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Co. Kerry

Index to Breen Surnames

in Griffiths, the King's History of Kerry, & the 1901 Census

Note that these ID numbers are used solely to link the persons listed as Head of Household with their record here, and are not part of the original data.

Parish Townland ID No. Griffith's
Valuation 1852
ID No. King's History
of Kerry
& 1901 Census
Aghadoe Cullinagh 1a Thomas
Aghadoe Droumduhig More 1b James 1 Tade
Aghadoe Gortadirra 1c John
Aghadoe Tomies West 1d Margaret
Aghavallen Ballylongford Town 1e Mary
Aghavallen Leanamore 1f Patrick 2 John
Aghavallen Leanamore 1g Jeremiah
Annagh Ballydunlea 1h Thomas 3 Mary
Annagh Curragraigue 1j Michael 4 Hannah
Ardfert Ballymacquin Lower 1k John
Ardfert Barrow 1m Maurice
Ardfert Farranwilliam 5 Johanna
Ardfert Liscahane 6 John
Ballinvoher Lack 1n Michael
Ballyconry Gortagurrane West 1o Michael 7 Patrick
Ballyconry Gortagurrane West 1p Peter 8 James
Ballyconry Gortagurrane East 1q Patrick
Ballyheige Doonamontane 1r Michael
Ballymacelligott Cahercullenagh 1s Edmond 9 Pat
Ballymacelligott Cahercullenagh 10 Henry
Ballymacelligott Clashatlea 1t Arthur
Brosna Inchinaprage 1u Michael 11 John
Brosna Knocbrack 1v Michael 12 James
Castleisland Killally 13 David
Castleisland Knocnagosel 14 Eugene
Curragh Beg 13c ?
Currans Croughmore West 15t Mary
Dingle Ballymacadoyle 1w John
Dingle Goat St. 1x Thomas
Dingle John St. 1y Bridget
Dingle JohnSt. Colony off 1z John
Dingle John St. 2a Mary
Dromod Spunkane 2b John
Dromod Scariff 16 Eugene
Dysert Ballynagare 17 John
Fenit Fenit Without 2c Bart.
Galey Derra 18 Pat
Garfinny Beenbane 2d Denis
Glanbehy Coomavoon 19c Michael
Glanbehy Coomavoon 20 Daniel
Glanbehy Curraraha 2e Mary
Glanbehy Derreenanaryagh 2f Andrew
Glanbehy Droumalouhurt 2g Jeremiah 21 John
Glanbehy Drombrane 2h James
Glanbehy Droum East 22c Jeremiah
Glanbehy Droum East 23c Eugene
Glanbehy Lickeen 26c Ellen
Kilbonane Ballymalis 2j James 28t Mary
Kilbonane Ballymalis 2k Maurice
Kilbonane Commons 2m Daniel
Kilbonane Coolbane 29 Pat
Kilbonane Coolbane 30 John
Kilbonane Culleeny More 2n Timothy
Kilbonane Kilbonane 2o John
Kilbonane Knockagowna 2p Denis 31 Patrick
Kilbonane Lahard 32 Patrick
Kilbonane Lahard 33 Patrick
Kilbonane Lahard 34 Julia
Kilbonane Lissavane 35t James
Kilbonane Listry 36 Ellen
Kilbonane Rockfield Middle 2q John Jr.
Kilbonane Rocfield 37 Michael
Kilbonane Rosnacartan More 2r Peter
Kilbonane Slievegaura 2s John
Kilcolman Gortrelig 2t Maurice
Kilcolman Miltown, Chapel Sq. 2u Maurice
Kilconly Beal East 2v Maurice
Kilconly Gullane 38 Ellen
Kilcrohane Ardmore 39 Margaret
Kilcrohane Ardmore 40t Jack
Kilcrohane Ardmore 42 John
Kilcrohane Bohacogram 2x Daniel 43c James P
Kilcrohane Bohacogram 2y Jeremiah 44c James
Kilcrohane Bohacogram 45c John
Kilcrohane Bohacogram 46 Catherine
Kilcrohane Bohacogram 47 Ellen
Kilcrohane Derreenauliff 2z Daniel 48 Julia
Kilcrohane Derreenauliff 3a Jeremiah 49 James
