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Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.
Townland List  (G thru Z)
Townland Acres Barony Civil Parish Poor Law Union
Galboley 451 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Galboley 104 Athenry Killimordaly Loughrea
Gallagh 425 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Galway Town Borough of Galway Rahoon Galway
Galway Town Borough of Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Gannaveen 407 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Gannoughs 233 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Gannow 94 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Ganty 135 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Garbally 74 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Garbally Demesne 1,042 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Gardenblake 303 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Gardenblake Commons 537 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Gardenfield 314 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Gardenham (or Garrymore) 145 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Gardenham (or Garrymore) 65 Clare Lackagh Galway
Garra 124 Clare Killererin Tuam
Garracloon 74 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Garracloon North 87 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Garracloon South 93 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Garrafine 242 Kilconnell Ballymacward Mountbellew
Garrafine (Trench) 229 Kilconnell Ballymacward Mountbellew
Garrafine (Ussher) 561 Kilconnell Ballymacward Mountbellew
Garrafrauns 201 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Garranagerra 1,342 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Garrankyle East 49 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Garrankyle West 77 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Garraun 168 Clare Lackagh Galway
Garraun 33 Clare Killererin Tuam
Garraun 96 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Garraun 251 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Garraun 64 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Garraun 48 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Garraun (Coyle) 222 Clare Killererin Tuam
Garraun Beg 102 Clare Killererin Tuam
Garraun Lower 214 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Garraun More 172 Clare Killererin Tuam
Garraun North 225 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Garraun North 280 Clare Belclare Tuam
Garraun North 500 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Garraun South 154 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Garraun South 347 Clare Belclare Tuam
Garraun South 248 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Garraun Upper 174 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Garraunard 167 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Garraunbaun 293 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Garraunbaun 171 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Garrauncreen 213 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Garraunmore 245 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Garraunnameetagh 303 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Garraunphaudeen 46 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Garrauns 177 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Garrauns 165 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Garrauns 150 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Garreer 176 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Garrison 107 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Garrivinnagh 360 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Garroman 1,966 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Garryad & Garryduff 346 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Garryboghala 125 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Garryduff 70 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Garryduff 406 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Garryduff 166 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Garryduff and Garryad 346 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Garryeighter 289 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Garryhubert 110 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Garryland 350 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Garrylawrence 42 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Garrymore 7 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Garrymore 446 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Garrymore 273 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Garrymore (or Gardenham) 145 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Garrymore (or Gardenham) 65 Clare Lackagh Galway
Garrynaglogh 98 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Garrynagry 168 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Garrynamishaun (or Aughrim Plots) 125 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Garrynasillagh 51 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Gaterstreet 1 Ballymoe Dunmore Tuam
Geehy North 68 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Geehy South 134 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Gilkagh 553 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Gilkagh East 106 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Gilkagh West 141 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Gilroe 340 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Ginnaun 172 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Glassillaun 322 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Glassillaun 2 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
    Half Way Point    
Glassillaun 4 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Glassillaun Islands 1 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Glassillaunvealnacurra 6 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Glebe 55 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Glebe 33 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Glebe 23 Clare Tuam Tuam
Glebe 14 Clare Cummer Tuam
Glebe 53 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Glebe 132 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Glebe 45 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Glebe 66 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Glebe 37 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Glebe 65 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Glen 291 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Glen 175 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Glen 167 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Glenaclara East 173 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Glenaclara West 128 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Glenanail 178 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Glenatallan 119 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Glenaun 104 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Glenbeg East 244 Ross Ross Ballinrobe
Glenbeg West 511 Ross Ross Ballinrobe
Glenbrack 631 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Glenbrickeen 567 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Glencoaghan 3,139 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Glencoh 626 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Glencraff 1,562 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Glencrees 95 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Glendaruid 550 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Glengowla East 366 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Glengowla West 597 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Glenicmurrin 2,482 Moycullen Kilcummin Galway
Gleninagh 2,654 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Gleninagh 657 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Glenloughaun 299 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Glenlusk 401 Ross Cong Oughterard
Glenmeen 220 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Glenmore 224 Clare Lackagh Galway
Glennafosha 481 Clare Belclare Tuam
Glennagarraun 109 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Glennagevlagh 1,203 Ross Ross Oughterard
Glennagloghaun 533 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Glennagloghaun North 418 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Glennagloghaun South 365 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Glennamaddy Town Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Glennamaddy 299 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Glennamucka 347 Tiaquin Ballymacward Loughrea
Glennaneeny 180 Clare Cummer Tuam
Glennascaul 947 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Glennaskehy 422 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Glennaslat 168 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Glennaslat 168 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Glennaun 397 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Glennaun 1,228 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Glennavaddoge 111 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Glennavaddoge 68 Longford Meelick Portumna
Glennaveel 274 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Glenrevagh 553 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Glenrevagh 133 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Glentrasna 1,850 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Glenwanish. 490 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Glinsk 871 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Glinsk 1,161 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Gloves East 265 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Gloves Middle 370 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Gloves Middle 216 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Gloves South 326 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Gloves West 155 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Gloves West 105 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Goatland 24 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Golam 34 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Goldenpark 134 Clare Killower Tuam
Gooreen 145 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Gooreenatinny 117 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Goose Island 3 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Goose Island 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Gort Town Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Gort Town Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Gort Town Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Gort 170 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Gortaboy 163 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Gortacallow (or Angliham) 269 Galway Oranmore Galway
Gortacarnaun 1,611 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Gortacarnaun 446 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Gortachalla 452 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Gortacoosaun 186 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Gortadeegan 31 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Gortadooey 229 Clare Claregalway Galway
Gortadragaun 724 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Gortadullisk 172 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Gortaganny 296 Tiaquin Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Gortaganny 97 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Gortagarraun 479 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Gortaghokera 229 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Gortagowan 76 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Gortaha 368 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Gortakeeran 219 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Gortaleam 343 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Gortaloman 78 Loughrea Kilthomas Loughrea
Gortalough 115 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Gortaloughane 22 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Gortananny 152 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Gortaneare 59 Longford Duniry Loughrea
Gortanummera 199 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Gortard 378 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Gortard 88 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Gortarica 176 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Gortaroe 100 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Gortatleva 336 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Gortatleva 218 Galway Rahoon Galway
Gortavally 32 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Gortavaura 55 Clare Abbeyknockmoy Galway
Gortavoher 270 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Gortavoher 167 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Gortawullaun 112 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Gortawullaun 183 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Gortbeg 260 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Gortbeg 223 Clare Killererin Tuam
Gortbrack 199 Tiaquin Ballymacward Loughrea
Gortbrackmoor 135 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Gortcam 110 Loughrea Bullaun Loughrea
Gortcloonmore 517 Clare Claregalway Galway
Gortdrishagh 54 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Gortdrishagh 80 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Gortdrishagh 88 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Gortduff 143 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Gorteen 900 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Gorteen 299 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Gorteen 96 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Gorteen 150 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Gorteen 428 Tiaquin Ballymacward Loughrea
Gorteenacra 60 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Gorteenanillaun 231 Loughrea Kilchreest Loughrea
Gorteenaniska 148 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Gorteenapheebera 154 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Gorteenaveela 229 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Gorteenawillin 218 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Gorteenayanka 214 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Gorteenboy 420 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Gorteencahill 88 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Gorteendrishagh 118 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Gorteenfadda 238 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Gorteenlahard 128 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Gorteennabohogy 118 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Gorteennaglogh 283 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Gorteenphadder 264 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Gorteenruckaun 228 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Gorteeny 1,111 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Gorterwulla 200 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Gortfadda 142 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Gortgarrow 395 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Gortknappagh 127 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Gortlemon 78 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Gortlusky 107 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Gortmore 127 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Gortmore 173 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Gortmore 136 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Gortmore 543 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Gortmore 408 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Gortmore 526 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Gortmorris 215 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Gortnabarnaboy 14 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Gortnaboha 172 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Gortnaclassagh 25 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Gortnaclassagh 78 Ross Cong Oughterard
Gortnacloghy 153 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Gortnacooheen 132 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Gortnacross 36 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Gortnacullia 268 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Gortnadeeve East 201 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Gortnadeeve West 717 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Gortnagier East 233 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Gortnagier West 99 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Gortnagleav 686 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Gortnaglogh 262 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Gortnaglogh 666 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Gortnaglogh 81 Tiaquin Moylough Tuam
Gortnagoyne 689 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Gortnagroagh 128 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Gortnagunned 217 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Gortnahaskany 67 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Gortnahimrissan 58 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Gortnahoon 249 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Gortnahoon 217 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Gortnahorna. (or Clancarty) 240 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Gortnahorna. (or Clanricarde) 448 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Gortnahown 60 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Gortnahultra 370 Tiaquin Ballymacward Loughrea
Gortnakilla 142 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Gortnakilla 195 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Gortnalavey 155 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Gortnalea 473 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Gortnalecka 14 Galway Rahoon Galway
Gortnalone North 337 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Gortnalone South 277 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Gortnaloura 67 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Gortnalug 24 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Gortnamackan 153 Dunkellin Kilchreest Loughrea
Gortnamannagh East 413 Loughrea Kilchreest Loughrea
Gortnamannagh West 426 Loughrea Kilchreest Loughrea
Gortnamona 58 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Gortnamona 184 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Gortnamona 169 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Gortnamona (or Moorfield) 460 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Gortnamona (or Moorfield) 109 Longford Fahy Portumna
