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Presentation College


History of The Presentation College

Ariel view of Presentation College, Askea, Carlow

The Presentation Sisters were founded in 1775 by Nano Nagle. In doing so she was responding to one of the great needs of her time: the provision of educational facilities for the children of the poor. From 1811 until 1947 the Presentation Sisters in Carlow catered for Primary pupils only. The Secondary Top which then opened became a voluntary Secondary school for girls in 1971.

In response to the demand for greater facilities for boys and girls and aware of the value of co-education the present school, Presentation College, was built by the parish. It was completed in 1982 and the Presentation Sisters were requested to take over the functions of the Trustees. A Board of Management was set-up in October 1987. The duties, powers and responsibilities of the Trustees, Board of Management and the Staff are set out in The Manual for Boards of Management of Catholic Secondary Schools. The Board of Management serves a three year term.

Nano Nagle responded to the needs of her time by setting up schools and developing a curriculum that catered for the needs of her students. Today, Presentation College, Carlow endeavours to respond to the needs of its students. Our response must be relevant to our living in the modern world. The basic challenge remains the same - to share with our students the Christian Vision of life and to equip them with the skills which are necessary for successful and happy lives.

Today, Presentation College is a co-educational voluntary Catholic secondary school which caters for pupils of all religions and backgrounds. We aim to provide our pupils with an education that equips them for life and living in the modern world. We aim to challenge students to share with us the Christian vision of life. Over the past few years we have drawn up a Mission Statement which describes the kind of school we wish to be. We hope that every member of the school community will attempt to live by it and we intend that all of our decisions are informed by it and our school development plans based on it.

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