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County Galway Surname List

Page last updated Sunday, Friday, 29 July 2016 - 3,419 entries

Welcome to the County Galway Surname List. These Surnames are currently being researched in the Galway area on the West Coast of the Republic of Ireland. These surnames are listed with their researchers' contact details to assist in making connections with researchers with similar interests.

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The area covered by this surname list is the County of Galway (GAL) in the Province of Connaught. The geographical location of Galway is shown on the GENUKI Ireland Administrative Regions map.

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If you have several different Galway surnames it is advisable to submit a separate entry for each. It is advisable to list the different spelling variations that have been used for your particular surname.

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NOTICE: This information is provided by GENUKI to assist in making connections with researchers with similar interests. It must not be used for commercial purposes.