Coolwaugh, Ballickmoyler
8 - 2 - 1903

Dear Uncle your last favour of 7 units to hand in due time and for which I feel thankful as I think you are treating me too fairly. However I have a little more work during the winter months fothering, so by putting on against the other it will be pretty just. Your stock is very good there. Didi 5 or 6 get thin, more so I do imagine more tho should it’s the younger one that’s making a growth, you have 12 or 13 worth 13 a piece at the present, stores are very dear, would there beany danger of a fall now that the restrictions is taken away, study that. It would be serious mistake.  I was waiting the past two weeks for information from the Land Commission, Mr Tailor told me the days it was hearing so on last Thursday morning I had a notice from Mr Stanly. I will give you the ........? in case you have not got same.

One Mr Commissioner Lynch has......

... will last for 20. half years. I have lin? 20.  I was at bottom of same an......? of the half year and it is returned to me.  The 14 tenants on Upper Ballagh have pin? Leased them holdings from R.C. Cary, Esq., at  21½ years purchase. My rent is £2. 5 6. pa.

Owners; £70 – would buy it out.

There is no necessity why you should make any apology for the manner in which you have ...le? I have read the Presidents speech on St. Patricks Day 60,000.
You need not mind sending on ......? papers less than half what you said will be quite suffient. It has been vey inpensive for you.
I thank you most kindly for your kind enquiry regarding my health which ...? fair, with kind regards to all of .....? yours thankfully
Michael Quinn.