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Lord Protector and Dictator of England, General of the army, Parliamentary General of Parliament, Bankruptor of the Treasury, Lord-Lieutenant and commander-in-chief in Ireland. 

More about Cromwell, the cavalry leader. and about Cromwellian England.


Titles gratuitously awarded to, or stolen by, Oliver Cromwell of Huntingtonshire,  England were not appreciated nor honored by Ireland. To the titles garnered by Oliver at home, the unappreciative Irish added the titles of Master Thief, Rapist and Murderer.

There are some 13,000 documents (and growing) that mention  Oliver Cromwell. I have read a few books which mention him in some detail, but I find it impossible to write objectively about that man.

I am researching Cromwell and intend to put together from facts that seem never quite to agree, a fairly accurate history of Cromwell in Ireland, beyond the fact he killed about 618,000 Irish citizens........though that were entirely enough for most.

But until then, I found the following "tongue in cheek" and somewhat inaccurate timeline of Cromwell's accomplishments, written by a person by name of Robert Cromwell, . So yes, Bob is a real person and not afraid to use his real name.....and we do have permission to copy, warts and all.



Oliver Cromwell

 An Outline for Term Papers

by Bob Cromwell



Are you writing a paper on Oliver Cromwell? Would you like to just copy something off the net and turn that in? Feel free to use this material! Just keep in mind that this is all that I have. I really have no more information on Oliver Cromwell. Really.

Remember, all this information must be correct, since it is on the Internet, and that's all that matters now! You have my full permission to use all this material, and you may simply reference it by listing the URL in your bibliography.