately has been made a party one in Ireland.

On Tuesday night every picture of the Boers was cheered whilst the British generals and in fact every scene favourable to the British was hissed vigorously. The picture of the disaster to a British armoured train was loudly cheered. At the end the "Boys of Wexford" was sung by the vast majority of the audience, the strains of the Royal anthem being completely drowned.

Any reference of a pro-British tendency called for marked disapproval.

A voice from the back was heard " Well done, young blood of Carlow".....the Head Constable engaged in a wordy contest with the "voice" at the back and offered to bet £10 that the "voice" would not name a freer country than Ireland.

On Thursday night suspected Boer sympathisers  were excluded, but the "Boers" invaded and turned out the gas and left the whole place in darkness.

The entertainments raised over £40. The Hall was decorated by Misses Duggan, Burke, Langran, Hearns.

The Union Jack we may say was the prevailing ornament.


Nationalist and Leinster Times.

February 1900.

Causalities In The War.

Much regret has been caused in Carlow by the news that the Hon. W. M'Clintock-Bunbury, eldest son of Lord Rathdonnell and grandson of the Right Hon. Henry Bruen, P.C., Oak Park, Carlow, has been killed in South Africa.

The young officer was a Lieutenant in the Scots Greys, and lost his life in the engagement at Rensburgh. He was a young man of much promise and idolised by his relatives.

In consequence of the death of the Hon W. M'Clintock Bunbury the Carlow Hounds did not hunt this week.

The following items were found in The Intermountain Catholic. (Salt Lake City [Utah] ;) 1899-1920 newspaper and others.

September 22, 1900

The greatest summer flood swelled the Barrow at Carlow during the closing days of the previous week and up to Aug the 14th and 15th. Only three higher floods on records. No one remember one as big as the month of August.

24th November 1900

Train Crash at Carlow

Due to Signaller error the train operated by the Great Southern & Western Railway which was misrouted, had a head on collision, which caused a derailment. There were 7 people injured and no fatalities

Kentucky Irish American. (Louisville, Ky.) 1898-1968,

February 24, 1900

The fifteenth annual meeting of the Carlow Catholic Young Menís Society was held under the Presidency of Rev John Cullen The roll of members showed a small increase. The reverend President offered his congratulations to the members on the success that had attended the working of the society during the past twelve months. There was improvement all round the members and satisfactory financial condition of the society and the conduct of the members was most exemplary. Michael Molloy John J Dugan and Michael Dawson were respectively elected Treasurer and Secretaries On the motion of Hamomoud M P a warm vote of thanks was accorded to the President.

May 12, 1900

Irish Local Nick Names
Every county in Ireland has its local nick name signalizing a curious tradition a quality either of praise or blame or some local attribute These were very well known once but are now disappearing by degrees Unless they are recalled shortly they may go out of memory altogether So we proceed to give a few which occur to us at this moment and in the hope that some of our readers may supply some at least of those wanting to the list of thirty two. Dubliners are called Jackeens. Kildare Short Grass. Carlow Scalllon Eaters. Tipperary Stone throwers. Queens Turf cutters. Longford Futterers. Mayo Exiles. Tyrone in the Bushes.

May 26, 1900

On April 24 a deputation from Athy travelled to Carlow to make a presentation to John Conlan editor Nationalist and Leinster Times expressive of the feelings of the people of Athy towards him on his removal from that town to Carlow to take up the duties of editor of the Nationalist.

James McDarby who had been connected with the Carlow Insane Asylum during the past twenty five years died April 28. Funeral to Tinryland Cemetery was numerable attended


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