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These selected surnames are extracted from records of the Catholic Church in Ballybunion, Killehenny Civil Parish, Iraghticonnor Barony. They are shared by Kerry researcher Kay Blaha, who reminds researchers to check original documents-- some pages were nearly illegible!

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Ballybunion, Killehenny Civil Parish, Iraghticonnor Barony
Surname Child Father Mo. Nee Mother Baptism Residence Sponsors
Allen Demetrius Tim Gallivan Margaret 27 May 1835 Tullamore Cath. Gallivan & Pat Feris?
Allin John Timothy Gallivan Mary Jul 1833 Tullamore? Patrick? Allin & Julianna Connor
Clancy Brigid John Connell Ellen Aug 1836 Kilconly Mau Connell & Julianna Mulvihill
Clancy Murtagh? John Connell Ellen 11 Aug 1839 Kilconly Juliana Mahoney
Clancy John John Connell Ellen 12 SEp 1843 Kilconnelly Mary Clancy
Collins Honora Patrick Moriarty Johanna 19 Dec 1837 Gillane Robert & Mary Cahill
Collins Brigid Patrick Moriarty Johanna 22 Jan 1843 Kilconly Joanna Griffin
Connell Ellen Daniel Collins Ellen xx Apr 1834 Gillane Patk Collins & Mary Sull'van
Connell Sybil ? Daniel Wellmath Margaret 20 Jul 1839 Bealmore None listed
Connell David David Lyne Mary 3 Sep 1843 Gortnasheski Catherine Maloney
Connell Mary David Roche Joanna Mar 1844 Lehanes P Reardon & M O'Sullivan
Connell Robert Ed Conelly Brigid 5 apr 1840 Ballyeagan Juliana Gallivan
Connell Johanna Ed Costelloe Brigid 14 Oct 1838 Ballyeagan Julliana Gallivan
Connell Honora Edmund Costello Brigid 4 Nov 1833 Lakalee Michael & Mary Mulvihill
Connell Michael James Hennessy Annie 1 Aug 1839 Lahadan Ptk Griffin & Anna Hennessey
Connell James James Hennessy Anna Feb 1844 Lahardaun John Hayes & Johanna Stack
Connell Ellen John Kennelly Margaret 28 Oct 1829 Listowel Patk " Ellen Kenneally (Rev.- Listowel)
Connell Mary John Stack   3 Apr 1835 Doon?, Laka ? & Ellen Stack
Connell John M Scanlon   16 Jun 1828 Gortnaminch (Rev.- Listowel)
Connell Michael Michael Mulvihill Mary Sep 1838 Moyabella Honora Connell
Connell Mary Michael Mulvihill Mary Jun 1844 Moyabella Michael Deanehan & Catherine Kissane
Connell Margaret Michael Sullivan Mary 16 Sep 1844 Keelhasine Michael Kennelly & Margaret Sullivan
Connell Malachi Morgan Flahive Mary XX 1839 Laharsdan Mary Kennedy
Connell Mary Patrick Digum Joanna 1 Aug 1838 Laherragh Mary Maloney
Connell Brigid Thomas Ryan Mary 14 Apr 1843 Doon Dermot McCarthy & Alice Stack
Connell Ellen Thomas Sheehey Ellen 15 Dec 1839 Big more Brigid Sheehy
Connol Brigid Mau/Martin Fitzgerald Margaret xx 1842 Guhard Thmas Collins & Brigid Lynch
Connoll Demetrius John Sullivan Anna Jul 1845 Acres John & Mary Connell
Connor Maurice John Connell Mary 10 Sep 1832 Coolleragh David Dillane & Mary Driscoll
Connor Mary John Connell Mary 17 May 1836 Coolkeragh Jas Connell & Johanna Connell
Credon William William Gallivan Juliana 7 Nov 1831 Ahimmi  
