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Farming Records Carlow

Agricultural Seeds

(Protection of Sugar Beet Seeds) Order,

1941 &1942

Ref. No
County Electoral Division
Townland   Name and address of person in occupation on the 24th November, 1941.
1 Carlow Tullow Rural Mount St. Joseph's Bennett, Rev.Bro. J. Canice, Mount St.Joseph's, Tullow.
2 Carlow Glynn Turra Brennan, Mrs. Margaret, Turra, St.Mullin's.
3 Carlow Ballintemple Craans Brophy, Michael, Ardattin, Tullow.
4 Carlow Tankardstown Downings Browne, John J., Downings House, Tullow.
5 Carlow Tobinstown Knocknagan Browne, Patrick A., Downings, Tullow.
6 Carlow Kinneagh Rathmore Burgess, Edmond, Rathmore Park, Tullow.
7 Carlow Ballon Ballinadrum Byrne, John, Ballinadrum, Tullow.
8 Carlow Bennekerry Bennekerry Byrne, John, Bennekerry, Carlow.
9 Carlow Ballintemple Ratheragh Byrne, William, Ratheragh, Tullow.
10 Carlow Kellistown Tinryland Cole, Nathaniel, Tinryland, Carlow.
11 Carlow Kilbride Boggan Collier, John, Boggan, Kilbride, Tullow.
12 Carlow Kinneagh Rathmore Corcoran, Mrs. Marry A., Ballyhackett, Tullow.
13 Carlow Grangeford Slaney Quarter Dawson, Patrick G., Grange, Tullow.
14 Carlow Garryhill Raheenwood Donald, Thomas B., Reheenwood, Fenagh, Bagenalstown
15 Carlow Ballintemple Rathvarrin Donohoe, John, Rathvarrin, Tullow.
16 Carlow Nurney Linkardstown Dowling, Brendan, Linkardstown, Carlow.
17 Carlow Rahill Broughilstown Dowling,Margaret, Broughilstown, Rathvilly.
18 Carlow Bennekerry Busherstown Doyle, Mary, Busherstown, Carlow.
19 Carlow Ballymoon Gormona Doyle, Patrick, Gormona, Bagenalstown.
20 Carlow Borris Ballinagrane Doyle, Thomas, Ballinagrane, Borris.
21 Carlow Tullow Rural Ouragh Holden, Patrick, Ouragh, Tullow.
22 Carlow Borris Borris Kavanagh, Major A., Borris House, Borris.
23 Carlow Rathvilly Rathvilly Kearns, Patrick, Rathvilly.
24 Carlow Rathrush Sandbrook Kinsella, Mrs. Bridget, Sandbrook, Tullow.
25 Carlow Rathrush Rathrush Kinsella, John, Rathrush House, Tullow.
26 Carlow Rahill Rathdaniel Lawler, Annie, Rathdaniel, Rathvilly.
27 Carlow Ballintemple Ballinastraw Lyons, Joseph, Ballinastraw, Ardattin.
28 Carlow Kinneagh Ricketstown McArdle, Patrick, Ricketston, Rathvilly.
29 Carlow Tullow Urban Tullowphelim McCullagh, Joseph J., Church Street, Tullow.
30 Carlow Rathornan Rathvindon McDonald, Abraham, Rathvindon, Leighlinbridge.
31 Carlow Tullow Beg Ardristan McDonald, Thomas, Ardristan Lodge, Tullow.
32 Carlow Borris Ballybrack Magee, Patrick, Ballybrack, Borris.
33 Carlow Tullow Beg Ardristan Malone, Thomas, Ardristan House, Tullow.
34 Carlow Kinneagh Ballycooke Moody, John, Ballycooke, Tullow.
35 Carlow Ballintemple Aghade Moore, Albert, Aghade Lodge, Tullow.
36 Carlow Tullow Beg The Abbey, Tullow Neale, James, Rath House, Tullow.
37 Carlow Ballintemple Ratheragh Norse, William, Ratheragh, Tullow.
38 Carlow Tankardstown Coppenagh O'Donohoe, Michael, Coppenagh, Tullow.
39 Carlow Bennekerry Bennekerry O'Neill, Margaret, Bennekerry, Carlow.
40 Carlow Tankardstown Coppenagh O'Neill, Patrick, Coppenagh, Tullow.
41 Carlow Slyguff Kilgreany O'Neill, William, Kilgreany, Bagenalstown.
42 Carlow Nurney Ballyloo Regan, John, Ballyloo, Carlow.
43 Carlow Tullow Rural Ouragh Sheppard, James, Ouragh, Tullow.
44 Carlow Killerig Friarstown Sheppard, John, Friarstown, Bennekerry.
45 Carlow Tullow Beg Elmgrove Whelan, Mrs. Margaret, Elmgrove, Tullow.

Given under the Official Seal of the Minister for Agriculture, this 11th day of February, 1942.
(Signed) SÉAMAS O RIAIN, Minister for Agriculture.



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