Gortnamona East 85 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Gortnamona West 95 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Gortnanark 70 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Gortnandarragh (or Oakfield) 259 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Gortnaporia 253 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Gortnaraheen 148 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Gortnarup 187 Ross Cong Oughterard
Gortnascreeny 301 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Gortnasculloge 85 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Gortnashingaun 69 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Gortnasillagh 171 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Gortnasteal 142 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Gortnavea (or Deerfield) 57 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Gortrea (or Fairfield) 279 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Gortrevagh 222 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Gortroe 109 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Gortroe 312 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Gortroe 124 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Gortronnagh 184 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Gortrory (or Rogersfield) 52 Clare Killeany Tuam
Gortrummagh 283 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Gortsheela 19 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Gortskeagh 139 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Gortstuckanagh 84 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Gortyloughlin 332 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Gortymadden 449 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Gortyneill 102 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Gortyroyan East 119 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Gortyroyan West 98 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Gowil 120 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Gowla 3,167 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Gowla 1,107 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Gowlan East 3,042 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Gowlan West 768 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Gowlaun 275 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Gowlaun 1,370 Ross Ross Oughterard
Gowlaunlee 1,734 Ross Ross Oughterard
Graddoge 119 Clare Killererin Tuam
Graigabbey 4 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Graigabbey South 346 Kilconnell Monivea Loughrea
Graigue 196 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Graigue 275 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Graigue 136 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Graigueachullaire 593 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Graigueagowan 293 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Graigueakilleen 243 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Graigueawoneen 311 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Graiguebaun 350 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Graiguenavaddoge 245 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Grallagh 160 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Grallagh 248 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Grange 262 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Grange 254 Clare Killererin Tuam
Grange 210 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Grange 260 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Grange 188 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Grange 127 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Grange 243 Longford Fahy Portumna
Grange 220 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Grange Beg 111 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Grange East 1,831 Clare Lackagh Galway
Grange More 367 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Grange Park 65 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Grange West 5 Clare Lackagh Galway
Grannagh 162 Kiltartan Kilthomas Loughrea
Grannagh 501 Loughrea Ardrahan Loughrea
Grannagh Beg 78 Loughrea Ardrahan Loughrea
Graveshill 228 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Great Island 49 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Green Island 1 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Greenaun 548 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Greeneenagh 71 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Greenfield (or Shanbally) 199 Clare Killursa Tuam
Greenhills 392 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Greenville 410 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Greethill 248 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Greeve Island 1 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Greyford 365 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Griggins 1,513 Ross Ross Oughterard
Gunnode 632 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Gurlaun Island 1 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Gut Island 2 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Gweeneeny 92 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Halfcartron 339 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Halfmace 119 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Halfstraddle 81 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Hampstead 547 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Hardwood 139 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Hare Island 5 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Hawthorn Island 1 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Hazelfort 452 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Headford Town Clare Killursa Tuam
Headford Town Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Headford Town Clare Cargin Tuam
Headford 142 Clare Killursa Tuam
Hearnsebrooke Demesne 83 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Heathlawn 718 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Hermitage 287 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Herringback Island 1 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
High Island 82 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Highfield 164 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Highfield 51 Kilconnell Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Highpark 189 Kilconnell Killaan Loughrea
Highstreet 79 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Hillpark 54 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Hillsbrook Demesne 415 Clare Killererin Tuam
Hillswood 457 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Hillswood east 481 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Hillswood West 44 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Hog Island 9 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Holly Island 1 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Hollygrove 273 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Hollymount 59 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Hollymount 603 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Hollypark 133 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Holy Island (or Inishcaltra) 45 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Horse Island 13 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Hundredacres 202 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Hundredacres 120 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Illananirey 1 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Illaun 302 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Illaunaconaun 26 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunacroghaul 23 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunacrusha 1 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Illaunadroughearla 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Illaunagawna 1 Ross Cong Oughterard
Illaunaglee 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Illaunagoughal 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Illaunagreasy 3 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunaknick 1 Ross Cong Oughterard
Illaunaknock 3 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunaleama 20 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Illaunamenara 5 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Illaunamid 29 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Illaunanarrew 2 Ross Cong Oughterard
Illaunanarroor 2 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Illaunanbissan 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Illaunane 11 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Illaunaneel 13 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Illaunaneel West 2 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Illaunard 12 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunatraghta 5 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunaveel 5 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunaveetry 1 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Illaunboy 2 Longford Meelick Portumna
Illauncarbry 2 Clare Cargin Tuam
Illauncarbry 4 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illauncosheen 16 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illauncurragilka 1 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaundarragh 2 Ross Cong Oughterard
Illaundaulaur 3 Ross Cong Oughterard
Illaundauvrack 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaundonoghrevy 3 Ross Cong Oughterard
Illauneeragh 89 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illauneeragh West 77 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunfadda 2 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunfadda 5 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunfadda Beg 5 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunfadda More 10 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaungorm North 33 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaungorm South 12 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaungurraig 3 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunhobert 5 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Illaunkyle 2 Longford Meelick Portumna
Illaunleenagh 1 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunmaan 1 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunmahon 1 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Illaunmore 212 Leitrim Kilbarron Scarriff
Illaunmore 95 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunnaboolia 4 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunnacroaghbeg 2 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunnacroaghmore 12 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunnafinnoge 1 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Illaunnagappul 17 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunnagappul 4 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunnaginga 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunnagower 3 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunnaguroge 1 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Illaunnakirka 8 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illaunnamoe 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Illaunnanownim 24 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunnashinnagh 10 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Illaunnaskeagh 6 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Illaunord 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Illaunribbeen 15 Ross Cong Oughterard
Illaunrie 2 Ross Cong Oughterard
Illaunroe 104 Clare Cummer Tuam
Illaunroe 9 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunroe 8 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunroe 1 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Illaunrossalough 2 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illaunrush 2 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Illaunurra 21 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Illeny 1,841 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Illion 477 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Illion East 1,531 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Illion West 662 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Inchaboy North 48 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Inchaboy South 575 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Inchacommaun Islands 6 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Inchaghaun 28 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Inchagoill 80 Ross Cong Oughterard
Inchamakinna 108 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inchamakinna 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inchamore 208 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Inchinaskeagh 9 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Inchiquin 229 Clare Killursa Tuam
Inchy 161 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Inga (or Nail) 200 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Inish 69 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Inishannagh 9 Ross Cong Oughterard
Inishbarna 19 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Inishbarra 262 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Inishbeagh 3 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishbiana 8 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Inishbigger 8 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Inishbroon 12 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Inishcaltra (or Holy Island) 45 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Inishcash 8 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishconga 1 Ross Cong Oughterard
Inishcorra 42 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Inishdala 13 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Inishdala 4 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Inishdala 2 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Inishdauwee 9 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishdauwee 26 Ross Cong Oughterard
Inishdawros 22 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Inishdoorus 142 Ross Cong Oughterard
Inishdugga 42 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Inishee 70 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Inisheer 1,400 Aran Inisheer Galway
Inisheltia 66 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inisherk 64 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishflynn 2 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishgarraunbeg 3 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishgarraunmore 12 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishkeeragh 24 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Inishlackan 129 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Inishlannaun 9 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishlay 21 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Inishlusk 12 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Inishmicatreer 203 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Inishmuskerry 18 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Inishnancan 4 Ross Cong Oughterard
Inishnee 856 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Inishool 10 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishroo 185 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Inishshaaboe 16 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Inishskehan 3 Clare Killursa Tuam
Inishthee 7 Ross Cong Oughterard
Inishtravin 190 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Inishtreh 10 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Inishtroghenmore 11 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Inishturk 132 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Inishule 6 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Inishvinlush 2 Ross Cong Oughterard
Innplot 18 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Inveran 673 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Ironpool 450 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Isertkelly North 365 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Isertkelly South 350 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Island 124 Clare Lackagh Galway
Island 53 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Island East 298 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Island Eddy 137 Dunkellin Drumacoo Galway
Island M'Coo 1 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Island West 222 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Islandagu 2 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Islandbeg 3 Ross Ross Oughterard
Islandmore 223 Clare Lackagh Galway
Islandmore 119 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Islandmore 7 Ross Ross Oughterard
Islands 665 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Islands 95 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Johnstown 119 Clare Killower Tuam
Joycegrove 154 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Joyces Island 1 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Joyces Park 70 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Kanargad 6 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Kanrawer 70 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Kead 450 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Keaghery Island 1 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Keamsellagh East 217 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Keamsellagh West 233 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Keave 94 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Keeagh 599 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Keekill 435 Clare Killeany Tuam
Keelderry 1,088 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Keelkyle 1,006 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Keeloge 236 Longford Meelick Portumna
Keeloges 98 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Keeloges 83 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Keeloges East 941 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Keeloges West 525 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Keelogesbeg 185 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Keenaghan 143 Longford Clonfert Portumna
Keeraun 134 Galway Rahoon Galway
Keeraunbeg 708 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Keeraunnagark North 918 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Keeraunnagark South 702 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Keerhaun North 100 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Keerhaun South 185 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Keerhaunmore 163 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Keernaun 486 Clare Killeany Tuam
Kelly's Island 2 Ross Cong Oughterard
Kellysgrove 1,753 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Kentfield 144 Galway Rahoon Galway
Kentstown 98 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Kilbeacanty 223 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Kilbeg 752 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Kilbeg 217 Clare Cargin Tuam
Kilbeg 348 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Kilbeg 995 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Kilbeg 266 Tiaquin Moylough Tuam
