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County Carlow Convicts

Deported Convicts and Vagabonds c.1737-1743

The information was originally recorded by the English and it is in places very phonetic to read.
Source : Journals of the Irish House of Commons

A List of Deported Convicts and Vagabonds c1737-1743


I Humbly certify that the foregoing is an exact abstract of all the presentments made by the grand-juries at the several Sessions held for the County of the City of Dublin, commencing midsummer Sessions, 1737, to this Time, for transporting felons and vagabonds pursuant to the statute.

Dated this twenty-fifth day of November, 1743.

Henry Gonne Clerk Peace County City Dublin.

A List of all convict felons and vagabonds who have been ordered for transportation at the general Quarter-sessions of the peace, held for the County of Dublin, for these seven years last past.

County of Carlow      
4th April 1737      
2nd August 1737 Bryan Donald Vagabond  
  Dennis Brennan Like 12.00
23rd March 1737 Daniel Bourk Like  
27th July 1738      
29th March 1739     6.00
9th August 1739 Michael Corran Like  
  James Corran Like  
  Patrick Synnott Like  
  Thomas Reddy Like  
  Edm. Reddy Like  
29th March 1740 Edm. Mc. Cabe Like  
30th July 1740 Roger Farrell Like  
  John Brack Like 18.00
  Thomas Brack Like  
23rd March 1740 Thady Clark Like  
11th August 1740 Charles Toole Like  
  Mich. Martin Like  
  James Doyle Like  
  Matth. Purcell Like 6.00
  Miles King Like  
10th April 1742 Anne Hoey Like  
  John Nowlan Like  
  Bryan Doran Like 42.00
  Dennis Boyle Like  
  James Walsh Like 24.00
  John Kealy Like  
  Will. Lynchy Like  
  Edm. Mc. Evary Like  
10th April 1742 Peter Fitzpatrick Vagabond  
  Terence Reilly Like  
  Tho. Fleming Like  
18th August 1742 Darby Foley Like  
  Charles Toole Like 72.00
  Mary Byrne Like  
26th March 1743      
8th August 1743 Edmond Cavanagh Grand Larceny 20.00


A List of felons and vagabonds shipped on board the Revolution, John Wright, commander, bound from Dublin to Delaware bay in America, September 1743.

From the County of Carlow

Edmond Cavanagh   For the transporting received   3s 0d

A List of felons and vagabonds shipped on board the Santry, William Bassnet, commander, bound from Dublin to Maryland in America, in 1742 by John Langley and Co.

From the County of Carlow

Thomas Fleming    
Bryan Doran    
William Linchy    
Edmond Evory    
John Kealy For the transporting received 27 9s 11d
Dennis Doyle    
Peter Fitzpatrick    
County of Kildare    
Date of Assizes Persons ordered for Transportation For what crimes Money Presented for that purpose
      . s. d.
21st March 1736-7 Abraham Murphy Vagabond }
  John Mechan Like }22.00
  Phelim Murphy Like }
5th August 1737 Mary Murphy Like 6.00
5th August 1737
Thomas Byrn
Owen Dunn Like
9th March 1737      
31st July 1738 John Finnegan Vagabond  
11th April 1739      
6th August 1739 John Doyle Like  
  John Vardin Like  
  Simon Delahunty Like  
  James Kelly Petty Larceny  
17th March 1739      
2nd August 1740 James Quin Vagabond }
  David Hardin Like }18.00
9th March 1740 Thomas Potts Vagabond  
  John Cavanagh Grand Larceny  
  Edward Roe Vagabond  
15th August 1741 Patrick Mulholland Grand Larceny }
  Neal Daly Like }36.00
29th March 1742      
28th August 1742 Mary Byrn Vagabond  
  Owen Slaffery Like  
  Edward Dowdall Like 24.00
  Patrick Kinshella Like  
14th March 1742 Michael Malone Vagabond  
  George Fishburn Grand Larceny  
  Thomas Bourk Like  
  Sarah Ryan Like  
  Mary Bourk Like  
  Richard Morres Like 30.00
  Catherine Muckleroy Like  
  James Neal Like  
  Theobald Bourk Like  
4th August 1743      


25th March 1737 John Frain Vagabond  
  John Careless Like 19.16
  Patrick Moran Like  
15th August 1737 James Rourk Like  
14th March 1737 James Rourk Grand Larceny  
  John Mc. Daniell Vagabond 60.00
  Barthol. Cormick Grand larceny  
7th August 1738     30.00
7th April 1739
Thady Mahon
William Fitzgerald
30th July 1739 John Connor Vagabond  
  Owen Crow Grand Larceny  
21st March 1739     6.00
9th August 1740      
13th March 1740 John Quin Like  
7th August 1741 Thomas Mc. Daniell Like  
  Alex. Mc. Daniell Like 18.00
  Laughlin Lynan Like  
2nd April 1742      
25th August 1742
Nicholas Mihin
Thomas Goodale
Grand Larceny
18th March 1742     18.00
27th July 1743 Laurence Hand Grand Larceny 6.00


Queen's County      
29th March 1737      
10th August 1737 Patrick Cashan Grand Larceny  
17th March 1737 William Kelly Like  
3rd August 1738 James Cantwell Vagabond  
  John Fitzgerald Like 20.00
2nd April 1739 Catherine Connor Like  
  William Ellord Perjury  
  Andrew Morrin Grand Larceny 20.00
  Grizel Delany Like  
2nd August 1739 John Lawler Vagabond  
  Daniel Kelly Grand Larceny 40.5.7
  Mary Foran Like  
25th March 1740 Charles Delany Like 18.00
6th August 1740 John Long Vagabond 12.00
7th Nov 1740 Com. Henry Neal Grand Larceny of Oyer and Terminer
  Philip Fitzgerald Like  
17th March 1740 Patrick Grandy Like  
  Thomas Horahan Like  
4th August 1741 James Bourke Vagabond  
  Thomas Horahan Like  
  Paul Dunn Like  
  Michael Donohoe Like  
6th April 1742 Bryan Connor Vagabond  
  Darby Kelly Grand Larceny 75. 4. 6
  Patrick King Like  
21st August 1742 John Conran    
  William Doogan    
  Patrick Grace    
  Michael Hogan    
Roger Carney
William Delany
Thomas Goodwin
John Sherlock
These and the fore going four all convicted of felony of death but pardoned by the government for transportation.  


22nd March 1742 Patrick Moore Grand Larceny  
  Roger Gormill Vagabond  
  Joan Butler Grand Larceny  
  Dennis Ryan Like  
30th July 1743 Thady Champion Like  
Edmond Conrahy Vagabond 26.00



Source : Journals of the Irish House of Commons

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