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Connaught Journal, articles selected by readers.

Connaught Journal
Printed and Published in Lower Cross-street by Barthw. O'FLAHERTY
Galway, Ireland
Thurs., 20 Feb 1840

The sufferings of the poor in the county of Clare from want of turf fuel,
caused by the late storms, is unequalled. The people, and children in
particular, have the appearance of death upon their faces--white with
streaks of blue. They meet by turns in each others cabins, and bring their
potatoes and pots, which are boiled on one fire in rotation, and by bundling
thus together they give themselves a little warmth on the mountains. Between
Shallee and Newport there are two cabins not far apart, each owner occupier
has a wife and large family; they last week came to the end of every
imaginable resource for firing; then, having decided the matter by lot, one
family moved to the others, and they are burning the abandoned cabin thatch,
rafters, &c to keep themselves alive. I could scarce believe this story at
first, but, from inquiries I have made myself in the neighbourhood, have no
doubt of its being true. What is worse the storms continue, accompanied with
violent thunder and lightning.

The Ardcloney estate, near O'Brien's bridge,county of Clare, was on Monday
last purchased in the Court of Chancery by Connell FITZGERALD, Esq.,
Limerick, for 4,500.