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Deaths - August, September, 1869, Volume 14, Page 208
Superintendent Registrar's District LOUGHREA, Registrar's District BULLAUN

1869 Deaths Registered in the District of Bullaun in the Union of Loughrea in the County of Galway

Contributed by Carol Granville

Date and Place of Death
Name and Surname
Sex Condition Age Last Birthday Rank, Profession or Occupation Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant When Registered Signature of Registrar
193 (unreadable) Catherine Fallon Female Married 80 Years Labourer's Wife Senile decay, 1 month Uncertified, no medical attendant The X Mark of John Fallon present at death, Rahally 19th September 1869 Thomas Underwood
194 (?) August 1869
(place illegible)
Anne Burke Female Widow 60 Years Mason's Wife Bronchitis, 6 days, Uncertified, no medical attendant Mary Duane, present at death, Ballinahistill(?) 27th September 1869 Thomas Underwood
195 31st August 1869
Ballyard (?)
Mary Keating Female Widow 70 Years Farmer's Widow Chronic bronchitis, 1 month Uncertified, no medical attendant Michael Ward, present at death, Ballyard 28th September 1869 Thomas Underwood
196 26th September 1869
Benmore, Grange
Anastatia Ryan Female Widow 90 Years Farmer's Widow Senile decay, 6 months, Uncertified, no medical attendant Patt Healy, Occupier, Benmore 30th September 1869 Thomas Underwood

I, Thomas Underwood, Registrar of Births and Deaths in the District of Loughrea, in the Union of Bullaun, in the County of Galway, do hereby certify, that this is a true Copy of the Registrar's Book of Deaths within the said District from the Entry of the Death of Catherine Fallon, No. 193, to the Entry of Death of Anastatia Ryan, No. 196.
Witness my hand this 25th day of October, 1869, Thomas Underwood, Registrar.

I have examined the above and have compared it with the said original Registrar's Book and hereby certified it is a true copy.
Witness my hand this (illegible) day of October, 1869. Patrick Egan, Superintendent Registrar.