Kilbeg Lower 148 Ross Ross Oughterard
Kilbeg Upper 328 Ross Ross Oughterard
Kilbegnet 400 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Kilbegnet 29 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Kilboght 218 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Kilbrickan 520 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Kilbride 236 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Kilbride 1,963 Ross Ross Ballinrobe
Kilcahill 429 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Kilcaimin 36 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Kilcarrooraun 294 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Kilchreest Town Dunkellin Kilchreest Loughrea
Kilchreest 267 Dunkellin Kilchreest Loughrea
Kilcloggaun 189 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Kilclogh 422 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Kilcloghans 367 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Kilcloony 1,259 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Kilcloony 302 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Kilcloony 61 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Kilcolgan 231 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Kilcolumb 427 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Kilcommadan 448 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Kilconierin 91 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Kilconnell Town Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Kilcooley 376 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Kilcooly 414 Leitrim Kilcooly Loughrea
Kilcoona 169 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Kilcooney 131 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Kilcoosh 381 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Kilcorban 208 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Kilcorkey 34 Galway Rahoon Galway
Kilcornan 814 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Kilcornan 414 Kilconnell Monivea Loughrea
Kilcornan 187 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Kilcreevanty 1,581 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Kilcrimple 340 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Kilcrin 129 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Kilcrow 215 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Kilcurriv Eighter 409 Clare Cummer Tuam
Kilcurrivard 610 Clare Cummer Tuam
Kildaree 370 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Kildaree 161 Clare Killursa Tuam
Kildrum 193 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Kilfelligy 83 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Kilgarriff 283 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Kilgarriff North 214 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Kilgarriff South 77 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Kilgarve North 315 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Kilgarve South 57 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Kilgerrill 186 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Kilgevrin 767 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Kilgill 311 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Kilglass 465 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Mountbellew
Kilhonerush (or Woodlands) 116 Longford Meelick Portumna
Kilkerrin 234 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Kilkieran 2,255 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Kilkilvery 189 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Kilkittaun 224 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Kill 289 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Kill 274 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Kill 120 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Kill 416 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Kill 325 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Killaan 345 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Killachunna 525 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Killaclogher 695 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Killaderry 590 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Killadullisk 382 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Killafeen 157 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Killagh Beg 429 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Killagh More 1,016 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Killaghaun 209 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Killagoola 883 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Killaguile 1,062 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Killallaghtan 95 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Killaloonty 428 Clare Tuam Tuam
Killaltanagh 374 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Killamanagh 128 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Killamude East 273 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Killamude West 62 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Killannin 410 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Killarainy 213 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Killareeny 168 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Killarriv 411 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Killascaul 293 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Killasmuggaun 281 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Killaspugmoylan 188 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Killateeaun 211 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Killavoher 954 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Killeany 2,188 Aran Inishmore Galway
Killeany Town Town Aran Inishmore Galway
Killederdaowen 67 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Killeelaun 437 Clare Tuam Tuam
Killeely Beg 288 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Killeely More 278 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Killeen 429 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Killeen 118 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Killeen 111 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Killeen 125 Galway Oranmore Galway
Killeen 86 Galway Rahoon Galway
Killeen 203 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Killeen 462 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Killeen 269 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Killeen East 98 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Killeen North 252 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Killeen South 178 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Killeen West 52 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Killeen's Island 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Killeenadeema West 770 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Killeenan Beg 81 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Killeenan More 282 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Killeenaran 211 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Killeenavarra 116 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Killeeneen Beg 217 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Killeeneen More 735 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Killeenhugh 275 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Killeenmunterland South 150 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Killeenmunterlane North 173 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Killeenpatrick 71 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Killeighter 166 Clare Killererin Tuam
Killenadeema East 310 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Killeragh 188 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Killerneen 138 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Killeroran 839 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Killescragh 309 Athenry Killimordaly Loughrea
Killevny 455 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Killian 333 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Killiane 196 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Killimor 697 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Killimor and Boleybeg 105 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Killimor Town Town Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Killinny East 266 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Killinny West 533 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Killogilleen 93 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Killola 193 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Killomoran 266 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Killooaun 302 Tiaquin Clonkeen Mountbellew
Killooaun 106 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Killooaun (Browne) 128 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Killooaun (Eyre) 403 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Killora 172 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Killoran 642 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Killoran 125 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Killoscobe 109 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Killosolan 1,799 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Killough 786 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Killower 315 Clare Killower Tuam
Killuney 635 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Killuppaun (or Clonbrock) 259 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Killuppaun (or Mahon) 50 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Killure Beg 441 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Killure Castle 636 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Killure More 1,249 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Killymongaun 491 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Kilmacduagh 237 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Kilmachugh 336 Longford Meelick Portumna
Kilmacrah 329 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Kilmacrickard 376 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Kilmacshane (Macklin) 272 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Kilmacshane (Turbett) 2,167 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Kilmalaw 559 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Kilmalinoge 215 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Kilmeelickin 475 Ross Ross Oughterard
Kilmeen 699 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Kilmore 442 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Kilmore 440 Clare Tuam Tuam
Kilmore 474 Dunmore Killererin Tuam
Kilmore 1,324 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Kilmore 349 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Kilmore 194 Ross Ross Ballinrobe
Kilmurry 313 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Kilmurry 63 Clare Cargin Tuam
Kilmurry 9 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Kilmurry 113 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Kilmurvy 1,769 Aran Inishmore Galway
Kilnaborris 382 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Kilnagappagh 445 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Kilnahown 136 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Kilnalag 214 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Kilnalappa 351 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Kilnamullaun 168 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Kilnamullaun 31 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Kilnaslieve 329 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Kilphrasoga 307 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Kilquain 220 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Kilquain 373 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Kilrateera Lower 146 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Kilrateera Upper 335 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Kilroe 83 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Kilroe East 822 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Kilroe West 910 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Kilroghter 345 Galway Oranmore Galway
Kilronan Town Aran Inishmore Galway
Kilsallagh 951 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Kilshanvy 1,266 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Kilskeagh 576 Clare Athenry Galway
Kiltartan 104 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Kiltiernan East 486 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Kiltiernan West 198 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Kiltivna 191 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Kiltormer Town Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Kiltormer East 406 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Kiltormer West 196 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Kiltrasna 291 Clare Killeany Tuam
Kiltroge 446 Clare Lackagh Galway
Kiltroge 98 Clare Claregalway Galway
Kiltullagh 952 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Kiltullagh 696 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Kiltullagh North 590 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Kiltullagh South 107 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Kiltybannan 184 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Kilwullaun 196 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Kimmeenmore 43 Galway Rahoon Galway
Kinclare 471 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Kincullia 442 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Kingsland North 90 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Kingsland South 236 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Kingstown Glebe (or Ballymaconry) 78 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Kinincha 103 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Kiniska 505 Clare Claregalway Galway
Kinmona North 147 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Kinmona South 108 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Kinnakinelly 693 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Kinnaveelish 33 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Kinnelly Islands 4 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Kinreask 259 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Kinvarra Town Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Kinvarra 338 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Kinvarra 1,086 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Kippaunagh 273 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Knavagh 32 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Knock 46 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Knock 203 Clare Killererin Tuam
Knock 956 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Knock 302 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Knock North 84 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Knock South 605 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Knockaboy 77 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Knockacarrigeen 288 Clare Belclare Tuam
Knockadaumore 249 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Knockadav 4,595 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Knockadikeen 286 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Knockadoagh 643 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Knockadrum 140 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockakilleen 153 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Knockalough 1,121 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Knockaloura East 216 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Knockaloura West 215 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Knockanarra 308 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Knockanavoddy 191 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Knockanima 117 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Knockaphort 119 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Knockaphreaghaun 996 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Knockarasser 814 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Knockash 164 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Knockatee East 194 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Knockatee West 286 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Knockatober (or Pollboy) 268 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Knockatogher 679 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Knockatoo 251 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Knockatoo Mountain 95 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Knockatoor 126 Dunkellin Killeeneen Loughrea
Knockaun 132 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockaun 246 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Knockaunarainy 158 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Knockaunatouk 238 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Knockaunawadda 53 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Knockaunbaun 100 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Knockaunbaun 87 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockaunbaun 1,234 Ross Ross Oughterard
Knockaunbrack 345 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Knockauncarragh 732 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockauncarragh 370 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Knockauncoura 123 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Knockauncoura 132 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Knockauncoura 28 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Knockaundarragh 326 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockauneevin and Ballywatteen 367 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Knockaunglass 29 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Knockaunkeel 33 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Knockaunnacarragh 113 Galway Rahoon Galway
Knockaunnagat 232 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Knockaunnageeha 131 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Knockaunnakirkeen 34 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockaunranny 1,356 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Knockaunroe 107 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Knockauns East 219 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Knockauns West 357 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Knockavally 202 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Knockavanny 173 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Knockavilla 256 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Knockavilra (or Fountainhill) 143 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Knockawuddy 67 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Knockballyclery 83 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Knockballyvishteal 741 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Knockbane 214 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Knockbaron 278 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Knockbaun 214 Athenry Athenry Galway
