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Visit of the Duke of Clarence



This article appeared in the Carlow Nationalist & Leinster Times: 19 September 1891

To-day an interesting polo match will be played at Tiny Park, Carlow, the contending teams being the County Carlow Polo Club and the 10th Hussars, which is accounted one of the crack teams of the United Kingdom. On this account, and also from the announcement that the Duke of Clarence and Avondale will take part in the game, it is sure to attract a large number of spectators. The following are the teams: Carlow  - Messrs. Ross, Edge, Grogan and Captain de Robeck. 10th Hussars, H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence and Avondale, Captain Kavanagh, Hon. G. Bryan and Mr. Bond.

A correspondent writes - “It is announced that the Duke of Clarence eldest son of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, is coming to take part in a polo match at Tiny Park here on Saturday. If this is true it may be of interest to your readers to learn that the first Duke of Clarence resided in Carlow Castle at the time the title was created by his father, Edward III, and conferred on him. Prince Lionel, afterwards first Duke of Clarence, was appointed Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1361. He came over with the titles of the Earl of Ulster and Lord of Connaught, and having conquered the county of Clare, the additional title of the Duke of Clarence (Clare) was conferred on him. He removed the seat of Government from Dublin Castle to Carlow Castle, together with the Mint. It is not recorded, but it is thought, that he marched to Clare from Carlow. No Duke of Clarence has visited this town since.

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Nationalist & Leinster Times 1894

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