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A Record of events from 1899 to 1939

Source: Rita Murphy (nee Moran)

A Record of events including Births, Marriages & Deaths from 1899 to 1939 which occurred in Arles, Ballynagall, Ballickmoyler, Cooper Hill, Graiguecullen and Carlow.

John Moran - Grandfather of Margaret (Rita) Murphy (nee Moran) Born in Ballynacarrik, Co. Kildare 1880 and died in Burton Hall, Carlow Dec 1939. He compiled these records of events over a period of 39 years

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Name Event Date Year Place / Comments Comments
Edward Lawler died 08-Nov 1899 Great Grandfather of Rita
James Kelly married 22-Apr 1902    
Denis Lawler married 04-Jun 1902    
Larry Ryan married 29-Aug 1902    
Mrs Mick Lawler died 07-Dec 1902    
Julia Kelly born 09-Apr 1903    
Michael Kelly married 28-Jan 1904    
Eliza Kelly died 09-Mar 1904    
James Lawler died  24-Apr 1904    
James Lawler died  05-Jun 1904    
Martin Kelly married  13-Jun 1904    
Laurence Moran died  23-Jul 1904    
Margaret Ryan died 28-Aug 1904    
Michael McDonald married 19-Oct 1904    
John Kelly born 06-Dec 1904    
Mrs. Dr Ryan died 09-Dec 1904    
John Lawler died 31-Dec 1904    
Mrs. Kelly died 31-Dec 1904    
Elizabeth Ryan born 16-Feb 1905    
William Kelly married 28-Feb 1905    
John Brennan went to England 05-Jun 1905    
Julia Brennan married 07-Jun 1905    
Patrick McDonald died 17-Jun 1905    
John Brennan died 13-Aug 1905    
John McDonald died 10-Sep 1905    
Mrs. McDonald died 26-Oct 1905    
Bridget Kelly born  10-Jan 1906    
John Moran to Margaret Lawlor married 24-Jan 1906 Arles  
Edward Lalor born 09-Jul 1906    
Owen Brennan went to America 29-Sep 1906    
Kate Moran died 09-Oct 1906    
Maria Lalor died 31-Oct 1906    
Michael McDonald born 01-Jan 1907    
James Moran born 14-Jan 1907 Son of John & Maggie Lawler
Sarah Kelly married 14-Jun 1907    
Mary McDonald born 17-Jul 1907 or 1910?    
Dan Moran died 25-Sep 1907    
John McDonald married 10-Oct 1907    
James Lalor born 25-Oct 1907    
Mary Ann Moran born  21-Jan 1908 Aunt Polly, Rita's father's sister
James Moran To Ellen Margaret Harrison married in Portsmouth, England. 22-Jan 1908 My Grandfather's brother
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Andy Lawler died 30-Jan 1908    
James Kelly married 19 Feb 1908    
Julia Kelly died 7 March ? 1908    
Thomas Brennan died 26-Apr 1908    
Joseph Brennan married ? June 1908    
Thomas Kelly married ? August 1908    
James Moran born 01-Apr 1909 Son of James & Ellen Harrison
Eileen McDonald born 25-Apr 1909    
Edward Moran born 23-May 1909 Son of John & Maggie Lawler
Sarah Kelly born 10-Jun 1909    
Margaret Lawler died 16-Aug 1909    
James Kelly born 10-Nov 1909    
John Kelly born 19-Nov 1909    
Eliza Kelly died 26-Jun 1910    
Bridget M Brennan born August 1910    
Laurence Ryan died 03-Sep 1910    
Bernard McDonald married 05-Oct 1910    
James Moran died 19-Oct 1910 My Grandfather's John's Nephew & Son of James & Ellen
Bridget Brennan died 04-Dec 1910    
Francis Lawler born 06-Dec 1910    
Michael Ryan born 22-Jan 1911    
Mrs. P Lawler died 07-Feb 1911    
John Lawler died 09-Feb 1911    
Mrs. Anne Moran died 15-Feb 1911 Great Grandmother of Rita
John McDonald born 18 Feb 1911    