Knockbaun 99 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Knockbaun 51 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Knockbaun 77 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Knockboy 914 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Knockbrack 195 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Knockbrack 34 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Knockbrack 83 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Knockbrack 665 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Knockcorrandoo 215 Tiaquin Moylough Tuam
Knockdoebeg East 261 Clare Lackagh Galway
Knockdoebeg West 554 Clare Lackagh Galway
Knockdoemore 330 Clare Lackagh Galway
Knockdoemore 269 Clare Claregalway Galway
Knockdrummore 54 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockereen 160 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Knockgarra Town Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Knockglass 58 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Knockkillaree 90 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Knocklawrence 245 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Knockmascahill 564 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Knockmore 125 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Knockmoyle East 626 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockmoyle West 371 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knocknaboley 63 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Knocknacarragh 134 Galway Rahoon Galway
Knocknacreeva 228 Clare Athenry Galway
Knocknadaula 252 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Knocknadaula 117 Athenry Killimordaly Loughrea
Knocknagappagh 88 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Knocknagarrivhan 839 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Knocknagreana 17 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Knocknagreana 240 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Knocknahaw 72 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Knocknamanaugh 41 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Knockogonnell 451 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Knockoura 845 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Knockouran 262 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Knockranny 1,748 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Knockroe 288 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Knockroe 197 Clonmacnowen Kilclooney Ballinasloe
Knockroe 277 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Knockroe 502 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Knockroe 290 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Knockroe 48 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Knockroe 184 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Knockroebeg 19 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Knockshanbally 298 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Knockshangarry 59 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Knockshangarry 59 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Knocktoby 191 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Kylagowan 328 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Kyleaglannawood 164 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Kylebeg 199 Leitrim Tynagh Loughrea
Kylebrack 6 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Kylebrack East 370 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Kylebrack West 372 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Kylebroghlan 307 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Kyleegan 132 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Kylegarriff 97 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Kylemore 5,034 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Kylemore 513 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Kylemore 1,411 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Kylemore 454 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Kylenagappa 157 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Kylenamelly 403 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Kylesalia 1,484 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lack 177 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Lackabaun 167 Dunkellin Kilchreest Loughrea
Lackabaun 99 Dunkellin Killinan Loughrea
Lackabaun 182 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Lackafinna North 77 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Lackafinna South 321 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Lackagh 83 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Lackagh More 550 Clare Lackagh Galway
Lackalea 725 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Lackan 173 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Lackan 378 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Lackanroe 99 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Lackavrea 1,656 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Lacklea 48 Galway Rahoon Galway
Laggoo 912 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Laghanabba 207 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Laghtgannon 186 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Laghtgeorge 31 Clare Claregalway Galway
Laghtonora 129 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Laghtphilip 193 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Laghtyshaughnessy 312 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Lahacrogher 126 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Lahaghglass North 53 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Lahaghglass South 118 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Lahardaun 61 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Lahardaun 47 Dunkellin Killinan Loughrea
Lahardaun 541 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Lakefield 191 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Lakeview 353 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Lakyle 87 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Lakyle 186 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Lambhill 25 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Lambs Island 1 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Laragh 644 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Laragh Beg 413 Clare Abbeyknockmoy Galway
Laragh More 700 Clare Abbeyknockmoy Galway
Largan 602 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Larraga 206 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Larragan 273 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Lattoon 843 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Laughil 205 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Laughil 97 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Laughil 347 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Laughil 105 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Laughil 82 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Laughil 1,155 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Laughil 138 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Laurclavagh 412 Clare Cummer Tuam
Laurencetown Town Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Laurencetown 26 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Lavagh 182 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Lavally 410 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Lavally 208 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Lavally 133 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Lavallyconor 125 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Leagaun 122 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Leagaun 403 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Leagh North 233 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Leagh South 408 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Leaghcarrick 211 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Leaha 662 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Lealetter 551 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Leam East 1,910 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Leam West 2,348 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Leamcon 184 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Lecarrow 150 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Lecarrow 92 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Lecarrow 78 Dunkellin Killeeneen Loughrea
Lecarrow 119 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Lecarrow 3 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Lecarrow 173 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Lecarrow 162 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Lecarrow 602 Ross Ross Oughterard
Lecarrow 416 Tiaquin Moylough Tuam
Lecarrow North 119 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Lecarrow South 131 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Lecarrowmactully 165 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Lecarrowmore 47 Clare Claregalway Galway
Lecarrownagappoge 139 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Lecarrowntruhaun 105 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Lecknabegga 105 Loughrea Kilthomas Loughrea
Lecknavarna 1,275 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Lee 769 Ross Ross Oughterard
Lee's Island 47 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Leenaun 1,845 Ross Ross Oughterard
Lehanagh 414 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Lehanagh North 662 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lehanagh South 922 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lehid 190 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Lehid 350 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Lehinch 59 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Lehinch 202 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Lehurick 155 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Leighon Island 10 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Leitrim Beg 258 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Leitrim More 286 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Lemnaheltia 736 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Lemonfield 388 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Lenabower 38 Galway Rahoon Galway
Lenaboy 101 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Lenaboy 52 Galway Rahoon Galway
Lenafin 338 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Lenaloughra 124 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Lenamore 130 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Lenamore 238 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Lenamore 65 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Lenamore 950 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Lenanmarla 286 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Lenareagh 364 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Lenareagh 128 Tiaquin Killimordaly Loughrea
Lenarevagh 102 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Lenarevagh 101 Galway Rahoon Galway
Lerhin 279 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Letter 1,692 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Letter Beg 231 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Letter More 236 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Lettera 434 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Lettera 261 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Lettera (or Crossaun) 86 Clare Killursa Tuam
Letteragh 117 Galway Rahoon Galway
Letterard 840 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Letterbreckaun 1,610 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Letterbrickaun 451 Ross Ross Oughterard
Lettercallow 1,245 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Lettercaunius 351 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lettercraff 1,374 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Lettercraffroe 1,154 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Letterdeen 278 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Letterdeskert 282 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Letterdife 1,590 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lettereeneen 1,235 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Letterettrin 399 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Letterfir 2,296 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Letterfore 2,274 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Letterfrack 1,239 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Lettergesh East 2,180 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Lettergesh West 1,186 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Lettergunnet 852 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Letterkeeghaun 433 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Lettermas 846 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Lettermore 1,259 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Lettermore 1,008 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Lettermuckoo 2,496 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Lettermullan 787 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Letternoosh 397 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Letterpeak 595 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Letterpibrum 607 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lettershanbally 1,382 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Lettershanna 189 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Lettershea 629 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lettershinna 4,396 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lettery 951 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Levally 110 Clare Belclare Tuam
Levally East 392 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Levally West 230 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Levallynearl (or Foats) 224 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Lickerrig 265 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Lickmolassy 109 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Limehill 653 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Limepark North 258 Kiltartan Kilthomas Loughrea
Limepark South 86 Loughrea Kilthomas Loughrea
Lindsay's Farm 107 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Lippa 388 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Lisbeg 353 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Lisbrine 735 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Liscananaun 951 Clare Lackagh Galway
Liscappul 121 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Liscloonmeeltoge 165 Killian Moylough Mountbellew
Lisconly 61 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Liscoyle 517 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Liscuill 640 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Liscune Lower 362 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Liscune Upper 291 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Lisdeligny 656 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Lisdonagh 258 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Lisdonnellroe 130 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Lisdooaun 318 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Lisdoran 72 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Lisduff 104 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Lisduff 304 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Lisduff 204 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Lisduff 264 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Lisduff 211 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Lisduff South 80 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Lisduneen 23 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Lisdurra 91 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Lisfinny 192 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Lisgar 98 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Lisgub (Ward) 46 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Lisgub East 473 Kilconnell Ballymacward Mountbellew
Lisgub West 112 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Lisheen 414 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Lisheen 128 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Lisheen North 75 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Lisheen South 71 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Lisheenaclara 82 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Lisheenacrannagh 182 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Lisheenaguile 319 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Lisheenahevnia 111 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Lisheenakeeran 47 Galway Rahoon Galway
Lisheenaleen 365 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Lisheenanoran 686 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Lisheenavalla 546 Clare Lackagh Galway
Lisheeneenaun East 156 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Lisheeneenaun West 243 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Lisheeneynaun 115 Loughrea Ardrahan Loughrea
Lisheenkyle East 174 Clare Athenry Galway
Lisheenkyle West 514 Clare Athenry Galway
Lisheennagat 69 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Lisheennageeha 324 Clare Killeany Tuam
Lisheennaheltia 1,090 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Lisheennavannoge (Blake) 44 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Lisheennavannoge (Clancarty) 78 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Lisheenteige 230 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Lisheeny 81 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Liskea 211 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Liskeevy 619 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Liskelly 205 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Liskevin 126 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Lislea 302 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Lisloughlin 581 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Lismacteige 162 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Lismafadda 101 Longford Meelick Portumna
Lismanny 1,938 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Lismihil 208 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Lismoes 190 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Lismore Demesne 465 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Lismoylan 138 Dunkellin Killinan Loughrea
