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The following interesting article, written by a person who chooses to employ the pseudonym "An Old Resident," is furnished this newspaper at a most appropriate time, for the breaking of ground in the "Irish Settlement" was coincidental with the setting off of Wyoming County - both taking place in April of 1842. It is published with our sincere thanks to the writer. --

Editor "Wyoming Countian" 10 April 1842.

This was supplied by Maureen cApril 2005

Although there are not many left to tell about the early settlers of Stowell (in those days it was "The Irish Settlement with many coming from County Carlow, County Clare, Roscommon and Galway not to mention other parts of Ireland", It seems a shame to let anniversaries pass without recollecting some facts our forefathers have preserved for us.

In the thirties and forties and fifties England governed Ireland with excessive force. During these years of famine and of attempted revolution the population of Ireland was reduced to nearly two million by starvation, bloodshed and immigration.

For several year the Irish immigrants landed at our seaports annually in large numbers. At the time of this immigration the North Branch Canal was being constructed through this country and this brought a great many of these immigrants in this direction.

When the work of the canal stopped those employed had to become engaged in other pursuits to maintain themselves and their families, namely mining. . . . It goes on to tell about them building their homes etc.

Prior to the erection of St. Anthony's church the spiritual wants of the people were first attended to by Rev. Vincent O'Rielly, (who kept records which are now part of the Parish depository). In 1837 the pastor of Towanda took charge. The older children of "The Settlement" were confirmed by Bishop Neuman in a little old school house which stood near Killduff's, (one of the settlers). About 1842, Rev. Father McNaughten was made the first resident pastor of Dushore and the mission of "The Settlement" was placed in his charge. Mass was said once a month in the little old school house previously mentioned.

Ground for a church had been given by John Kinsley and in about 1849 the present building was erected, and occupied in 1850. Although they had a church, it was still a mission of Dushore, attended regularly once a month, until the seventies when they had mass every other Sunday. On the off Sundays it has been known that some men and women walked to Dushore to fulfil their religious duty. . . .


That walk really impressed me. I would have it in the Wyoming Historical Society newsletter but I don't seem to have the date (Bad kid!!!) I do have the newsletters. Stowell is just over the county border. Patrick Prendergast lived in Asylum Twp (later called Wilmot).

My gut feeling is telling me this is why they came to the U.S. And why so many of the people of County Carlow landed here. I think looking at the church records and comparing your records may open up a door to some of the immigrants here for the future generations searching County Carlow?

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