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The Carlow Morning Post


Previously published in the Carlow Past & Present Vol. 1. No 5 1996


Election Speculations

The Carlow Morning Post of Thursday says, that in many counties the present Members are more active in canvassing than they were before the dissolution of Parliament; and that a smart canvass has commenced for the next vacancy in the county of Wexford by the lately elected Members, and for them by their numerous supporter. We suppose that this is merely an Irish blunder.

Extract of a letter from Carlow, dated September 10:-

“Committed to our county gaol, by John Bennett and James Dozier, Esqrs., two of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace, Thomas Goucher and Henry Goucher, charged on the oath of Elinor Langan with having, on the night of the 4th instant, broken into the house of James Codd, a farmer in the neighbourhood of Hacketstown, with whom she resided, and forcibly dragged her from under a bed, placed her on a car, and carried her several miles through the country, to force her to marry the said Thomas Goucher. Captain Nixon, of Newry, and the Rev. C Brough, our townsman, who is curate of the parish, having heard of this outrage, collected a party of their neighbours, and succeeded in apprehending those fellows, and restoring Elinor Langan to her friends, who was yesterday married by the Rev. James Poe, in the parish church of Hacketstown, to a deserving young man with a cheap farm and a comfortable house in the county of Wexford. What a happy change for this young girl, to be rescued from a set of ruffians, and placed under the protection of the man of her heart! We understand that the above magistrates have bound her in the sum of 100l. to prosecute at cur next Assizes.” – Carlow Morning Post.

About 30,000 firkins of butter have already come to market, and but two instances of fraud in making up have yet occurred; in consequence, we presume, of the strictness of the inspection, and the number of fines and forfeitures in such cases last season. – Newry Telegraph.

The Quay and Mall of Waterford have been lighted with gas during the last four nights. This plan has long been looked to with great anxiety, and its execution has gratified the utmost expectations which were indulged; while its continuation, and extension through all the streets of the city, and its admission into the shops, promise to be attended with the most beneficial consequences. The Quay and Mall may be regarded as exhibiting at night an entirely new scene, being so finely illuminated, that the inhabitants can recognize each other almost as easily as noonday. The works were constructed by Messrs. GRAHAM, of this city. – Waterford Chronicle.

HYDROPHOBIA. – A correspondent suggests, that as on inquiry he finds a great deal of mischief is known to have resulted from the dog affected by this complaint (as mentioned in our paper yesterday), that a very strict investigation should be made into the course of the dog through the day. Not less than seven applications were made at the Hospital (St. George’s) on Thursday, and these arose from bites of the dog, in his progress from Stanhope-gate to Knightsbridge. As he passed nothing without making an attack, our correspondent is anxious that no pains should be spared by the inhabitants of Paddington and St. Marylebone, to ascertain whether any dogs were not bitten previously to his reaching the Park. In fact, every person in those neighbourhoods who have dogs ought to keep them tied up for a time. The public safety demands this precaution.

This article first appeared in the The Times, Saturday, Sep 19, 1818; pg. 3; Issue 10466; col E

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