Lismoyle 42 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Lismoyle 210 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Lisnaclassagh 162 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Lisnadrisha 256 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Lisnageeragh 594 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Lisnageeragh 188 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Lisnagloos 74 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Lisnagranshy 182 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Lisnagree 217 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Lisnagry 341 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Lisnagyreeny 141 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Lisnaminaun 263 Clare Killererin Tuam
Lisnamoltaun 351 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Lisnascreena 275 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Lispheasty 118 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Lisrabirra 43 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Lisrivis 446 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Liss 416 Clare Killeany Tuam
Liss 309 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Liss 486 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Lissacarha 263 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Lissacullaun 109 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Lissacullaun 45 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Lissadoill 211 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Lissadulta 131 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Lissagurraun 157 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Lissaleen 227 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Lissalondoon 115 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Lissalumma 170 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Lissanacody 507 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Lissananny 618 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Lissanard East 228 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Lissanard West 67 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Lissaniska 148 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Lissaniska 211 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Lissaniska North 408 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Lissaniska South 630 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Lissapharson 83 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Lissaphuca 194 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Lissard 245 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Lissareaghaun (or Belview) 969 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Lissarulla 365 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Lissatunny 151 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Lissavahaun 171 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Lissavally 189 Clare Killererin Tuam
Lissavally (Jackson) 258 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Lissavally (Vesey) 195 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Lissavally Glebe 85 Clare Killererin Tuam
Lissavruggy 516 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Lissawullaun 186 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Lissindragan 90 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Lissoughter 1,386 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Lissybroder 379 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Lissyconor 337 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Lissyegan (Hodson) 453 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Lissyegan (Mahon) 169 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Lobinish 1 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Lodge 107 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Lomaunaghbaun 342 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Lomaunaghroe 375 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Long Island 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Long Island North 1 Clare Cargin Tuam
Longford 334 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Longford 930 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Loobroe 49 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Loonaghtan (Kelly) 94 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Loonaghtan (Mahon) 194 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Looscaun 363 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Lord Fitzgerald's Island 1 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Loughaclerybeg 155 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Loughaconeera 1,434 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Loughanspark 17 Clare Belclare Tuam
Loughatorick North 3,193 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Loughatorick South 2,949 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Loughaun 42 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Loughaun Beg 1,762 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Loughaun Island 2 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Loughauna 1,050 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Loughaunawadda 145 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Loughaunboy 130 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Loughaunbrean 68 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Loughaunbrean 191 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Loughaunenaghan 136 Athenry Athenry Galway
Loughaunnavaag 147 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Loughaunroe East 246 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Loughaunroe West 79 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Loughawee 1,100 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Loughbown 299 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Loughburke 19 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Loughcooter Demesne 884 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Loughcurra North 287 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Loughcurra South 336 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Loughinch 77 Galway Rahoon Galway
Loughpark 292 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Loughpark 86 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Loughpark 115 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Loughrea Town Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Loughrea 163 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Loughturk East 33 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Loughturk West 130 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Lowpark 372 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Lowville 1,555 Kilconnell Fohanagh Ballinasloe
Luggakeeraun 564 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Lugganaffrin 652 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Lugganimma 1,139 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Luggatarriff 526 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Luggawannia 253 Clare Cargin Tuam
Lughanagh 100 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Luimnagh East 121 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Luimnagh West 234 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Lurga 166 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Lurgabaun 122 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Lurgan 131 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Lurgan 315 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Lurgan 245 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Lurgan 639 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Lurgan 226 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Lurgan (or Shindilla) 1,121 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Lurgan Beg 113 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Lurgan Great 302 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Lurgan Little 217 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Lurgan More 640 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Lurganshanny 90 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Lyalbeg 5 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Lyalmore 14 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Lydacan 852 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Lydacan 213 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Mace 251 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Mace 430 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Mackney 198 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Mackney (Clancarty) 282 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Mackney (Kelly) 102 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Maghera Beg 218 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Maghera More 929 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Magheramore 374 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Magheranearla 289 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Magherareagh 358 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Mahanagh 222 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Mahanagh 210 Clare Cummer Tuam
Mallyree 110 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Malthooa 5 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Mannin 251 Dunkellin Ardrahan Loughrea
Mannin Beg 326 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Mannin More 578 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Manninard 215 Dunkellin Ardrahan Loughrea
Manuslynn 537 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Marblehill 503 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Marganure 250 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Marlay 465 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Marley 97 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Marnellsgrove 328 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Marshallspark 26 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Masmore 106 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Mason Island 92 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Masonbrook 298 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Maum 304 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Maum East 481 Ross Ross Oughterard
Maum West 355 Ross Ross Oughterard
Maumeen 3,510 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Maumfin 107 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Maumgawnagh 725 Ross Ross Oughterard
Maumtrasna 1,648 Ross Ross Ballinrobe
Mausrevagh 378 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Maw 424 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Meanus 147 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Meelick 443 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Meelick 416 Longford Meelick Portumna
Meelick 591 Tiaquin Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Meelick 240 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Meelick East 127 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Meelick West 137 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Meelickbeg 154 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Meelickmore 264 Ballymoe Dunmore Tuam
Meenalena 252 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Meeneen 358 Longford Fahy Portumna
Meheranspark 178 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Menlough Town Galway Oranmore Galway
Menlough 921 Galway Oranmore Galway
Menlough Commons 223 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Menlough Eighter 476 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Menlough Oughter 303 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Menus 152 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Menus Park 99 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Merlinpark 323 Galway Oranmore Galway
Middle Island 4 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Middleline North 467 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Middleline South 214 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Milestone 1 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Millford 250 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Millpark 63 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Millpark 14 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Millpark 37 Longford Meelick Portumna
Millpark 9 Ross Ross Oughterard
Millplot 4 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Milltown 102 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Milltown 439 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Mincloon 170 Galway Rahoon Galway
Minna 903 Moycullen Kilcummin Galway
Mira 512 Clare Athenry Galway
Mirehill 307 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Moanbaun 603 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Moanmore 184 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Moanmore East 198 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Moanmore West 152 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Moannakeeba East 457 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Moannakeeba West 477 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Moat 454 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Moat 238 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Moat 208 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Moat 649 Tiaquin Moylough Glennamaddy
Moaty 218 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Moaty 191 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Moher 154 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Moher 211 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Monacow 228 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Monagormly 367 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Monairmore 126 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Monambraher 90 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Monard 116 Clare Lackagh Galway
Monasternalea (or Abbeygrey) 157 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Monasterowen 185 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Monasteruales (or Abbeygrey) 503 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Monearmore 53 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Monearmore 9 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Moneen 292 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Moneen 81 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Moneen 125 Clare Cummer Tuam
Moneen 522 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Moneen 85 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Moneen East 325 Loughrea Ardrahan Loughrea
Moneen WEst 113 Loughrea Ardrahan Loughrea
Moneenaheeltia 92 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Moneenally 285 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Moneenaveena 94 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Moneenmore 660 Ross Cong Oughterard
Moneenpollagh 38 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Moneenroe 161 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Moneyduff 74 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Moneymore East 622 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Moneymore West 324 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Moneyscreebagh (or Mountscribe) 465 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Moneyteige 471 Dunkellin Killeeneen Loughrea
Moneyveen 746 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Monivea Town Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Monivea Demesne 924 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Monksfield 519 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Monpelier 305 Athenry Athenry Galway
Monroe 315 Clare Lackagh Galway
Montaigh South 331 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Montiagh North 454 Clare Claregalway Galway
Monumentpark 125 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Moor 658 Clare Athenry Galway
Moor 107 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Moor Island 2 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Moor Island 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Moorfield 567 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Moorfield 211 Longford Fahy Portumna
Moorfield (or Gortnamona) 460 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Moorfield (or Gortnamona) 109 Longford Fahy Portumna
Moorneen 276 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Morgan's Island 1 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Mountain 66 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Mountain 81 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Mountain North 220 Athenry Athenry Galway
Mountain South 177 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Mountain West 198 Dunkellin Athenry Galway
Mountainpark 171 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Mountbellew Town Killian Moylough Mountbellew
Mountbellew Demesne 480 Killian Moylough Mountbellew
Mountbellew Demesne 73 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Mountbernard 109 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Mountborwne 294 Clare Abbeyknockmoy Galway
Mountgarret 173 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Mounthazel 422 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Mountkelly 457 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Mountpleasant 154 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Mountpotter 93 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Mountross 416 Clare Killeany Tuam
Mountscribe (or Moneyscreebagh) 465 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Mountshannon Town Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Mountshannon 255 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Mountsilk 106 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Mountventure 76 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Moy 270 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Moyard 1,172 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Moyarwood 728 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Moycola 160 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Moycullen 426 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Moyglass 878 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Moyleen 360 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Moylough 68 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Moylough Beg 351 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Moylough More 524 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Moyne 536 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Moyode 824 Athenry Kilconierin Loughrea
Moyode Demesne 599 Athenry Kilconierin Loughrea
Moyower 314 Longford Meelick Portumna
Moyrus 1,313 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Moyure 43 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Moyveela 893 Dunkellin Athenry Galway
Moyveela 500 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Moyvoon East 81 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Moyvoon West 60 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Muckanagh 373 Longford Fahy Portumna
Muckanagh North 624 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Muckanagh South 346 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Muckanaghederdauhaulia 470 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Muckanaghkillew 1,238 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Muckcoort 648 Clare Killeany Tuam
