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Carlow Town - 1824

Merchants, Tradesmen &c.

according to PIGOT and Co.'s Provincial Directory of 1824.

Carlow Town

as described in Pigot & Co's Directory of 1824

Anciently called Catherlough, or "the city on the lake", is agreeably situated on the river Barrow, is the assize town of the county, and distant forty miles south by west of Dublin, twenty-four south of Naas, and eighteen miles north by east of Kilkenny. It consists of two main streets; interesting each other at right angles, and of others of minor importance, branching from the former; besides these there are extensive suburbs on each side the river.

The situation of Carlow is extremely pleasant; up the river, the landscape is highly picturesque, and, for eight miles downward, there is one of the most delightful rides imaginable. The Barrow is navigable from this town to New Ross, and also to Athy, where it forms a junction with the Grand Canal. The town possesses a good flesh market, and a most extensive one for butter, most of which is sent to Waterford for exportation.

The established church is a modern building, plain, but neat, with a steeple of moderate height. A Roman Catholic seminary has lately been established for the education of the youth of that persuasion, to which a splendid chapel is attached; the Methodists also have a chapel, and the Quakers a meeting-house. The court-room is built over the goal besides which there are a dispensary and fever-hospital, a nunnery with a beautiful chapel contiguous, a new Presbyterian chapel, the first ever built in Carlow, a Magdalen asylum, a military hospital, an elegant assembly-room, and a subscription news-room.

Upon the whole, the white houses of the town make a cheerful appearance from a distance, nor is the stranger disappointed when he enters, for there is a cleanness and neatness in the streets, superior to what is seen in most towns in the kingdom. Here are the remains of a fine abbey, supposed to have been founded about the year 634.

On an eminence commanding the river stood a strong castle, baked with towers and bastions, and supposed to have been erected by King John, to secure a pass over the river Barrow for the protection of the English pale. In 1397, and the 20th year of Richard 11. this castle was surprised by one of the Cavanagh’s named Donald Mc Art, who himself ‘King of Leinster,’ in whose possession it remained a considerable period. In 1577 this town, then fortified, sustained a long siege against Rory Og O’Moore, who was then in rebellion against Queen Elizabeth 1 but it was ultimately compelled to submit to this plundering assailant, who inhumanly put many of the brave inhabitants to the sword.

In 1642, a detachment from the Duke of Ormond’s army rescued ~300 Englishmen, who were imprisoned in the castle, where they were almost starved. In 1650 … speedily submitted to the parliamentary forces under Cromwell, on his first approach. In a late effort to modernise this venerable pile, its foundations were so undermined, that the whole fabric gave way, and the only monument of its former magnificence now remaining, is a confused mass of ruins. On the 25 of May, in the unfortunate rebellion of 1798, a considerable body of insurgents made a furious attack on the town, which was so gallantly defended by a small party of the military, stationed in the barracks, that they were repulsed with very great loss; forty-eight men, and several rebel officers were taken prisoners, and executed a few days afterwards. In this attack upwards of eighty houses were burnt.

Carlow is a very considerable thoroughfare, as it lies on the high-road from Dublin to Kilkenny Watford and Cork; but notwithstanding this advantage and the more important additional one of having a communication by water with the metropolis, New - Ross, Waterford, and the intermediate places, the trade is not very considerable, being chiefly confined to provisions, and the supplying of the town and neighbourhood with coals from the county of Kilkenny. It is governed by a sovereign, and sends a member to the imperial parliament- its present representative is Lord Charleville.

The population is about 10,000. The market days are Monday and Thursday; and its four annual fairs are on the 4th May, the 22nd of June, the 26th of August, and then the 8th of November.


The Post Office was situated on Dublin Street in Carlow town - In 1824 the Post Mistress was a Mrs. Mary Shervington.

The Dublin Mail goes goes by the Cork Mail Coach at twenty minutes past eleven o'clock at night, and returns from Dublin at two o'clock in the morning.  Castledermot, Ballitore, Kilcullen, Naas and Rathcoole, By-bags, are conveyed by the Waterford Mail. The Clonmel Mail by the Cork Mail at two o'clock in the morning. The Castlecomer, by horse, at five o'clock in the morning; Tullow, by Horse at half past five o'clock every morning.