Kilcrohane Derreenauliff 50c Joseph
Kilcrohane Derreenauliff 51c John
Kilcrohane Derreensillagh 3b Honora
Kilcrohane Derrynagree 3c Michael 52c Patrick
Kilcrohane Derra West 3d Maurice 53t Mary
Kilcrohane Derra West 3e Patrick 54 Patrick
Kilcrohane Gortdromagh 3f Anne
Kilcrohane Inchinaleege 55 Michael
Kilcrohane Leaghcarrig 3g Honora
Kilcrohane Lettermoneel 56c Patrick
Kilcrohane Maulcalle 57 Gerhard
Kilcrohane Maulcalle 58c Patrick
Kilcrohane Moneyflugh 3h Anna 59t John
Kilcrohane Moneyflugh 3j Anne 60t Jeremiah
Kilcrohane Moneyflugh 3k Maurice
Kilcrohane Sneem Upper 61c Michael
Kilcummin Coom 3m Patrick
Kilcummin Gortnaprocess 3n Michael 62c Michael
Kilcummin Knockacullig 63 Thomas
Kilcummin MacDacullig 64c Thomas
Kilcummin Rathbeg 65 Mary
Kilcummin Scrahanagullaun 3o Michael 66 Dan
Kilcummin Scrahanagullaun 67 Denis
Kildrum Ballymore East 3p Edward
Kilflynn Cloonafineela 68 James
Kilflynn Glanballyma 3q Catherine 69 Jeremiah
Kilgarrylander Caherfealane 3r Maurice
Kilgarrylander Gortaneden 3s Maurice 70 John
Killaconnenagh Foildarrig (Co. Cork) 71c James
Killaha Knocknagowna 72 Patrick
Killarney Green Lane 3t John
Killarney New Market Lane 3u Michael
Killarney Well Lane South 3v Michael
Killeentierna Gortshanavogh 3w David
Killehenny Ballybunion 73 Kate
Killemlagh Doory 3x Bridget
Killinane Lettergarry 74 Maurice
Killiney Coolroe 3y Mary
Killorglin Cappagh 75 Bridget
Killorglin Castleconway 3z Maurice
Killorglin Coolbane East 4a Andrew
Killorglin Coolbane West 76t John
Killorglin Coolbane West 77t Patrick
Killorglin Dromin East 78t Mary
Killorglin Gortagreenane 79 John
Killorglin Gortagreenane 80 Mary
Killorglin Langford St. 4b Maurice 81t Nora
Killorglin Langford St. 82 Mary
Killorglin Langford St. 83t Michael
Killorglin Lyerboy 84 Jeremiah
Killorglin Main St. 4c Maurice
Killorglin Meanus 4d Andrew 85 Kate
Killorglin Mill Rd. 4e Catherine
Killorglin Mill St. 4f Maurice
Killorglin Muingaphuca 86 Julia
Killorglin Ownagarry 4g Maurice
Killorglin Rangue 87 Patrick
Killorglin Shannera Lower 4h Mary
Kilnanare Cloonmealane 4j John 88t Julia
Kilnanare Cloonmealane 89 Johanna
Kilnanare Dromreag 4k Michael
Kilnanare Fieries 4m Patrick
Kilnanare Keelties 90t Denis
Kilnanare Keelties 91t Timothy
Kilnanare Rusheen 4n Thomas
Kilsheane Ballyduhig 4o Thomas
Kiltallagh Ballynamona Upper 4p Johanna
Kiltallagh Ballynamona Upper 4q John
Kiltallagh Ballyraymeen 92 Edmond
Kilsheane Ballyduhig 4r Thomas
Kiltallagh Ballynamona 93 Johanna
Kiltallagh Ballyraymeen 94 Edmond
Knocknane Alohart 95t Daniel
Knocknane Ballagh 4s David 96c Daniel
Knocknane Ballagh 97 Daniel
Knocknane Bohishil 98c Mary
Knocknane Cappaganeen 99t John
Knocknane Clogher Beg 4t Bart. 100c Michael
Knocknane Clogher Beg 4u David 101c Henry
Knocknane Clogher Beg 4v Deborah 102c Mary
Knocknane Clogher Beg 4w John 103 Jeremiah
Knocknane Clogher East 104c Margaret
Knocknane Cloon 4x Patrick 105 Margaret
Knocknane Cooleanig 4y John
