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Deaths - December, 1867 and January, February, March 1868

Volume 4, Page 177


Superintendent Registrar's District GALWAY Registrar's District ORANMORE 
1867 Deaths Registered in the District of Oranmore in the Union of Galway in the County of Galway 

Contributed by Carol Granville

No. Date and Place of Birth Name and Surname Sex Condition Age Last Birthday Rank, Profession or Occupation  Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant When Registered Signature of Registrar
391 24th December 1867 Colewood John Cahill Male Widower 53 years Labourer Bronchitis, one month Uncertified, debility from age a year certified, 3 March 1868 Mary (her mark) Cahill present at death  Colewood 6th January 1868 John Kerwin
392 9th January 1868 Ballinacorty Margaret Cochran Female Widow 80 years Of the labouring class Old age and debility. 3 days, uncertified, no medical attendant Patt (his mark) Hynes present at death Carramore 15th January 1868 John Kerwin
393 10th January 1868 Ballybogen(?) Margaret Jackson Female Widow 56 years Householder Bursting of a blood vessel Information received from the Coroner Edmund K. Smyth, Loughrea 15th January 1868 John Kerwin
394 31st January 1868 Clarebridge Lawrence Lardner Male Widower 85 years Mason Old age and debility, 1 month not certified, no medical attendant John Molloy, present at death           Clarebridge 4th February 1868 John Kerwin
395 19th February 1868 Ballinacourty Hill Hugh Donohoe Male Bachelor 50 years Labourer Bronchitis, 3 mos. uncertified Hepatic and gastric disease a year certified 3 March 1868 Michael (his mark) Donohoe  present at death Ballinacourty Hill 20th February 1868 John Kerwin
396 22nd February 1868 Ballinasloghy Mary Gillam Female Spinster 4 years Child of labourer Consumption, 4 mos, uncertified Gastric pulmonary disease, 3 mos., certified, 3 March 1868 John (his mark) Gillam, present at death, Ballinasloghy 22nd February 1868 John Kerwin
397 6th January 1868  Kiltaimew Michael Morgan Male Married 80 years Gardener Old age and debility, 3 mos. uncertified, no medical attendant Mary (her mark) Morgan, present at death, Kiltaimew 29th February 1868 John Kerwin
398 29th February 1868 Carnmore Mary Kenny Female Married 37 years Of the labouring class Childbirth, one day, uncertified, no medical attendant  Michael (his mark) Kenny, present at death, Carnmore  6th March 1868 John Kerwin
399 20th February 1868 Carnmore Bridget Fox Female Spinster 1 week Child of farmer Convulsions, two days uncertified, no medical attendant Tom (his mark) Kelly, present at death, Carnmore 9th March 1868 John Kerwin
400 5th March 1868     (Illegible) Sarah Grealish Female Married 19 years Of the farming class (Illegible), one month uncertified, no medical attendant Michael (his mark) Grealish, present at death, Carnmore 14th March 1868 John Kerwin

I, John Kerwin, Registrar of Births and Deaths in the District of Oranmore, in the Union of Galway, in the County of Galway, do hereby certify, that this is a true Copy of the Registrar's Book of Deaths within the said District from the Entry of the Death of John Cahill, No 391, to the Entry of Death of Sarah Grealish, No. 400. to the Entry of Thomas Madden, No. 452.
Witness my hand this 9th day of April, 1868, John Kerwin, Registrar.

I have examined the above and have compared it with the said original Registrar's Book and hereby certified it is a true copy.
Witness my hand this 9th day of April, 1868. Thomas Stack, Superintendent Registrar.