Office hours are from eight o'clock in the morning till eleven o'clock at night.


Carlow is a very considerable thoroughfare, as it lies on the high-road from Dublin to Kilkenny, Waterford and Cork; but notwithstanding this advantage and the more important additional one of having communication by water with the metropolis (Dublin), New- Ross, Waterford, and the intermediate places, the trade is not very considerable, being chiefly confined to provisions, and the supplying of the town a neighbourhood with coals from the County of Kilkenny.

The market days were Monday's and Thursday's; and its four annual fairs were held on the 4th May, the 22nd of June, the 26th of August, and the 8th of November.


The Dublin Mail from Cork-office, Burrin St, at ten minutes past eleven at night, through Castledermot and Naas, and returns for Cork every morning at two.

The Waterford Mail from the same office, at twenty five minutes past 11 at night, by the same route as the Cork Mail, and returns every morning at half past two for Waterford.


Fair Traveller, to Dublin daily, from the Fair Traveller Office, Dublin Street, at nine in the morning, through Castledermot, Kilcullen and Naas, to 15 Duke Street Dublin. It returns by the sane route, and arrives in Carlow at half past two.

Retaliator, to Dublin at twenty minutes past eight in the morning through Castledermot and Naas.


Day Coach for Dublin in the morning and returns to Kilkenny at two.


Boats leave the canal harbour for conveyance of goods to Dublin, Castlecomer, and Tullow on Monday's and Saturdays in the morning and arrives in Dublin on the same day. Applications must be made to Messrs. Manghan Co., Canal Harbour


Day Coach for Dublin at forty minutes past one on Monday's, Wednesday's. and Friday's and returns for Waterford on the alternative days at ten minutes past one. Van from Van office Dublin Road on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's to Dublin at eight, and returns for Kilkenny on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's. Car to Ross. From Mr. Fairecloth's, Tullow Street, on Tuesdays, Thursday's and Saturday's, at seven in the morning and returns on the alternative