Muckloon 905 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Muckrush 303 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Muggaunagh 145 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Muing 146 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Muingbaun 661 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Mullagh 536 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Mullagh Beg 183 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Mullagh More 394 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Mullaghadrum 35 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Mullaghglass 874 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Mullaghmarkagh 66 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Mullaghmore East 824 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Mullaghmore North 238 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Mullaghmore South 443 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Mullaghmore West 496 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Mullaghruttery 180 Clare Claregalway Galway
Mulpit 181 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Mulroney's Island 6 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Mulroog East 378 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Mulroog West 400 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Munga 902 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Munterowen East 744 Ross Ross Oughterard
Munterowen Middle 531 Ross Ross Oughterard
Munterowen West 265 Ross Ross Oughterard
Murragh 9 Longford Meelick Portumna
Murrooogh 245 Galway Oranmore Galway
Murvagh Island 4 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Murvey 1,087 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Mutton Island 1 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Mutton Island 4 Galway Rahoon Galway
Mweelin 652 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Mweeloon 221 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Mweenish Island 572 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Mweenish Island 53 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Mweenisharan 13 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Mylespark 115 Clare Cummer Tuam
Nail (or Inga) 200 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Needle Island (or Snahadaun) 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Newbridge 200 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Newcastle 512 Galway Rahoon Galway
Newcastle 611 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Newcastle 136 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Newcastle 232 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Newcastle 218 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Newford 219 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Newforest 995 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Newgarden (or Pollaturk) 425 Clare Belclare Tuam
Newgrove 154 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Newgrove 619 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Newhall 168 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Newtown 497 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Newtown 88 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Newtown 226 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Newtown 192 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Newtown 70 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Newtown 391 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Newtown 385 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Newtown (Darcy) 277 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Newtown (Darcy) 41 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Newtown (Glynn) 102 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Newtown (Lynott) 181 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Newtown (Regan) 140 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Newtown Bellew Town Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Newtown Butler Town Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Newtown Kilcolgan 132 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Newtown North 134 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Newtown South 70 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Newtownblake 202 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Newtownbracklagh 139 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Newtowneyre 181 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Newtownkelly 51 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Newtownlynch 85 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Newvillage 60 Galway Rahoon Galway
Newvillage 136 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Newvillage 1,010 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Nineacres 16 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Normangrove 568 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
North Island 11 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Northampton 112 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Northbrook 415 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Nunsacre 5 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Nurserypark (or Corrabaun) 48 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Nut Island 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Nutgrove (or Feebrack) 264 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Oakfield (or Gortnandarragh) 259 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Oakwood North 369 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Oakwood South 89 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Oatfield 894 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Oddacres 84 Galway Rahoon Galway
Oghery 439 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Oghil Beg 437 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Oghil More 368 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Oghill 1,799 Aran Inishmore Galway
Oghilly 326 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Oghly Island 12 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Oldcastle 103 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Oldstreet 207 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Oltore 192 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Omaun Beg 303 Clare Killererin Tuam
Omaun More 350 Clare Killererin Tuam
Omey Island, Cartoorbeg 73 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Omey Island, Cloon 94 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Omey Island, Gooreen 145 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Omey Island,Gooreenatinny 117 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Omey Island,Sturrakeen 91 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Onaght 1,767 Aran Inishmore Galway
Oorid 1,514 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Oran Beg 519 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Oran More 315 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Oranhill 346 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Oranhill 33 Galway Rahoon Galway
Oranmore Town Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Ordnance Ground 6 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Otters Island 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Oughtagh 627 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Oughtagh 77 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Oughterard Town Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Oultort 471 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Owenbristy 69 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Owenravaddy (or Riverstick) 71 Kilconnell Killaan Loughrea
Ower 668 Clare Killursa Tuam
Ower 1,149 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Oxgrove 89 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Paddock 79 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Pallas 631 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Pallas 636 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Pallas 197 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Palmerstown 449 Dunkellin Athenry Galway
Park 554 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Park 167 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Park 165 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Park 207 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Park 40 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Park 486 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Park 456 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Park East 357 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Park West 177 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Parkacurry 323 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Parkagarraun 68 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Parkaloughan 72 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Parkanallacan 95 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Parkatleva 217 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Parkbaun 351 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Parkbaun 51 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Parkbaun 121 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Parkeighter 26 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Parkgarve 148 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Parkgarve 57 Clare Lackagh Galway
Parkgarve (or Coarsepark) 118 Clare Killursa Tuam
Parklaur 103 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Parkmore 130 Clare Tuam Tuam
Parkmore 194 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Parknahown 90 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Parkroe 106 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Parkroe 95 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Parkroe 94 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Parkroe 92 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Parkroe 63 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Parsons Island 3 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Patch 418 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Patch 101 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Patches 153 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Peak 220 Clare Claregalway Galway
Peak 133 Clare Killererin Tuam
Peak 223 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Peakroe 145 Clare Athenry Galway
Perssepark 303 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Petersburg (or Cappaghnagapple) 655 Ross Ross Oughterard
Pollacappul 171 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Pollacappul 1,077 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Pollacappul 219 Clare Killererin Tuam
Pollacorragune 1,003 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Pollacossaun Eighter 50 Clare Cummer Tuam
Pollacossaun Oughter 60 Clare Cummer Tuam
Pollacrossaun 321 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Pollacullaire 121 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Pollacurra 67 Loughrea Ardrahan Loughrea
Polladooey 156 Tiaquin Killererin Tuam
Pollagh 133 Athenry Athenry Galway
Pollagh 335 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Pollagh 163 Galway Rahoon Galway
Pollagh 227 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Pollagh 58 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Pollagh 662 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Pollagh 51 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Pollaghrevagh 417 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Pollagooil 97 Clare Athenry Galway
Pollaneyster 298 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Pollaphuca 200 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Pollaphuca 66 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Pollarassa 134 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Pollataggle 63 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Pollatlugga 188 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Pollaturick 261 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Pollaturk (or Newgarden) 425 Clare Belclare Tuam
Pollavullaun 84 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Pollawarla 261 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Pollbaun 132 Clare Killererin Tuam
Pollboy 856 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Pollboy (or Knockatober) 268 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Polldarragh 223 Clare Belclare Tuam
Polldonoghoe 76 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Polldorragha 326 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Polleagh North 112 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Polleagh South 134 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Polleens 67 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Polleeny 941 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Polleha 341 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Pollfeeneen 38 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Pollinashinnagh 116 Dunkellin Killinan Loughrea
Pollinaveagh 178 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Pollkeen 606 Galway Oranmore Galway
Pollleghter 298 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Pollnabanny 278 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Pollnabrone 486 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Pollnaclogha 1,391 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Pollnagarragh East 175 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Pollnagarragh West 149 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Pollnagroagh 355 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Pollnahallia 733 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Pollnahincha 80 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Pollnamal 487 Clare Killower Tuam
Pollnamal 175 Clare Belclare Tuam
Pollnamucka (or Charlestown) 88 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Pollnarooma East 81 Galway Rahoon Galway
Pollnarooma West 166 Galway Rahoon Galway
Pollremon 345 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Pollrevagh 158 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Pollroebuck 39 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Pollshask 121 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Pollsillagh Town Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Pollsillagh 303 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Polltalloon East 58 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Polltalloon West 93 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Pollynoon 114 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Poppyhill 13 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Poppyhill 381 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Porridgetown East 240 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Porridgetown West 135 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Portacarron 233 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Portacarron Beg 48 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Portdarragh 440 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Portumna Town Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Portumna 783 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Portumna Demesne 1,400 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Potatoe Island 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Poundcartron 809 Ross Ross Oughterard
Pribbaun 211 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Priests Island 1 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Prospect 53 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Prospect 105 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Prospect 243 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Prospect Demesne 55 Longford Meelick Portumna
Prospecthill 282 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Puck Island 6 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Puckady Island 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Quarryhill 85 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Quarrymount 149 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Quarter 136 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Quaybaun 110 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Queensacres 26 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Queensfort 269 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Quinaltagh 721 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Rabbit Island 14 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Rabbit Island 3 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Rabbit Island 18 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Rabbit Island 1 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Rabbitpark 55 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Racecourse 117 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Racepark 40 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Racoona 117 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Radullaan 110 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Rafarn 443 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Rafarn 13 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Raford 431 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Rafwee 412 Clare Killeany Tuam
Raha 226 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Rahally 191 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Rahaly 407 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Rahaneena 75 Dunkellin Stradbally Gort
Rahard 398 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Rahasane 522 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Raheen 151 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Raheen 252 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Raheen 542 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Raheen 42 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Raheen Demesne 313 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Raheen Eighter 206 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Raheen Kilkelly 232 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Raheen Oughter 142 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Rahereen 124 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Rahins 158 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Rahogarty North 164 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Rahogarty South 166 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Rahoon 754 Galway Rahoon Galway
Rahyconor 136 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Rahylin Glebe 28 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Raigh 358 Ross Ross Oughterard
Rakerin 338 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Ralusk 73 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Rams Island 7 Ross Ross Oughterard