Mrs. Anne Kelly died 23-Feb 1911 Kilabban  
Alice Kelly born 18-Apr 1911    
John Moran born 23-May 1911 Father of Rita  
William Lawler died 17-Jul 1911    
Mrs. McDonald died 04-Aug 1911    
Mrs. Bridget Kelly died 24-Oct 1911 From Killeen  
James Moran died 18-Feb 1912 Aughume  
Michael Lawler married 16-Jul 1912 Uncle of Rita's Son of John & Maggie Lawler born
Mrs. McDonald died 29-Jan 1913    
Edward Brennan died 31-Jan 1913    
Mote? Lalor born 15-Mar 1913    
Thomas Kel1y born 09-Jun 1913    
Maggie Kelly born 22-Jun 1913    
A.G. Ryan born 15-Jul 1913    
Nannie McDonald died 30-Jul 1913 Grange  
Katie Lawler died 02-Nov 1913    
Mary Anne Lawlor died 24-Dec 1913 Rita's Great Grandmother nee Brennan
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Mary Anne Moran married 14-Jan 1914 Daughter of James & Anne Cunningham
Thomas Moran born  21-Jan 1914 Rita’s Uncle, Son of John & Maggie Lawler
Mrs. Sarah Lawler died 02-Apr 1914    
Edward Brennan died 01-Jul 1914    
Patrick Kelly born 08-Jul 1914    
James Brennan died 26-Jul 1914 Clonprice  
Shop P Ryan born 06-Aug 1914    
Johanna Kelly died 18-Sep 1914    
? Donald Born 22-Oct 1914    
Mary Ryan died 03-Dec 1914    
Mick Francis McDonald born 15-Jan 1915    
Kelly Nannie Moran died 25-Mar 1915    
Tom John Kelly born 22-Apr 1915    
James Brennan died 20-May 1915    
? Kelly born 25-Aug 1915    
Jeremiah Moran Cullen   26 Sep 1915    
Winifred Kavanagh died 02-May 1916    
John Lawler to Elizabeth Moran married 30-Oct 1916 Arles Son-of-Edward & Maryanne Brennan
John Kelly died 27-Mar 1917 Killeen  
Mary Anne Lawler to Laurence Whelan married 09-Feb 1917 Arles Daughter of Edward & Mary Anne Brennan
Joseph Kelly born 16-Sep 1917    
Joseph Lawler died 26-Oct 1917 England  
Elizabeth Whelan born 24-Nov 1917 Carlow Daughter of Laurence & Maryanne Lawler
 ? Ryan born 27-Mar 1918 Killabban  
Alice Ryan died 30-Mar 1918    
John Brennan married 23-Apr 1918 Grange  
John Kelly married 17-Jul 1918 Killeen  
James Lawler born 20-Aug 1918 Cooperhill  
? Kelly born 12-Oct 1918    
Joseph Lawler died 16-Oct 1918 Long  
John Lawler died 06-Nov 1918    
Mrs. Brennan died 15-Nov 1918 Cullenagh  
John Moran left Killabban to-work in Burton-Hall, Carlow 23-Nov 1918 Rita's Grandfather   
Elizabeth Brennan died 01-Dec 1918    
Thomas McDonald died 22-Nov 1918 Killabban Rita's Great Uncle - Son of James McDonald*
James McDonald* to Annie Cunningham married 16-Feb 1920    
James Moran born 20-Jul 1920    
Mary Brennan died 23-Sep 1921    
Page 4          
Pat Brennan died 01-Nov 1921 Burton Hall  
Timothy-Brennan died 27-Feb 1922 Burton Hall  
John Kelly died 02-Oct 1923 Newtown  
Mrs. Kelly died 29-Nov 1923 Ardnehue  
Patrick Kelly died 01-Jan 1924 T Town  
Mrs. Kavanagh died 24-Jan 1924 Knocree  
Mrs. Moran died 30-Jan 1924 Burton Hall  
Francis Lalor went away 09-Jun 1924    
Catherine Whelan born 06-Jul 1924 Carlow Daughter of Laurence & Maryanne Lawler
Bernard McDonald died 18-Aug 1924    
Joseph Kelly died 11-Dec 1924 Pollerton  
Miss Kelly married 10-Aug 1925 Bennykerry  
Francis Lalor died 28-Dec 1925 Carlow  
John Kavanagh died 12-Apr 1926 Palatine  
Laurence Moran died  August 1926 Killabban Son of Laurence & Bridget Curren
Michael Kelly married 09-Aug 1926 Pollerton  