Alexandcr John, esq, Milford
Baroewall Matth. esq, Naghten
Batter’.by Captain
Bennitt John, esq, View-mount
Best A. C. esq.
Bliss Major
Brooke Rev. Thomas.
Blown Wm. esq, Brown-hill
Brown, Brown-hill
Bruen Colonel, M. P.
Bumbry Captain, Moyle
Bumbry Chas. Thoo. esq, Bumbry­Lodge
Burton Sir Charles. Pollerton
Barton Wm. F. esq, Burton-Hall
Burgh Sir U. B.
Butler Charles, esq.
Butler Edward, esq.
Butler Sir Thomas
Butter flet. Richard
Butler Richard, esq.
Butler Robert, esq.
Byrne Henry, esq.
Byrne James, esq.
Byrne Nicholas, esq.
Byrne Richard. esq.
Caldwell Rev. John
Campion John, esq, Johnstown
Carew Captain
Carter Ju. esq, Ballyfoill
Carter Major, Ballyfoill
Cawfield Captain, Levitstown
Cawfield Wm. esq, Levitstown
Cobden Thos. esq.
Colclough Captain, Aburn
Colclough Henry, esq, Mount Sion
Colclough Pat. esq, Anvil]
Cooway Richard, esq.
Cooper Wm. esq, Coopers-hill
Dillon Francis, esq, Garrihill
Doyle Rev. Dr.
Ducket.J. D. esq. Ducket’s-grove
Elliatt Sand, esq.
Elliatt Thos. esq.
Eustace Captain
Fishbuurne J. P. esq.
Fitzgerald, Very Rev. A.
Fitzgibbon Rev. Richard
Hegarty Rev. Wm.
Humhreys J. P. esq.
Jameson Rev. Joseph
Joyce Rev. Patrick
Kinsella Rev. Woo. vice-president Carlow college
Maharg John, esq.
Mc Sweeney Rev. —Moore Major Howard
Nolan Patrick, esq.
O’Connell Rev. T., P.C.
Rafter Rev. Michael, Dean Carlow College
Reed Arthur esq.
Rochford Colonel
Rudkin Captain
St. George Rev. Arthur
Shevington Major
Stoit Captain
Stone Meade, esq., Nisbett
Svmes Rev. George
Taylor Rev James, St. Patrick’s College
Thornton, Major, Thornville
Vernon Rev. George
Caldwell. Rev. John (Master of the scientifically,
classical and mathematical school).
Clark, Michael S. (Gentlemen's boarding) Tullow St.
Jameson. Rev. Joseph, (Gentlemen's boarding)
Kelly. Esther. (Ladies boarding).
McAnliff. Jas, (Gentlemen's boarding & day)
Manor Lodge.
Byrn. Nicholas, (to the dispensary Dublin St).
Haydn. Francis F, (& proprietor of the new
medical hall and tepid baths). Bruin St
Malcomson. Henry, Dublin St
Montgomery. Francis, Dublin St
Byrne Henry, Athy St
Byrne James, Hanover
Gregory Thos. Athy St
Hill Dudley Dublin St
Mc Mahon Chas Moore,
(& notary and commissioner for
receiving special bail, and of affidavits)
Walker Singleton, Brown St
Alexander John, (Miller & Maltsters) Milford
Clarke Simon, (Corn, and Miller) Burrin St
Cox. Thos. (Provision) Barrow Cottage.
Haughton. Thomas, Graigue
McCartney. Henry, Castleville
Manghan. Wm., Graigue
Morris. Wm. Graigue
Thompson Benj, (Corn and Flour) John St.
Thompson. John, John St
Bacon John, Tullow St
Brown Rob, Dublin St
Burbridge John, Tullow St
Byrne James. Castle St.
Byrne Joseph Tullow St
Hanlon Rose Tullow St
Johnson Stanley Dublin St
Jones. James Tullow St
Kelly Wm. Castle St
Lakes Benj. Castle St
Murphy Nicholas, Castle St
Nowlan Philip, Tullow St
Readmond Andrew, Tullow St
Kirwin Thos. Barrack St
Nowlan John, Tullow St
Maharg John, Athy St
Nolan Patrick, Dublin St
Reed Arthur
Stone Meade Nisbett, Burrin St
Burroughs, Mrs. Frances, Bridewell Lane
Ferrall & Coffey, Centuar Lane
Redmond & Nowlan, Dublin St
Dillan and Crawley, Brown’s St
Kelly Michael, Brown’s St
Bolger Edw, Tullow St
Byrne Michael, Dublin St
Donnahoe John, Bridge St
Dunn Thos. Dublin St
Dunn Win, Graigue
Gardner Hamilton, Castle St
Gardner Singleton, St. Canlan St
Gaskin Edw. Wellington Bridge
Kavanagh Math. Graigue Bridge
Kavanagh Michael, Graigue Bridge
Keating Edw, Burrin St
Mc Donnell Martin, Dublin St
Mc Evoy Wm., Castle St
McQuirks Patrick, Butter Crane
Murphy James, Burrin St
Murphy Patrick, Tullow St
Norton Michael, Castle St
Nowlan Matthew, Dublin Road
Nowlan Peter, Castle St
Reynolds Edw. Centuar Lane
Stewart Robt, Tullow St
Thornton Bridget, Burrin St
Worthington Thos. Burrin St