Ranamackan 231 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Raruddy East 328 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Raruddy West 354 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Ratesh Town Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Rathanlon 69 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Rathbaun 394 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Rathbaun 267 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Rathcosgry 369 Dunkellin Ardrahan Loughrea
Rathfee 449 Clare Lackagh Galway
Rathglass 502 Kilconnell Killaan Loughrea
Rathgorgin 604 Athenry Kilconierin Loughrea
Rathmore 231 Clare Cummer Tuam
Rathmore Demesne 302 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Rathmoreahanduff 88 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Rathmorrissy 617 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Rathmoyle 67 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Rathwilladoon 368 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Rayhill 144 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Reaghan 493 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Reask 117 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Reask 626 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Reaskgarriff 45 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Reaskmore 85 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Reaskmore 306 Longford Meelick Portumna
Reaskrevagh 45 Dunkellin Kilchreest Loughrea
Red Island 3 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Red Island 1 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Red Island 16 Ross Ross Oughterard
Redpark 142 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Reynabrone 406 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Reynclamper 397 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Reyrawer 579 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Richmond 422 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Ricks Island 1 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Rindifin 236 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Ringeelaun 211 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Rinkippeen 181 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Rinmore 465 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Rinn 433 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Rinn 347 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Rinnaharney 160 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Rinnaknock 82 Clare Killursa Tuam
Rinneen 192 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Rinneen 140 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Rinneen 250 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Rinnerroon 72 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Rinrush 134 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Rinskea 133 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Rinville Town Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Rinville East 248 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Rinville West 820 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Riversdale 116 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Riverstick (or Owenavaddy) 71 Kilconnell Killaan Loughrea
Rock Island 34 Aran Inishmore Galway
Rockfield 253 Dunkellin Killeeneen Loughrea
Rockfield East 319 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Rockfield West 161 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Rockhill 50 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Rocklands 75 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Rockpark 85 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Rockwood 41 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Roeillaun 36 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Roeillaun 3 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Roeillaun 3 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Roeillaun 18 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Roeillaun 3 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Roeillaun East 2 Ross Cong Oughterard
Roeillaunbaun 1 Ross Cong Oughterard
Roeillaundoo 5 Ross Cong Oughterard
Roevehagh 679 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Rogersfield (or Gortrory) 52 Clare Killeany Tuam
Roo 742 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Roo 847 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Roo Demesne 309 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Rooaun 175 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Rooaun 636 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Rooaunmore 250 Clare Claregalway Galway
Rooaunmore 251 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Rooghan 170 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Rooghaun 215 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Rookwood (or Ballagad) 316 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Roscam 408 Galway Oranmore Galway
Roscrea 122 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Rosdaul 125 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Roskeeda 199 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Rosleague 218 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Rosmearan 169 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Rosmore 1,011 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Rosmoylan 464 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Rosmoylan 54 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Rosmuck 523 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Rosroe 1,049 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Rosroe 296 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Ross 138 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Ross 29 Clare Killursa Tuam
Ross 83 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ross Demesne 477 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Rossadillisk 185 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Rossaveel 809 Moycullen Kilcummin Galway
Rosscahill East 330 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Rosscahill West 324 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Rosseeshal 49 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Rosshill 139 Ross Ross Oughterard
Rossroe Island 57 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Rostollus 194 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Rosturra 511 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Roundfield 210 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Roundstone Town Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Roundstone 210 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Roxborough 392 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Roy 242 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Roymore 25 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Rusheen 61 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Rusheen 27 Galway Rahoon Galway
Rusheen East 202 Ross Ross Oughterard
Rusheen West 123 Ross Ross Oughterard
Rusheenduff 287 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Rusheennacholla 78 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Rusheennamanagh 926 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Rusheens North 315 Clare Tuam Tuam
Rusheens South 195 Clare Tuam Tuam
Rusheeny 121 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Rusheeny 1,673 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Rusheenyvulligan 103 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Rushestown 882 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Rushveala 151 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Russaun 236 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Russelstown 652 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Ryehill 302 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Ryehill Demesne 172 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Saintclerans 626 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Saintellen 90 Athenry Athenry Galway
Sally Island 1 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Salrock 288 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Sawnagh 367 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Scalp 153 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Scalp 211 Loughrea Ardrahan Gort
Scarreth 105 Kilconnell Ballymacward Mountbellew
Scarriff 158 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Scotland 193 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Scrahallia 191 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Scregg East 327 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Scregg West 308 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Seafield 85 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Seal Island 3 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Seapoint 17 Galway Rahoon Galway
Seecon 1,828 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Seefin 309 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Seershin 286 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Sellernaun East 372 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Sellernaun West 370 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Shanadullaun 372 Ross Ross Oughterard
Shanafaraghaun 1,641 Ross Ross Oughterard
Shanakeever 259 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Shanaveag 287 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Shanballard 254 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Shanbally 165 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Shanbally 213 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Shanbally 71 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Shanbally 213 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Shanbally 122 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Shanbally (or Greenfield) 199 Clare Killursa Tuam
Shanballybeg 35 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Shanballycolman 45 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Shanballyduff 46 Galway Rahoon Galway
Shanballyeden 39 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Shanballyeeshal 261 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Shanballymore 727 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Shanballymore 218 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Shanballymore 24 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Shanballymore 263 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Shanboley 351 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Shanboolard 283 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Shanclogh 250 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Shancloon 464 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Shangarry 409 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Shangarry 183 Leitrim Tynagh Loughrea
Shangort 48 Galway Rahoon Galway
Shankill 198 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Shankill 535 Killian Moylough Mountbellew
Shankill East 308 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Shankill West 391 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Shannadonnell 530 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Shannadullaghaun 555 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Shannafreaghoge 185 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Shannagh Beg 298 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Shannagh More 500 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Shannagurraun 1,225 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Shannakeela 1,907 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Shannanagower 139 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Shannapheasteen 3,104 Moycullen Kilcummin Galway
Shannaunnafeola 2,888 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Shannavarra 929 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Shannawagh 100 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Shannawira 796 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Shannawona 1,121 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Shannawoneen 1,030 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Shantallow 154 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Shantallow 287 Clare Killererin Tuam
Shantallow 198 Dunkellin Athenry Galway
Shantallow 114 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Shantallow 123 Galway Rahoon Galway
Shantallow 117 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Shanvally 85 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Shanvally 59 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Shanvally 211 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Shanvally 1,006 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Shanvallybeg 10 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Shanvallycahill 497 Ross Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Shanvoher 35 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Shanvoley 42 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Sheeaun 356 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Sheeaun 51 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Sheeaun 178 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Sheeaunpark 118 Clare Lackagh Galway
Sheeaunroe 192 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Sheeaunrush 54 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Sheeauns 666 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Sheepwalk 145 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Shessanagirba 148 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Shessareagh 93 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Shessy North 145 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Shessy South 108 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Shigaunagh 588 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Shindilla (or Lurgan) 1,121 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Shinnanagh 639 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Shoodaun 542 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Shore Island 1 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Shrub Island 1 Clare Killursa Tuam
Shrule 91 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Shrulegrove 214 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Silver Island 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Silverhill 159 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Silverstream 33 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Skeaghaderreen 169 Athenry Athenry Galway
Skeagharegan 112 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Skeaghbeg 117 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Skecoor 432 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Skehaghard 278 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Skehanagh Town Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Skehanagh 324 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Skehanagh 60 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Skehanagh 115 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Skehanagh 100 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Skehanagh 41 Longford Fahy Portumna
Skehanagh 550 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Skehanagh North 209 Kilconnell Killaan Loughrea
Skehanagh South 104 Kilconnell Killaan Loughrea
Skenageehy 123 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Slaghta 135 Longford Fahy Portumna
Slatefield 185 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Slieve 573 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Slieveaneena 2,993 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Slieveaun 185 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Slieveburke 1,460 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Slievedarragh 116 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Slievedotia 72 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Slievefin 503 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Slievegorm 125 Tiaquin Killererin Tuam
Slievemurry 1,162 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Slieveroe 461 Clare Killursa Tuam
Slieveroe 275 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Slieveroe 191 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Slihaun Beg 74 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Slihaun More 207 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Sloe Island 1 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Smith's Island 2 Ross Cong Oughterard
Snahadaun (or Needle Island) 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Snauvbo 444 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Somerset 543 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Sonnagh 282 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Sonnagh 139 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Sonnagh 308 Clonmacnowen Fohanagh Ballinasloe
Sonnagh East 231 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Sonnagh New 503 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Sonnagh Old 1,640 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Sonnagh West 139 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Spiddle Town Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Spiddle East 377 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Spiddle Middle 338 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Spiddle West 727 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Spindillaun 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Spring Garden 275 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Spring Grove (or Timsallagh) 740 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Springfield 166 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Springfield 463 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Springlawn 1,124 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Srah 31 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Srah 188 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Srah 196 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Srah 444 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Srahaun 175 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Srahaunananta 203 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Srahaunnagort (or Thornfield) 121 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Srahdoo 67 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Sraheendoo 69 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Srahgarve 158 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Srahloughra 367 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Sranahaw 822 Ross Ross Oughterard
Sroove 76 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Srue 339 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Sruhaunfusta 127 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
St Brendans (or Cregganangrogy) 530 Killian Killian Mountbellew
St Laurencesfields 54 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
St Maedaras Island 60 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Stauntan's Island (or Clydagh) 2 Clare Cargin Tuam