Diggin Mary John Gallavin Catherine 2 Nov 1838 Lahardan Julianna Gallivan
Driskill (sic) Brigid Martin Connor Mary 4 Apr 1832 Gillane Bart Moriarty & Maria Cahill
Fitzgerald John Michael Connell Anne 4 Mar 1842 Koolheara Ed Walsh & Mary Dillane
Flahive Honora Martin Gallivan Catherine 10 Nov 1836    
Hayes John Ed Gallivan Margaret 5 Nov 1834 Gortnasheki ? Heffernan & Mary Heffernan
Hayes Denis Ed? Connell Margaret 19 Apr 1839 Gortnasheki John & Ellen? Hayes
Hennesey Thomas Patrick Connell Honora 10 Aug 1837 Fouhino Michael Gallivan & Johanna Sullivan
Kelleher John John Harmon Joanna 23 Nov 1843 Deerpark (Rev.- Listowel)
Kelleher James John McEligot Honora 25 Dec 1836 LIxnaw Thomas Flaherty & Mary Connor (Rev.- Listowel)
Kelleher Juliana Martin Lynch Catherine 1 Oct 1838 Ballyrehan Michael ? & Brigid Con...(Rev.- Listowel)
Kelleher Martin Martin Lynch Catherine 5 Jan 1834 Balumcrapeer Daniel McCauley & Mary Rebte?? (Rev.- Listowel)
Kelleher William Patrick Fitzgerald Catherine 5 Feb 1837 Lynhane Edward Connor & Mary Fitzgerald (Rev.- Listowel)
Kelleher Honora Timothy Enright Catherine 14 Jun 1836 Palace Jas. Dulane & Mary?
Kelleher Margaret John Connor Catherine Jul 1832 Dromin Ed Hayes & Mary Connor
Kinney Michael John Connell Johanna 11 Jan 1832 Tautine/taulini Lawrence? & Mary Connell
Kissane James Michael Connell Margaret 14 Feb 1838 Urlee John & Mary Dee
Kissane Ellen Michael O'Connell Ellen Jun 1832 Urlee Michael Longford & Mary Hammin
Kissane Catherine Richard Gallivan Catherine 8 May 1832 Glouria Wm Kelly & Mary Holgan
Kissane John Richard Gallivan Catherine 29 Jan 1834 Glouri John & Honora Gallivan
Kissane Anna Richard Gallivan Catherine 2 Nov 1840 Glouria Daniel Kissane & ? Mulvihill
Madigan John Timothy Gallivan Catherine 6 Feb 1843 Gehard Brigid Gallivan
Madigan Cornelius Timothy Gallivan Catherine Jul 1845 Guhard Richar Lacy & Margaret Gallivan
Marshall John Daniel Gallivan Gobnait 11 Dec 1837 Barno Gobnait Kissane
Marshall Catherine Daniel Gallivan Abigal 31 Aug 1844 Barna Brigid Creed
Moriarty JOhn Daniel Cournane Mary 5 Jan 1831 LIstowel (Rev.- Listowel)
Moriarty Mary Daniel Dillane Ann May 1843 Leansahane John & Johanna Dillane
Moriarty Daniel Daniel Giney Mary 15 May 1829 Gortanagoang John Moriarty (Rev.- Listowel)
Moriarty Catherine Daniel Kinnelly Hanora 18 Jul 1839 West Beal Bridig Duane
Moriarty Jeremiah Demetrius Duane Brigid Apr 1844 Beale Demetrius Duane & Brigid Duane
Moriarty Catherine Demetrius Duane Brigid 10 Aug 1841 Acres Jho Duane & Maria Hennesey
Moriarty John Demetrius Duane Bridget 00 Nov 1831 Acres Beale Patrick Sullivan & Bridgid Nolan
Moriarty John Demetrius Duane Brigid 4 Feb 1836 Acres Thomas Brown & Margaret McElligot
Moriarty Demetrius Demetrius Stack Honora 10 Jun 1840 Kilconly Mary Scanlan
Moriarty Timothy Demetrius Stack Honora 6 Aug 1837 Kilconly Mary Fealey
Moriarty John Demetrius Stack Honora 00 Apr 1833 Liansehane ? Moriarty & Mary Maughty??