Nowlan. Timothy, Tullow St
Price. Richard. Dublin St.
(and proprietor of the
‘Carlow Morning Post’ published
on Mondays and Thursdays, circulated
in the counties of Carlow, Kildare,
and Queen’s county, in which there
are no other Carlow Newspapers published.
Byran Joshua, Tullow St
Fisher Thomas, Castle St
Jackson Wm. Tullow St
Kennedy Thos. Tullow St
Nowlan Michael. Tullow St
Whitton EIiza. Tullow St
Bogard Walter, Castle St
Coffey John. Dublin St
Coyle Thos. Tullow St
Fitzsimmonds Thos. Tullow St
Hennessy James. Castle St
Hughes Thos. Dublin St
Ivers Robert. Tullow St
Lawler Jas. Tullow St
Budd Joshua. Dublin St
Byrn Richard. Tullow St
Connolly Mary, Dublin St
Conway M, Dublin St
Dunn Mary, Dublin St
Galbraith Wm., Dublin St
Lawlor Maria, Tullow St
Murphy Mary, Tullow St
Reagan John, Tullow St
Thomson A, Tullow St.
Mr. Nathaniel Proctor,
(distributor for the county) Athy St
Fitzsimmonds Thos. Tullow St
Ivers Robt. Tullow St
Mc Carthy Wm. Castle St
Callan Geo. Tullow St
Haughton Joshua, Tullow St
King Richard. Dublin St
Sanders Margaret, Tullow St
Byrn Richd. Brown St
Reed Arthur, (to the Infirmary) Brown St
Costello Jasper, Dublin St
Fitzgerald Andrew, Dublin St
Fletcher Joseph, Dublin St
Little Thos. Tullow St
Smyth James, Tullow St
Burbridge John, Tullow St
Holmes James, Burrin St
Williams Edw. Tullow St
Barrington James, Cabinet Maker, Dublin St.
Corrigan Rebecca. Brazier, Tullow Street.
Cowell Robert. Gunsmith, Tullow St.
Holland James. High Constable, Brown Street.
Lahy Benjamin. Flour Factor, Barrack Street.
Murphy John. Smith, Tullow St
O'Brien Wm. Breeches Maker, Dublin Street.
O’Meara Daniel. Public Craner, Butter Crane.
Smyth James. Corn dealer.
Bowler. Joseph, Bruin St
Carter. Wm. Tullow St
Cope. George, Tullow St
Cope. Thos. Tullow St
Davis. Richard. Tullow St
Jones. Benj. Tullow St
Leonard. John, Tullow St
Murrow. Edmund, Tullow St
Murrow. John, Hanover Road
Coffey James, (Wheat-Sheaf) Burrin St
Cullen James, (King’s Arms Hotel, and
livery stables, & marble yard) Dublin St
Cullen John, Tullow St
Lemon John, (Yellow Lion) Burrin St
Brennan Timothy, Burrin St
British Woollen Hall, Tullow St
Brophy John, Tullow St
Butler James, Tullow St
Byrn Jas, (Linen only) Burrin St
Conway Cath. Dublin St
Haughton Saml. Burrin St
Hughes Taos. Dublin St
Mc Donald & Plunket, Tullow St
O’Brien Daniel. Tullow St
Ryan John, Tullow St
Sherlock Ellen, Tullow St
Warren John, Tullow St
Warren Letitia, Tullow St
Wright Rebecca, Tullow St
Dyer Henry. Tullow St
Foster Joseph. Tullow St
Watters Richard. Dublin St
Bennett Jas, (Coach)
Davis Wm., Tullow St
Faircloth Richard, Tullow St
Hill James, Burrin St
Riley James, Dublin St
Galbraith Wm., Dublin St
Murray John, Tullow St
O’Connor John, Dublin St
Welsh Bridget, Dublin St
Bogard Walter, Castle St
Carroll Thos. Castle Hill
Coffey John, Dublin St
Coyle Thos. Tullow St
Dunn Wm., Greg Bridge
Fitzsimmons Thos. Tullow St
Grace Edw. Dublin St
Griffin Patrick, Castle Hill
Hennessy James, Castle St
Hope Sampson Clarke, (and Wine
Merchant) Dublin St
Hughes Thos. Dublin St
lvers Robert Tullow St
King James, Dublin St
Lawler James, Tullow St
Leakes Wm., Tullow St
Mc Donnell Martin, Dublin St
Murray Hugh, Castle St
Nowlan Henry, Tullow St
Paul Richard, Tullow St
Richardson John, Dublin St
Warren John, Tullow St
Burrowes Thos. Burrin St
Coyle Thos. Tullow St
Cranwell Richard, Tullow St
O'Brien Daniel Tullow St
Spencer Benj, Castle St
Warren John, Tullow St
Dowling John, Graigue
Finn Thos. Burrin St
Jackson Win. Graigue
Wilson James. Graigue


Allment Lucy, Tullow St
Anderson Robt. Dublin St
Bedlow Francis, Castle Hill
Comerford James, Tullow St
Dunn Andrew, Tullow St

PIGOT and Co.'s Provincial Directory of 1824



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