Knocknane Coolroe 4z Daniel
Knocknane Coomlettra 106c Harry
Knocknane Coss 5a James 107c Daniel
Knocknane Coss 5b Mary 108c Joseph
Knocknane Coss 109c Michael
Knocknane Curragh Beg 110c Patrick
Knocknane Curragh More 111 Michael
Knocknane Droumaloughart 160 John
Knocknane Dromdoory 5c Maurice 112c Daniel
Knocknane Gearha 5d David 113c Michael
Knocknane Gearha 5e Jeremiah 114t Kate
Knocknane Gearha 5f John 115c Mary
Knocknane Gearha 5g Margaret 116c Jeremiah
Knocknane Gearha 5h Maurice 117c Jerry M
Knocknane Gearha 5j Michael 118t Doniel
Knocknane Gearha 119 Patrick
Knocknane Glanmakee 5k Daniel
Knocknane Glanmakee 5m Henry
Knocknane Gortmaloon East 5n James 24c Patrick
Knocknane Gortmaloon East 25 Maurice
Knocknane Gortnagan More 5o Mary
Knocknane Gortnaskarry 5p Daniel 120c Jeremiah
Knocknane Gortnaskarry 121c Maurice
Knocknane Gortrelig 5q Maurice
Knocknane Keeas 5r David 122c David
Knocknane Keeas 5s Fergus 123c Ferdinand
Knocknane Lettergarriv 5t Andrew 124c Maurice
Knocknane Lettergarriv 5u David
Knocknane Lettergarriv 5v Henry
Knocknane Lyranes Upper 5w Henry
Knocknane Lyranes Lower 5x John 125c Johanna
Knocknane Maghanlawaun 5y Jeremiah
Knocknane Magherasrahan 5z Henry 126c Patrick
Knocknane Magherasrahan 127c John
Lisselton Moybella 128 John
Listowel Killehenny 6a Kate
Listowel Lisselton 6b John
Listowel Listowel Town 6c Fr. John
Listowel Pound Lane 6d Catherine
Molahiffe Killeagh 6e John 129 John
Molahiffe Killahane 130 Timothy
Molahiffe Knockbrack 131t James
Murher Leitrim Middle 6f Maurice
Nohavaldaly Reanasup 132 John
Nohavaldaly Reanasup 133 William
O'Brennan Muingatlaunlush 6g Thomas
O'Dorney Knocnacaska 6h Mary 134 Nora
O'Dorney Knocnacaska 6i Thomas
O'Dorney Lacka More 6j Mary 135 Michael
Templenoe Ballynoneen 136c Mary
Templenoe Ballynoneen 137 Edmond
Templenoe Cappagh 138 Bridget
Templenoe Coomnakilla South 6k James 139 Julia
Templenoe Coomnakilla South 6m Michael
Templenoe Cooracoosane 6n Daniel 140c Daniel
Templenoe Derreenablaha 6o Pat 141 Pat
Templenoe Dromatokeen 142c David
Templenoe Gowlane 6p John 143 Maurice
Templenoe Gullane 144 Ellen
Templenoe Graigenagower 145 Hugh
Templenoe Maulyneil 6q John
Templenoe Reacashlagh 146 Michael
Templenoe Reacashlagh 147 John
Templenoe Scarteen 6r John
Templenoe Tubbrid 6s Mortimer
Tralee Bishop's Lane 148 James
Tralee Brogue Lane 6t Thomas 149 Michael
Tralee Church St. 150 Pat
Tralee Church St. 151 Michael
Tralee Curravog South 6u Catherine
Tralee Curravog South 6v David
Tralee Curravog South 6w John
Tralee Curravog North 6x Mary
Tralee High St. 152 John
Tralee Maret Place 153 Jeremiah
Tralee New St. 154 Maurice
Tralee Rea St. 155 John
Tralee Strand St. 156 James
Tralee Strand St. 157 Henry
Tralee Strand St. 158 James
Tralee Sunny Hill 159 John
Tralee Well Lane, Moydore 6y Michael
Cahereens 161 Mary
Cahereens 162 Patrick
Clouneelane 163 Johanna
Cullinafercy 164 John
Curraghderry 165 Patrick

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