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Vol. 4 & 6, Castleisland Baptisms 1823 -1872

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Baptisms: 1823-1872

Bailey Denis - Mullins Ellen - Ellen 4-17-1834 - Mullen
Bailey Daniel - Mullins Ellen - Francis 4-20-1839 - Mullen

Bailey Denis - Galvin Nora - Ellen 12-29-1850 - Mullen
Bailey Denis - Galvin Nora - Bridget Birth: 5-4-1859 Bap: 5-15-1859 - Mullen
Sps: Connell Daniel - Bailey Bridget
Bailey Denis - Galvin Nora - Elizabeth Birth: 2-18-1863 Bap: 2-22-1863 - Mullen
Sps: Bailey Charles - Connell Margaret

Bailey Michael - Keefe Nora - Mary 8-3-1831 Mullen
Bailey Michael - Keefe Nora - Anne 6-11-1840 - Mullen
Bailey Michael - Keefe Nora - Daniel 8-15-1847 - Mullen

Bailey William - Rahilly Mary - William 6-19-1828 - Mullen
Sps: Bailey Micheal - Clifford Bridget
Bailey William - Rahilly Mary - Mary 6-11-1830 - Mullen
Bailey William - Rahilly Mary - Charles 4-22-1838 Mullen

Bailey William - Daly Catherine - Daniel 3-10-1845 - Mullen
Bailey William - Daly Catherine - John 2-14-1847 - Mullen
Bailey William - Sullivan Mary - Mary 10-3-1845 - Blank

Baldwin Albert - Mahony Ellen - Thomas 4-19-1835

Last -F Father Last -M Mother Child Date Town/Sponsors
Barrett Andrew Cronin Nora Thomas 12-17-1843 Brehig
Barrett Andrew Cronin Nora Denis 1-18-1846 Brehig
Barrett Andrew Cronin Nora William 8-19-1853 Brehig
Barrett Andrew Cronin Hannah Bridget 2-28-1856 Brehig
Barrett Andrew Cronin Nora Julia Ann Bir:4-13-1861
Healy Timothy
Healy Julia
Barrett Andrew Murphy Catherine Catherine 5-11-1851 Brehig
Barrett Ed Riordan Catherine Edmond 4-24-1829 Brehig
Brosnan Patrick
Riordan Julia
Barrett Ed Riordan Catherine Robert 7-12-1831 Brehig
Barrett Edmond O'Rourke Bridget Mary 4-14-1823 Brehig
Barrett John
McCarthy Mary
Barrett Edmond O'Rourke Bridget James 10-4-1825 Brehig
O'Rourke Mary
Barrett William
Barrett Edmond O'Rourke Bridget James 6-24-1826 Brehig
Barrett Robert
O'Rourke Mary
Barrett Edmond O'Rourke Bridget Bridget 10-14-1837 Brehig
Barrett Edmond Fitzgerald Julia Mary 4-6-1825 Brehig
Barrett James
Galvin Catherine
Barrett Edmond Walsh Bridget Edmond 2-8-1828 Brehig
Barrett Thomas
and Hannah
Barrett Edmond Donoghue Mary John 6-5-1858 Brehig
Barrett Edmond Donoghue Mary Robert 6-5-1858 Brehig
Barrett Edmond Donoghue Mary John 8-22-1858 Brehig
Barrett Edmond Donoghue Mary William Bir:8-27-1861
Horan Philip
Galvin Catherine
Barrett Edmond Donoghue Mary Ellen Bir:11-3-1862
Connor John
Lynch Hannah
Barrett Edmond Donovan Nora Cornelius Bir:5-11-1865
Connor John
Lynch Hannah
Barrett Edmond Donoghue Mary Patrick Bir:2-14-1868
Donoghue Cornelius
Lynch Hannah
Barrett Edward O'Rourke Bridget Mary 3-7-1830 Brehig
Barrett James Barry Elizabeth Humphrey 7-30-1823 Brehig
Barrett Edmond
Kearney Mary
Barrett James Herlihy Nora Mary 2-18-1824 Brehig
Galvin Timothy
Kerrisk Hannah
Barrett James Riordan Catherine Mary 4-6-1825 Brehig
Kerrisk James
McCarthy Nora
Barrett James Leary Hannah John 7-9-1826 Brehig
Hannefin Michael
Lynch Mary
Barrett James Galvin Catherine Denis 2-16-1827 Brehig
Galvin Ed
Barrett Mary
Barrett James Mulcahy Ellen Hannah 11-30-1827 Brehig
Kerin Bryan
Boyle Mary
Barrett James Doran Bridget Jane 10-25-1829 Kilberehert
Horan Carol
Mahony Mary
Barrett James Doran Bridget Bridget 12-30-1833 Kilmurry
Barrett James Horan Mary Julia 3-21-1831 Coolnageragh
Barrett James Twomey Mary James 7-9-1837 Counguilla
Barrett James Sullivan Hannah Nora 12-16-1840 Brehig
Barrett James Connor Mary Mary` 8-16-1844 Knockardtry
Barrett James Cullinane Catherine Mary 4-14-1847 Knockeenahone
Barrett James Cullinane Catherine Catherine 8-2-1855 Dirreen
Barrett James Cullinane Catherine Julia Bir:12-28-1862
Horan Thomas
and Margaret
Barrett James McCarthy Mary Julia 9-9-1847 Ardnagragh
Barrett James Ash Mary Nora Bir:8-8-1862
Herlihy Maurice
and Anne
Barrett James Sullivan Catherine John Bir:10-9-1864
Cullinane Michael
Shea Nora
Barrett Jeremiah Kearn Catherine Margaret Bir:2-11-1863
Shea Maurice
Curtin Hannah
Barrett John O'Sullivan Mary John 11-7-1823 Cordal
Horan Maurice
McCarthy Ellen
Barrett John O'Sullivan Mary Ellen 5-15-1827 Cordal
Flynn John
Sullivan Catherine
Barrett John O'Sullivan Mary Catherine 9-7-1829 Cordal
Barrett David
and Mary
Barrett John O'Sullivan Mary Elizabeth 10-2-1831 Cordal
Barrett John Mahony Hannah Nora 7-24-1824 Glensheran
Mahony Martin
Lalor Mary
Barrett John Mahony Hannah Denis 5-18-1826 Glenowen
Mahony Daniel
Mahony Hannah
Barrett John Mahony Hannah Hannah 4-6-1829 Dirreen
Mahony Daniel
McCarthy Mary
Barrett John Mahony Hannah Ellen 5-3-1833 Gortglass
Barrett John Doran Bridget Hannah 10-16-1829 Kilberehert
Horan Carol
Mahony Mary
Barrett John Sullivan Jane Catherine 7-16-1837 Brehig
Barrett John Slattery Mary Catherine 7-7-1837 Blank
Barrett John Drum Bridget Patrick 4-1-1839 Kilberehert
Barrett John Horgan Mary Thomas 9-11-1845 Tureen
Barrett John Sullivan Catherine John 8-28-1849 Brehig
Barrett John Moynihan Julia Mary 4-2-1852 Blank
Barrett John Connell Catherine Mary 2-28-1857 Scartaglen
Barrett John Connell Catherine Catherine Bir:7-15-1859
Barrett Edmond
Brosnan Mary
Barrett John Blank Catherine Patrick Bir:12-11-1861
Gallivan Patrick
Brosnan Margaret
Barrett John Connell Catherine John Bir:5-16-1864
O'Leary William
Galvin Margaret
Barrett John Connell Catherine Margaret Bir:2-9-1867
Galvin John
Connell Hannah
Barrett John Kerin Catherine Patrick Bir:1-15-1865
Horan Thomas
Leary Catherine
Barrett John Kerin Catherine Mary Bir:12-13-1867
Foley Maurice
Connor Catherine
Barrett John Kerin Catherine Ellen Bir:11-23-1868
Prendeville Thomas
Scollard Mary
Barrett John Kerin Catherine Catherine 11-16-1870 Blank
Barrett John Sullivan Jane John 8-28-1835 Brehig
Barrett Patrick Janlue Margaret James 12-14-1828 Brehig
Galvin James
Murphy Ellen
Barrett Patrick Brosnan Mary Margaret 12-14-1828 Brehig
Barrett James
Brosnan Julia
Barrett Patrick Tonlin Margaret John 3-31-1834 Brehig
Barrett Robert Twomey Bridget Robert 1-9-1831 Blank
Barrett Robert Kissane Ellen Philip 5-21-1831 Glountane
Barrett Robert Coakley Abina James 12-27-1832 Glounavadera
Barrett Robert Coakley Abina Edmond 8-5-1838 Glenowen
Barrett Thomas Ganey Catherine Bridget 1-31-1830 Kilberehert
Ganey Denis
Horan Elizabeth
Barrett Thomas Ganey Catherine Nora 11-28-1832 Kilberehert
Barrett Thomas Ganey Catherine Mary 3-3-1840 Kilberehert
Barrett Thomas Culloty Hannah John 1-9-1842 Gortglass
Barrett Thomas Culloty Hannah Mary 6-29-1843 Gortglass
Barrett Thomas Dalton Nora Nora 6-11-1847 Foyle
Barrett Thomas Dalton Hannah Robert 4-20-1856 Foyle
Barrett Thomas Dalton Nora Gerard Bir:7-21-1859
Mahony Denis
Mahony Margaret
Barrett Thomas Dalton Nora Thomas Bir:4-13-1861
Mahony Cornelius
O'Donoghue Catherine
Barrett William Flynn Hannah Ellen 1-9-1830 Ballyplymouth
Sullivan Timothy
Moynihan Bridget
Barrett William Flynn Hannah John 4-20-1834 Ballynahally
Barrett William Flynn Hannah Margaret 3-16-1839 Ballynahalla
Barrett William Landers Margaret Mary 2-5-1834 Barna
Nancy Sullivan transcribed and contributed these Barrett related excerpts.

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