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Parishes of County Carlow

Carlow Parish Map's

Dunleckney  Parish Civil & RC Parishes

Carlow County - Roman Catholic Parish records

Diocese of  Ardagh & Clonmacnoise

Bagenalstown, Ballon, Borris, Carlow, Clonegal, Clonmore, Graiguenamanagh, Hacketstown, Leighlinbridge, Myshall, Rathvilly, St. Mullins, Tinryland, Tullow


Parish Name
Film No's
Bagenalstown (Dunleckney or Dunleckny)
NLI Pos. 4195 LDS BFA 0926113
Bagenalstown Roman Catholic parish is surrounded by the Roman Catholic parishes of Borris, Myshall, Ballon, Rathoe, Rathvilly and Leighlinbridge, all these in County Carlow. Bagenalstown  is also situated beside the Roman Catholic parish of Paulstown in County Kilkenny.
Ballon & Rathloe (Ratoe) includes the civil parish of Aghade
NLI Pos. 4189
The Roman Catholic parishes of Ballon & Rathoe is bounded by the Roman Catholic parishes of Clonegal, Myshall, Bagenalstown, St. Mullin's and Tullow. The Roman Catholic parish of Clonmore which is in that part of  County Wicklow also touches on Ballon.
NLI Pos. 4196 LDS BFA 0926107
The Roman Catholic parish of Borris is bounded by the Roman Catholic parishes of Graiguenamanagh, St. Mullins, Clonegal, Myshall and Bagenalstown, all found in County Carlow.

NLI and LDS Reference Numbers

NLI Pos. 4193
NLI Pos. 4197
LDS BFA 0926110
NLI Pos. 4198
Graignamanagh - Carlow & Kilkenny
NLI Pos. 4198
NLI Pos. 4191
LDS BFA 0926115 item 1
NLI Pos. 4195
LDS BFA 1363869
NLI Pos. 4198
LDS BFA 0926123
St. Mullins
NLI Pos. 4196
NLI Pos. 4192
NLI Pos. 4194
NLI = National Library of Ireland.
PRONI = Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
old Civil Parish
PLU of Baltinglass    
Baltinglass Rathvilly Baltinglass
Kiltegan Rathvilly Baltinglass
Kineagh Rathvilly Baltinglass
Rahill Rathvilly Baltinglass
Rathmore Rathvilly Baltinglass
Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Straboe Rathvilly Baltinglass
PLU of  Carlow    
Agha Idrone East Carlow
Aghade Forth Carlow
Ardoyne Forth Carlow
Ardristan Rathvilly Carlow
Ballinacarrig Carlow Carlow
Ballon Forth Carlow
Ballycrogue Carlow Carlow
Ballyellin Forth Carlow
Ballyellin Idrone East Carlow
Ballyellin Idrone West Carlow
Barragh Forth Carlow
Borris Idrone Carlow
CARLOW Carlow Carlow
Clonmelsh Carlow Carlow
Clonygoose Idrone East Carlow
Cloydagh Carlow Carlow
Cloydagh Idrone West Carlow
Dunleckny Idrone East Carlow
Fennagh Forth Carlow
Fennagh Idrone East Carlow
Fennagh Rathvilly Carlow
Gilbertstown Forth Carlow
Grangeford Carlow Carlow
Kellistown Carlow Carlow
Kellistown Forth Carlow
Killerrig Carlow Carlow
Killinane Idrone East Carlow
Killinane Idrone West Carlow
Kiltennell Idrone East Carlow
Lorum Idrone East Carlow
Moyacomb St. Mullin's Upper Carlow
Myshall Forth Carlow
Myshall Idrone East Carlow
Nurney Carlow Carlow
Nurney Forth Carlow
Nurney Idrone East Carlow
Old leighlin Idrone West Carlow
Painestown Carlow Carlow
Sliguff Idrone East Carlow
Templepeter Forth Carlow
Tullowcreen Idrone West Carlow
Tullowmagimma Carlow Carlow
Tullowmagimma Forth Carlow
Tullowphelim Rathvilly Carlow
Ullard Idrone East Carlow
Urglin Carlow Carlow
Wells Idrone West Carlow
PLU of  Enniscorthy    
Aghade Forth Enniscorthy
Barragh Forth Enniscorthy
PLU of  New Ross    
Ballyellin Idrone East New Ross
Ballyellin St. Mullin's Lower New Ross
Kiltennell Idrone East New Ross
St. Mullin's Bantry New Ross
St. Mullin's St. Mullin's Lower New Ross
Ullard St. Mullin's Lower New Ross
PLU of  Shillelagh    
Ardoyne Rathvilly Shillelagh
Barragh St. Mullin's Upper Shillelagh
Clonmore Rathvilly Shillelagh
Crecrin Rathvilly Shillelagh
Hacketstown Rathvilly Shillelagh
Haroldstown Rathvilly Shillelagh
Moyacomb St. Mullin's Upper Shillelagh

The Seven Baronies of County Carlow

All - Anciently cited to be inhabited by the Brigantes and Cauci (by Ptolemy) or by the Coriundi (by Whitaker). It later formed the northern part of a territory called Hy Kinselagh, and was distinguished by the name Hy Cabanagh and Hy Drone. An early form of the county's name was Catherlagh. The principal sept's included Mac Murrough, Kavanagh, O'Doran, O'Nolan, MacKeogh and O'Ryan.

1.  Carlow - The Ui Bairrche are noted early in this barony. The O'Dolans(?) were hereditary brehons of Leinster and cited here.

2.  Forth - O Nuallain (O'Nolan) were Princes of Fotharta, the root name for the barony of Forth. They were of the sept of the Fotharta of Mag Fea

3.  Idrone (East) - The Ui Bairrche and Ui Drona are cited early here. The O'Riain (Ryan) sept were Lords of Ui Drona. The O'Doyle clan of Viking origin was said to originate from a 9th century King of Idrone.

4.  Idrone (West) - O'Riain (Ryan), Lords of Ui Drona, are cited here. Following the Norman Invasion the Kavanaghs, descendants of the MacMurrough clan, held this territory then known as Hy Cabanagh or Ui Cavenagh.

5.  Rathvilly - In the 5th century, Crimthan, King of Leinster, lived at Rathvilly. The territory was that of the Ui Felmelda Tuaid, a Ui Cheinnselaig sept descended from Feidlimidh son of Enna Ceansalagh and brother of Crimthan. The MacKeoghs here(?) were chief bards of the Kings of Leinster. An O'Neill family was cantered here.

6.  St. Mullin's (Lower) - The ancient land of the Ui Drona was cantered here in the 8th century.

7.  St. Mullin's (Upper) - Very early this area was referred to as Fearann Uí Néill, or the country of Farren O'Neale, lords of Tully. This may refer to the O Neill sept of Magh dá chonn in Leinster

Carlow Parish Map's

Dunleckney  Parish Civil & RC Parishes

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