James Moran died 06-Dec 1927 Ballinagall Rita's Great Grandfather, he was born in Co Kildare
Michael Kelly died 25-Dec 1927 Knocknagee  
Denis Lawler died 03-Feb 1928 Killabban  
Patrick McDonald died Apr-02 1928 Laois  
Patrick Brennan died 03-Apr 1923 B .Harmon His wife Mrs. P Brennan died April 1928
Thomas Lawler left Thorntons 01-Aug 1929    
John McDonald married 21-Nov 1929 Knocree  
John Kelly died 16-Feb 1930 Carlow  
 ? Lawler born 05-Mar 1930 Burton Hall  
Mrs. Brennan died 29-Mar 1930 Magney  
John Brennan married 07-May 1930 Burton Hal  
Peter Brennan died 25-Mar 1929 Bilbog  
 ? Brennan died 25-May 1929 Ballyhade  
Thomas McDonald died 02-Jun 1929 Arles  
Thomas Law1er went away 31-Jul 1929    
Willie Lawler died 06-Aug 1929 Barrow House  
Michael McDonald met with an accident 08-Oct 1929 Hand severed in a Thrashing machine
Mary Kelly died 05-Jun 1930 Ruthland  
Patrick Kelly died 25-Oct 1930 Ratpish  
Thomas Kelly died 10-Jan 1931 Ruthland  
Denis Kelly died January 1931 Barrow House  
Mrs. Elizabeth Brennan died 26-Oct 1931 Carlow  
Mr Kavanagh died 06-Jan 1932    
William Kelly born 25-Aug 1933 Pollerton  
Mat Lawler married 17-Feb 1931 P. Town  
Mrs. Nellie Lawler died 23-Apr 1932 Ballyhade  
Page 5          
Edward Lawler died 07-Jun 1932 Castledermot  
Mrs. Kelly died 24-Jun 1932 Pollerton  
John Brennan died 08-Aug 1932 Carlow  
 ? Kelly born 11-Sep 1932 Ballyhade  
Patrick Kavanagh died 08-Jan 1933 Knockcree?  
Patrick Lawler died 20-Feb 1933 Carlow  
William Kelly married 27-Feb 1933 Pollerton  
John Kelly died 08-May 1933 Killabban  
James Kelly  ?  06-Sep 1934 Carlow  
Mrs. McDonald died 31-Dec 1934 Carlow  
Major McDonald died 28-Dec 1934 H-Mount  
John Lawler died 19-Feb 1935 T Town  
John Brennan died 11-Mar 1935 Billow  
William Kelly died 14-Jan 1936 Carlow  
 ? Kelly died 12-Feb 1936 Ballyhade  
 ? Kelly born 20-Aug 1935 Ballyhade  
Thomas A Brennan born 13-Jun 1935 Burton Hall  
Philip Moran died 10-May 1935 P Town  
Thomas Brennan born 13-Sep 1935 B Harmon  
Elizabeth Lawler died 27-Oct 1935 Ballymoyler  
Mrs. John Brennan died 17-Jul 1936 Carlow  
Dr McDonald died 20-Sep 1936 Carlow  
George Lawler died 01-Oct 1936 Ballyburne  
Michael Brennan died 30-Sep 1936 Mageney  
Mrs. Kavanagh died 08-Dec 1936 Barnhill  
Mrs. McDonald died 31-Mar 1937 Carlow  
Mrs. Law1er died 23-Oct 1937 Ballyburne  
Ellen McDonald married October 1937 Killabban  
James McDonald  married  24-Nov 1937 Mageney  
Patrick Kavanagh died 04-Jan 1939 Barnhill  
Mary (Moll) Whelan to Joe Smith married 10-Jan 1939 Carlow Daughter-of Laurence & Maryanne Lawler
Elizabeth Whelan   married to ?  14-Mar 1938 Carlow Daughter of Laurence & Maryanne Lawler
Miss Brennan died 06-Jun 1939 Carlow  
Michael Kelly died 14-Jun 1939 Pollerton Little  
Mary Ryan married 14-Jun 1939 Carlow  
John Brennan born 17-Sep 1939 Burton Hall  
John Moran  died 08-Dec 1939 Burton Hall My Grandfather who wrote-this record for 39 years
Denis Kelly died 27-Mar 1939 Carlow  
Dr Lawler Married 26-Apr 1939 Carlow  
Mrs. Lawler nee Murphy died 31-May 1939 Carlow  
 ? Lawler born 01-Jun 1939 Burton Hall  
Michael Kelly Died 04-Jun 1939 Pollerton  
These entries were 'copied as found' from hand written notes made by John Moran over a period of 39 years.
Copied from hand written source
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