Stonepark 117 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Stonepark 81 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Stonepark (or Bawnmore) 101 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Stonetown 274 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Stonyisland 557 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Stowelodge 261 Clare Killererin Tuam
Stowlin 539 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Stradbally Town Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Stradbally East 164 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Stradbally North 395 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Stradbally South 284 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Stradbally West 144 Dunkellin Stradbally Gort
Straid 148 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Straw Island 2 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Stream 47 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Streamsford 278 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Streamsford 237 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Streamstown 132 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Streamstown 396 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Streamstown (or Barratrough) 1,000 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Stripe 156 Clare Cummer Tuam
Stripe 77 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Stripe 71 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Stripe North 339 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Stripe South 38 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Sturrakeen 91 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Summerfield (or Cahergowan) 841 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Summerhill 225 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Summerville 342 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Sunhill 162 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Swan Island 1 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Swiftsacre 14 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Sycamorehill 520 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Sylaun 273 Clare Belclare Tuam
Sylaun 36 Clare Killower Tuam
Sylaun 68 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Sylaun 479 Galway Oranmore Galway
Sylaun East 230 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Sylaun West 90 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Sylaunnagran 186 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Tallavnamraher 231 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Tallowroe 368 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Tarramud 451 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Tarrea 312 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Tawin East 179 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Tawin West 217 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Tawnagh East 158 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Tawnagh East 111 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Tawnagh West 242 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Tawnagh West 66 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Tawnaghbaun 259 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Tawnaghbaun 160 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Tawnaghbeg 43 Clare Cummer Tuam
Tawnaghbeg 194 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Tawnaghmore 600 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Tawnaghmore 410 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Tawnaleen 1,399 Ross Ross Oughterard
Taylorstown 101 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Teeranea 1,613 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Teeranea 540 Ross Ross Oughterard
Teernakill North 1,125 Ross Ross Oughterard
Teernakill South 4,766 Ross Ross Oughterard
Temple 203 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Templemartin 413 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Templemoyle 151 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Templemoyle 82 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Templepark 118 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Termon 645 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Terryland 218 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Thomastown 114 Clare Belclare Tuam
Thornfield 198 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Thornfield (or Srahaunnagort) 121 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Tiaquin Demesne 427 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Ticooly (Carr) 221 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Ticooly (O'Kelly) 710 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Tievebaun 1,136 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Tievebreen 1,561 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Tievegarriff 118 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tievegarriff 46 Galway Rahoon Galway
Tievemore 48 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tigreenaun 391 Clare Killererin Tuam
Timacat 486 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Timadooaun 594 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Timard 295 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Timsallagh (or Spring Grove) 740 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Tinageeragh 201 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Tinkershill 195 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Tintrim 206 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Tiraloughan 97 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Tiranascragh 1,006 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Tirboy 154 Clare Tuam Tuam
Tirneevin 118 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Tirrooaun 311 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Tirur 333 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Tisaxon 470 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Tober Town Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Toberacreggaun 78 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Toberbiroge 178 Ross Cong Oughterard
Toberbrackan 181 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Toberconnelly 21 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Tobercrossaun 119 Clare Killursa Tuam
Tobergrellan 83 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Toberjarlath 114 Clare Tuam Tuam
Tobermina 190 Clare Belclare Tuam
Tobernaclug 392 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Tobernavean 363 Clare Athenry Galway
Toberreendoney Town Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Toberroe 482 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Toberroe 390 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Toberroe East 114 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Toberroe West 167 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Tobinstown 89 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Togher Beg 191 Clare Killererin Tuam
Togher More 360 Clare Killererin Tuam
Toghergar 42 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Tomany Beg 200 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Tomany More 347 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Tomanynambraher 101 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Tomnahulla 617 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Tomree 595 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Tonabrocky 435 Galway Rahoon Galway
Tonacooleen 378 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Tonacrick 101 Moycullen Kilcummin Galway
Tonacurra 305 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Tonacurragh 316 Galway Oranmore Galway
Tonadooravaun 259 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tonagarraun 546 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Tonaglanna 480 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Tonamace 241 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Tonamace 108 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Tonamaddy 78 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Tonaroasty 58 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Tonbaun 108 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Tonlegee 117 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Tonlegee 343 Ross Ross Oughterard
Tonmoyle 445 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Tonranny 102 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Tonranny Mountain 58 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Tonrevagh 291 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Tonroe 196 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Tonroe 682 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Tonroe 209 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Tonroe 291 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Tonwee 66 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Tonweeroe 49 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Tooloobaunbeg 454 Loughrea Lickerrig Loughrea
Tooloobauntemple 244 Athenry Kilconickny Loughrea
Toomard 253 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Toombeola 461 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Toomore 135 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Tooraskeheen 715 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Toorclogher 59 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Tooree 163 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Tooreen 757 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tooreen 148 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Tooreen 43 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Tooreen 236 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Tooreen 163 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Tooreen 33 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Tooreen East 288 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Tooreen North 103 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Tooreen South 192 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Tooreen West 214 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Tooreena 885 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tooreenacoona 539 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tooreenard 116 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Tooreeny 422 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Tooremacnevin 1,175 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Toorkeel 111 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Toorleitra 3,358 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Toorloggagh 735 Ross Ross Oughterard
Toormacleane 103 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Toormore 65 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Toorsmuttaun 95 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Tormaun 78 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Townaloughra 261 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Townparks 119 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Townparks 501 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Townparks 379 Galway Rahoon Galway
Townparks 117 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Townparks (1st Division) 148 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Townparks (2nd Division) 102 Clare Tuam Tuam
Townparks (3rd Division) 34 Clare Tuam Tuam
Townparks (4th Division) 14 Clare Tuam Tuam
Townparks (5th Division) 191 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Traskernagh 241 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Trasternagh North 153 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Trasternagh South 330 Tiaquin Moylough Glennamaddy
Trean 105 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Trean 256 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Treananearla 391 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Treanbaun 285 Clare Killower Tuam
Treanbaun 140 Clare Belclare Tuam
Treanbaun 172 Kilconnell Killaan Loughrea
Treanboy 397 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Treankyle 31 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Treanlaur 179 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Treanpark 105 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Treanrevagh 82 Killian Moylough Mountbellew
Trellick 227 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Treveg Island 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Trihill East 273 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Trihill West 506 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Tristaun 751 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Truska 415 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Truskaunnagappul 189 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Trusky East 305 Galway Rahoon Galway
Trusky West 294 Galway Rahoon Galway
Trust 238 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Tuam Town Clare Tuam Tuam
Tuam Town Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Tulla 160 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Tullagh Lower 67 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Tullagh Upper 86 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Tullaghaboy 254 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Tullaghann 124 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Tullaghlumman Beg 394 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Tullaghlumman More 787 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Tullaghmore 441 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Tullawicky 182 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Tullinlicky 363 Longford Fahy Portumna
Tullira 541 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Tullokyne 174 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Tully 358 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Tully 106 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Tully 122 Longford Meelick Portumna
Tully 518 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Tully Beg 187 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tully More 345 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tullybeg North 63 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Tullybeg South 151 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Tullybrattan 79 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Tullyconor 424 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Tullyroe 292 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Tullyvealnaslee 58 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Tullyvoheen 364 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Tullyvrick 60 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Tulrush 240 Clare Killower Tuam
Tummerillaun 148 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Tumnasrah 165 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Tumneenaun 300 Ross Cong Oughterard
Turavaghla 74 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Turbot Island 147 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Turkisland 136 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Turlough 614 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Turlough 3,078 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Turloughalanger 104 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Turloughbeg 269 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Turloughcartron 33 Clare Cummer Tuam
Turloughcor 272 Clare Killeany Tuam
Turloughgarve 339 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Turloughkeeloge 128 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Turloughmartin 129 Clare Cummer Tuam
Turloughmore Common 105 Clare Lackagh Galway
Turloughnacloghdoo Comm 48 Loughrea Kilthomas Loughrea
Turloughnaroyey (or Common) 93 Clare Belclare Tuam
Turloughour 111 Clare Cummer Tuam
Turloughrevagh 145 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Turoe 392 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Turra Beg 52 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Turra More 67 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Twentyacres 34 Clare Killererin Tuam
Tynagh Town Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Tynagh 232 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Tyrone 267 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Uggool 1,254 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Uggool 150 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Ulicksmountain 387 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ulrith 118 Clare Killursa Tuam
Ummeracly East 185 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Ummeracly West 174 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Ungwee 655 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Urkaunbeg 5 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Urkaunmore 8 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Urracly 596 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Urraghy 635 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Ussey 377 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Vicarschoral Land 70 Clare Tuam Tuam
Wallscourt 321 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Walsh's Island 3 Clare Killeany Tuam
Walsh's Island 2 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Walshtown 260 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Waterdale 679 Clare Claregalway Galway
Weir Island 1 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Wellpark 19 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Wellpark 58 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Weston 270 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
White Island 33 Ross Ross Oughterard
Whitegate 264 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Whitegates 28 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Whitepark 322 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Willyrogue Island 1 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Windfield 404 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Windfield Demesne 691 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Windfield Lower 252 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Windfield Upper 252 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Wood Island 3 Ross Ross Oughterard
Woodberry 103 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Woodbrook 244 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Woodfield 1,189 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Woodfield 257 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Woodford 144 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Woodfort Town Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Woodlands (or Kilhonerush) 116 Longford Meelick Portumna
Woodlawn 1,368 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Woodpark 276 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Woodpark 201 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Woodquay 581 Clare Belclare Tuam
Wormhole 325 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Yellow Island 1 Longford Meelick Portumna
Yew Islands 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Young's Island 2 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff