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County Kerry
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Baptisms Currow RC Parish, Vol. 4

Page 1 - 1801-1804
Page 2 - 1805 - 1806

1805 Baptisms Currow RC Parish Diocese of Kerry
Date Child Father Mother
01-02-1805 Denis Sullivan John Sullivan Ellen Shanahan
01-05-1805 Ellen Sullivan Daniel Sullivan Ellen Brosnan
01-05-1805 Mary Conor Maurice Conor Mary Sullivan
01-05-1805 Denis Harrington John Harrington Nora Murphy
01-05-1805 Henry Reidy Henry Reidy Hannah Clifford
01-14-1805 Margaret Scannell Timothy Scannell Julia Kerrisk
01-14-1805 Hannah Lawlor Patrick Lawlor Bridget Lalor
01-15-1805 Julia Rahilly Denis Rahilly J. McEllistrium
01-17-1805 Mary Brown Thomas Brown Bridget Behan
01-20-1805 James Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald Mary Reidy
01-22-1805 Elizabeth Byrne Charles Byrne Mary Shanahan
01-24-1805 Mary Sullivan Denis Sullivan Ellen McGillicuddy
01-24-1805 Bridget Clevane Denis Clevane Mary King
01-05-1805 Maurice Reidy John Reidy Nora Sullivan
02-04-1805 Catherine Brosnan Denis Brosnan Julia Walsh
02-14-1805 Patrick Fleming Gerard Fleming J Sullivan
02-18-1805 Clemens Conor Charles Conor N Murphy
02-24-1805 Francis Morris Geoffrey Morris Mary Conor
02-24-1805 Cornelius Brosnahan Ty Brosnahan M. Prendergast
03-04-1805 Hannah Reidy John Reidy Ellen Reidy
03-10-1805 Mary Dwyer James Dwyer N N
03-17-1805 Catherine Kerrisk Daniel Kerrisk Sara Wall
03-24-1805 Catherine McDermott Charles McDermott no name
03-27-1805 Mary Horan Thomas Horan no name
04--04-1805 Daniel Murphy Daniel Murphy Mgt. Savage
04-06-1805 Mary Sheahan Timothy Sheahan Nano Sullivan
04-08-1805 Michael Shea John Shea Mary Conor
04-12-1805 N Connor Hugh Connor Bridget Daly
04-12-1805 Eugene Moriarity Thomas Moriarity Hannah Cronin
04-15-1805 Mary Barry James Barry Elizabeth McSweeney
04-18-1805 Batt Rourke Charles Rourke Mary Fitzgerald
04-18-1805 Catherine Farrell James Farrell no name
05-22-1805 Catherine McCarthy Eugene McCarthy Julia Brien
05-24-1805 Mary Fleming John Fleming Bridget noname
05-26-1805 Ellen Cronin Maurice Cronin Mary Griffin
05-28-1805 Elizabeth Morris Geoffrey Morris Catherine Roche
05-28-1805 Hannah Shine M Shine Nano Conor
05-29-1805 Michael Hickey Daniel Hickey Nora Conor
05-29-1805 Timothy Keane Timothy Keane Nora Russell
05-30-1805 Nora Sullivan Cornelius Sullivan no name
05-30-1805 Hannah Conor Thomas Conor Mary Sanders
06-06-1805 Julia Brosnan Cornelius Brosnan Abine Kelly
06-06-1805 Hannah Brosnan James Brosnan Hannah Daly
06-06-1805 Margaret Daly Martin Daly Bridget Daly
06-06-1805 Daniel Mahony Denis Mahony Mary Lawler
06-06-1805 Ellen Conor Ml Conor Mary McDermott
06-06-1805 Hannah Cronin Patrick Cronin Ellen noname
06-11-1805 Hannah Keeffe noname Keeffe Catherine Moriarity
06-12-1805 Hannah Creane Nicholas Creane Mary Duggan
06-18-1805 Hannah Sullivan John Sullivan N Daly
06-24-1805 Hugh Brosnan Cornelius Brosnan Ellen Kearney
06-28-1805 N Kerrisk Timothy Kerrisk M Sullivan
07-04-1805 Aneas Barrett Jeremiah Barrett No Name
07-07-1805 John Prendiville Maurice Prendiville Hannah Connor
07-08-1805 Catherine Hogan John Hogan Mary Daly
07-10-1805 John Breen Denis Breen Mary McCarthy
07-13-1805 Cecilia Clifford James Clifford Julie Keane
07-15-1805 Nora Reardon John Reardon M Murphy
07-18-1805 Geoffrey Morris Thomas Morris Elizabeth Conor
07-24-1805 Jerh King Laurence King Mary Daly
07-24-1805 Nora Layne Joseph Layne Mary Connor
07-29-1805 Nora Scott James Scott Cath Connor
08-00-1805 Catherine Brosnan Jeremiah Brosnan Anne Murphy
08-13-1805 Mary Reidy Maurice Reidy Mgt Mahane
08-15-1805 Daniel Donovan John Donovan Mary Shanahan
08-19-1805 Nora Rahilly Daniel Rahilly Ellen Fleming
08-24-1805 James Lyne Timothy Lyne M Leahy
08-27-1805 William Lazoon William Lazoon Catherine Moriarity
08-27-1805 Ellen Corkery Denis Corkery Mary Twohey
08-27-1805 Catherine Foley Timothy Foley Mary Cronin
09-07-1805 Ellen Moriarity Maurice Moriarity Bridget McCarthy
09-07-1805 Catherine Murphy Daniel Murphy M Reardon
09-09-1805 Timothy Sullivan Ml Sullivan Mary Hickey
09-12-1805 Mary Wall John Wall Mgt McCarthy
09-14-1805 Michael Burke Thomas Burke Mary McGillicuddy
09-15-1805 Mary McAuliffe John McAuliffe Cath Collins
09-22-1805 James Griffin no name Ellen Murphy
09-22-1805 Timothy Bradley Timothy Bradley Cath Brosnan
10-06-1805 William Neagle Ed Neagle Nora Bradley
10-06-1805 Denis Kerrisk Charles Kerrisk Mary Devane
10-07-1805 John Murphy Jerh Murphy N Brosnan
10-08-1805 Hannah Bay Thomas Bay Mary Leahy
10-10-1805 David Fleming Wm Fleming N McCarthy
10-15-1805 Cath Reidy Corn Reidy Mary Walsh
10-20-1805 Michael Culloty John Culloty Ellen Conor
10-20-1805 Cath Brosnan Patrick Brosnan Eliz Marshall
10-24-1805 Ed Fleming David Fleming N Fleming
11-04-1805 Catherine Sheehy Bath Sheehy Mgt Collins
11-07-1805 Ed Brien Ed Brien Mary Fleming
11-11-1805 Ellen Donohue Timothy Donohue Anne Walsh
11-14-1805 Michael Donovan Corn Donovan N Murphy
11-17-1805 Michael Griffin James Griffin N Walsh
11-22-1805 Maurice Keane Wm Keane noname Brosnan
11-22-1805 Anna Keane James Keane M Hussey
11-22-1805 Wm Keane James Keane M Hussey
12-02-1805 Timothy Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald N Connell
12-02-1805 Mary Carroll Thomas Carroll Nora Doran
12-04-1805 Maurice Kearney James Kearney M Kearney
12-06-1805 M Barry J Barry J Scannell
12-08-1805 Robert Reilly Gerard Reilly K Conor
12-08-1805 Ed Sweeney noname Sweeney Elen McCarthy
12-10-1805 Daniel Scannell Patrick Scannell Julia Sullivan
12-17-1805 Mary Murphy Ml Murphy Hannah Tangney
12-28-1805 Hannah Barrett Ed Barrett Mary Horan
12-28-1805 Denis Cullinane Denis Cullinane Julia Daly


1806 Baptisms Currow RC Parish, Diocese of Kerry
Date Child Father Mother
01-03-1806 Ellen Twomey John Twomey Eliz Quinn
01-06-1806 Ellen Brosnan Hugh Brosnan M Conor
01-11-1806 James Russell John Russell Mary Conor
01-08-1806 Thomas Connor John Connor Cath Sullivan
01-11-1806 James Garvey James Garvey Cath Conor
01-17-1806 Richard McCarthy Cornelius McCarthy Nora Riordan
01-24-1806 Mary Kearney Dan Kearney Bridget Kelly
01-27-1806 Mary Horan John Horan Mgt Hussey
01-29-1806 Andrew McCarthy Eugene McCarthy No Name
01-31-1806 Hannah McCarthy Florence McCarthy Frances Lee
02-04-1806 Mary King Matt King C Brosnan
02-7-1806 Mary Brosnan Timothy Brosnan Noname Bowler
02-08-1806 Daniel Brien Patrick Brien Julia Crowley
02-10-1806 William Stack Robert Stack Nora Brosnan
02-24-1806 John Lassoon John Lassoon Mary McCarthy
03-03-1806 Mary Herbert Hugh Herbert Eliz Ferris
03-03-1806 John Donovan John Donovan Cath Creane
03-08-1806 Cath Brosnan Cornelius Brosnan M Mangan
03-09-1806 Daniel Egan John Egan Ellen Brosnan
03-11-806 Denis Brosnan John Brosnan Ellen Cronin
03-12-1806 Mary Mahony Ml Mahony Ellen Alman
03-18-1806 Matthew Walsh John Walsh Hannah Cronin
03-24-1806 Julia Connor James Connor Julia Reardon
03-27-1806 Patrick Donoghue Michael Donoghue Cath Barrett
03-29-1806 Dennis Dennehy John Dennehy H Houlihan
03-29-1806 Timothy Leary Jeremiah Leary Ellen Devane
04-04-1806 Thomas Brosnan Thomas Brosnan Mgt Brosnan
04-08-1806 Maurice Prendiville Thomas Prendiville Hannah Dunlea
04-12-1806 Denis Dennehy James Dennehy N Moynihan
04-14-1806 Catherine Harold Richard Harold Agnes Conor
04-18-1806 Catherine Bradley Ed Bradley Cath Kerrisk
04-24-1806 Abine Foley John Foley Eliz Regan
04-24-1806 Cath Fleming D Fleming Nora Kerin
04-27-1806 Thomas Foley Patrick Foley M Brosnan
05-04-1806 Margaret Sullivan Denis Sullivan N Horan
05-04-1806 John Herlihy Maurice Herlihy Ellen Butler
05-11-1806 Thomas Brosnan James Brosnan Mary Noname
05-11-806 Charles Byrne Roger Byrne Cath Sullivan
05-13-1806 Catherine Cotter John Cotter Julia Brosnan
05-14-1806 Hannah Mangan John Mangan Mary Shea
05-14-1806 Mary Egan John Egan Mary Brosnan
05-18-1806 Michael Lyne Michael Lyne Mary Hussey
05-24-1806 Margaret Dineen Corn Dineen Mary Murphy
06-06-1806 Nora Layne Eugene Layne Cath Collins
06-08-1806 Thomas Fitzgerald Maurice Fitzgerald Ellen Sheehy
06-10-1806 Ellen Scanlon Batt Scanlon Nora Conor
06-12-1806 William Harold John Harold Mary Roche
06-15-1806 Andrew Brosnan Matt Brosnan Hannah Brosnan
06-17-1806 Nora Sullivan Corn Sullivan Julia Murphy
06-17-1806 M Brosnan Timothy Brosnan Ellen Sullivan
06-29-1806 John Brosnan Thomas Brosnan Cath Russell
07-02-1806 John Spring Henry Spring Hannah Keeffe
07-02-1806 Mary Hogan Abina Hogan Mary Casey
07-03-1806 Hannah Shea John Shea Mgt Egan
07-05-1806 Thomas Marshall John Marshall Cath Brosnan
07-22-1806 Ellen McCarthy Eugene McCarthy N Brien
07-24-1806 John Connell William Connell Mary Fitzgerald
07-24-1806 Mary Lyne Michael Lyne Hannah Lehane
07-27-1806 Maurice Sullivan Michael Sullivan Susan Murphy
07-27-1806 Ed Lynch Timothy Lynch Hannah Cronin
08-05-1806 Mary Barrett Dominick Barrett E Mahony
08-09-1806 Michael Reardon John Reardon N Burke
08-12-1806 Abbey Conor Thomas Conor Mary Saunders
08-14-1806 Mary White John White Mary Prendiville
08-24-1806 James Lyne Cornelius Lyne Hannah Collins
08-24-1806 Mary Lyne Ml Lyne Ellen Griffin
08-26-1806 Mary Sullivan Denis Sullivan Cath Brosnan
08-28-1806 Maurice McCarthy Jerh McCarthy Cath Reilly
08-28-1806 Mary Flynn Maurice Flynn Nora Creane
09-01-1806 Richard Twiss Francis Twiss Susan Boyce
09-01-1806 Michael Brosnan Timothy Brosnan Julia Corkery
09-08-1806 Michael Brosnan John Brosnan Julia Connor
09-14-1806 Ellen Quirke Michael Quirke Ellen Brien
09-14-1806 Mary McMahon Eugene McMahon Nora Stack
09-24-1806 Nelson Hartnett Gerald Hartnett Mary Hickey
09-21-1806 Hannah Morris Redmond Morris Mary Roche
10-06-1806 Mary Kenorey Michael Kenorey Eliz Cahill
10-06-1806 Daniel Moriarity Maurice Moriarity Cath Lyne
11-04-1806 Julia Leary Daniel Leary Mary Sweeney
11-10-1806 Michael Brosnan Timothy Brosnan Mgt Brosnan
11-22-1806 Denis Conor Denis Conor Mary Lynch
11-26-1806 Ellen Horan Patrick Horan Hannah Sullivan
11-28-1806 Nora Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Hannah Harrington
11-22-1806 Denis Bradley John Bradley Ellen Creane
12-06-1806 Catherine Sullivan Timothy Sullivan Mary Mangan

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