Moriarty Hanora Denis Dee Catherine Dec 1838 Lahasdau John Heffernan & Mary Dee
Moriarty Hanora Denis Dee Catherine 27 Sep 1840 Lahardan Ptk Sheehy & Mary Dee
Moriarty Margaret Ed Kean Catherine 14 Oct 1835 Acres Michael Moriarty & Maurice Moriarty
Moriarty Mary Ed   Catherine xx Nov 1833 Acres ? Enright & ?
Moriarty Eugene John Connell Margaret 8 Aug 1833 Coolkeragh John Connell & Mary Corcoran?
Moriarty Mary John Connor Mary ?? 1833 acres Mary Connor
Moriarty John John Dillane Mary Jun 1833 Acres (airus) ? Dillane & Catherine Connor
Moriarty Mary John Dillane Mary 31 Jan 1835 Acres Demitrius Connor & Mary Moriarty
Moriarty Daniel John Dillane Mary Sep 1838 Acres Johanna Hennesey
Moriarty Mary John Hayes Mary 30 Sep 1827 Church Lane Patk Moore & Mary McGonnigle (Rev.- Listowel)
Moriarty John L--- McK---a Mary 10 DEc 1827 Listowel (Rev.- Listowel)
Moriarty Ellen Michael Lynch Johanna Jul 1832 Beale Hill Jas & Margaret Lynch
Moriarty MIchael Michael Lynch Joanne xx 1832 Ballyconly Wm Walsh & ?
Moriarty James Michael Lynch Johanna Sep 1838 West Beal John Lynch & Anna Lynch
Moriarty Timothy Michael Lynch Joanna xx 1841 Beal Ml Hayes & Maria Lynch
Moriarty John Thomas Connoll Mary ?? 1832 Gundsbord?  
Moriarty Michael Thomas Connor Mary xx Sep 1835 Cooleragh ? & Margaret Connor
Moriarty Timothy Timothy Buckley Mary 19 Jan 1832 Gillane Ed Moriarty & Joanna Allingare
Moriarty Thomas Timothy Buckley Mary 27 Nov 1833 Gillane Maurice Griffin & Honora Scanlon
Moriarty Catherine Timothy Buckley Mary 12 Aug 1840 Gillane Ellen Mooney?
Moriarty Honora unk Kean Catherine 7 Jan 1832 Boherbee Timothy Fealey & Honora Kean
Moriarty Peter? William Brosnan Anna 28 Occt 1838 Rathea (Rev.- Listowel)
Moriarty William William Brosnan Anna 14 Jun 1836 Knockvahighee (Rev.- Listowel)
Mulvihill Mary ? Connell Johanna Apr/My 1832 Coolard ? & Catherine Connell
Mulvihill David Simon Connell Joanne 17 Aug 1836 Coolluhi Patrick Mulvihill & Johanna Hennesey
Murphy Ellen Edmund Gallivan Johanna 8 Jul 1832 Clonoduihl P. W. Murphy & Ellen ?
Murphy John Patrick Gallivan Joanna 2 May 1834 Ballyegan John Moriarty
O'Brien Catherine Timothy Gallivan Mary 8 Jul 1840 Ghihard Thomas & Catherine Francis
O'Brien Patrick Timothy GAllivan Mary 19 May 1842 Liselton Mary Dee
O'Brien MIchael Timothy Gallivan Mary Oct 1844 Guhard  
Scanlan Ellen Daniel O'Connell Brigid 11 May 1842 Liselton Michael & Mary Scanlan
Scanlan Thomas Thomas Connoll Mary 00 Nov 1831 Moohane Wm Langford & Anna Connor


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