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What's Behind a Name?

"Guide for Christian names approved by Holy Church for baptism."

Adamus Adam Hierimias Jeremiah
Adria Adrian Honoria Honor
Alicia Alice Hugo Hugh
Aloysius Lewis Iohannes Johannes
Ambrosius Ambrose Ioannes John
Andreas Andrew Jacobus James
Anna Ann Jerominus Jerome
Antonius Anthony Jno John/Johannes
Barnabus Barnaby Joanna Joan
Bartolomaeus Bartholomew Joannes John
Beniaminus Benjamin Josephus Joseph
Brigitta Bridget/Bridie Julianus Julian
Caecilia Cecily Katalina Catherine
Caelia Celia/Sheila, Laurentius Lawrence
Catalina Catherine Lucas Luke
Catherina Caitlin Marcus Mark
Cecilia Cecily Maria Mary
Christopherus Christopher Marianna Mary Ann
Clemens Clement Martinus Martin
Coelia Celia Matilda Maud 
Cornelius Cornelius Mattheus Matthew
Danielis Daniel Matthia Martha
Davidus David Mauritius Maurice
Dionysius Dennis Micaelis Michael
Edmondus Edmund Nicholas Nicholas
Edwardus Edward/Ned Oliverus Oliver
Elena Ellen Onoria Honor
Eleanora Eleanor/Ellen Patricus Patrick
Eliza Lizzy Petrus Peter
Elizabeta Elizabeth Philipus Philip
Eugenius Eugene/Owen Ricardus Richard
Felicia Phillis Robertus Robert
Franciscus Francis Rosa Rose
Francisca Frances Stephanus Stephen
Georgius George Terentius Terrence
Gulielmus William Thoma Thomas
Hannoria Hannah Timotheus Timothy
Helena Helen Tobias Tobias
Henricus Henry Xtopherus Christopher

Agnus = The girl's name Agnus \ag-nus\ is a variant of Agnes pronounced AG-ness. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "pure, holy". Latinized form of the Greek name Hagnes, from the feminine form of "hagnos"
Catterine = Catherine.
Jas = an abbreviation of James.
Iho.", the abbreviation for "Ihohannes" (latin for John) during the Middle Ages.
Jno/Ino = John/Johannes
Elinor = The girl's name Elinor \e-li-nor\ is a variant of Eleanor and Helen.
Jeremiah = Dermot.
Jeremiah = Jerimy.
Nancy derives from the Hebrew name Ann, which means "grace." It was originally used as a nickname, but began to be used as a proper name from the 18th century onwards.
Jacobus = Pronounced: yah-KO-bus. Latin form of Jacob, still used by the Dutch.
Gretta = Greta, and Gretchen are all diminutives of Margaret / Margretta / Margarethe / Marguerite. The original (greek) means "pearl".

Usually only the first name was in Latin, all other details were in English, except when the priest wanted to add a comment . The entries in Latin were only continued for a generation or two in the mid 19th century and then only in some parishes. Otherwise all entries were in English.

The above list (Source: M. Purcell) is much like the directions issued to Roman Catholic priests to aid in recording baptisms and marriages, comments on status (illegitimate etc.) were also recorded in Latin they were not encouraged to record names or comments in the Irish language. Parents were encouraged to select Christian names from this approved list or they could select names from Saints recognised by the Roman Catholic church. Baptism could be refused if name was not approved by priest, this remained the case up to recent times .

Source: M. Purcell, M. Brennan, Ron & Sue Clement etc.

The information contained in these pages is provided solely for the purpose of sharing with others researching their ancestors in Ireland.
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