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Myshall Parish records - Fenagh

Contributed by Sue Clement
Source: LDS British Family History Library Film #926123
Date Bride & Groom Witness 1 Witness 2 Residence
___ Martin Nowlan to Mary Nowlan John Nowlan Mary Keating, Milt...
15 Luke R___ to Harriet James[?] Jos[?] Keating ___ ___, Shang...
31 Lauce Cullen to Mary Keating Edwd Finlon Mary Byrne, ____
Nov 12 James Eustace to Mary Howard John Howard Anty Synnott, Kilmor[?]
18 John Howe[?] to Jane Byrne Jos Cavanagh Anne Keating, Kno___[?]
25th James Redmond to Sarah Hickey Pat Clowry Hanora[?] Clowry, Kilm...
___ Michl Fenlon to Judy Flynn James Fenlon Eliza Flynn, Knockin...
Jan 7 Peter Neile to Bridget Nolan Matw Kelly Cath Eustace, __
  [a large ink stain covers the beginning of the next few entries]    
___ John Byrne to Bridget Walsh Mich Byrne Peggy Kelly, Bel...
___ Moran to Elizabeth Scully Michl Fenlon Mary Scully, Kno...
___ Gorman to Winy Nolan Lawrence Cummins, Honor Cummins, Ballo...
___ John Dixon to Honor Keating Pat Kehoe Margt Byrne, Rohe...
30 Henry Coleman to Cath Kenedy James Forestal Ellen Fenlon, ___
___ Dennis Nolan to Mary Darcy Michl Nolan Cath Nolan ___
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