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Glenflesk RC Parish, Barony of Magunihy
A Short Historical Account

Volume 8- Index page 81

A short account of Glenflesk Parish, Co Kerry. The pre-formation parish of Glenflesk, called the parish of Killaha, consisted of the following townlands; -Annabeg, Annemore, Ardtigallivan, Athnagivcai, Barna, Bealinashruhire, Bunachumer, Cappaugh, Coolemore, Carrigavanna, Carrigavime, Carrigbui, Clohane, Clonkeen, Clydaghroe, Coolcurtoga, Coomeenabudoige. Coomalough, Coomacullen, Curracow, Crohane, Crosstown, Comeenavrick, Coosane, Curraglass, Curreal, Dereenacullig, Derrybonane,Derrygorma, Derrymaclevode, Derrnafinna, Derrynahire, Derrynacain, Derryreague, Droumavraka, Droumcarbin, Droumderalogh, Droumaharee, Foileadoun, Frehaunagh, Gorries, Glashacormac, Glounlea, Glounmahanageragh, Gortachuish, Gortalea, Gortagaruve, Gortlicka, Gortnakilla, Grantha, Inch, Islandmore, Killaha, Killeen, Knockanes, Knockanimirish, Knockanacudoige, Knocknabro, Knocknagowan, Mountnaball, Raenacruha, Rossacruebeg, Rossacrunaloo, Rossala, Rushenbeg, Rusheemore, Shroneaboy, & Tullaha.

The modern parish called Glenflesk and Barraduve, consist of all the above mentioned townlands, together with three townlands, Carrigeenacullig, Knockanirible and Old Forge, which were in the pre-reformation parish of Killarney and the following townlands from the pre-forrmation parish of Aghadoe:-Annaghilimore, Barraduve, Cuil, Headfort, Knockeenaroor, Knockeenagoun, Knockebeehane, Lissababa, Raheen, and Sronderagh. The pre-formation church was at Killaha, whence the parish got it's name. It was probably erected sometime during the 1st century. Its walls still stand in the Killaha graveyard. In later times, probably at the end of the 18th century, a church was erected in the townlands of Rusheenbeg. It was Cruciform in shape and the walls of its nave are standing. A few old people remember having heard Mass there.

The present church at Glenflesk was erected by Fr. John Shanahan, P.P. There is an entry in the diary of Bishop David Moriarty, that he visited Glenflesk for Church laid out, Mar 27, 1861 and a further entry that he laid the foundation stone of St Agatha's Church, Glenflesk, Feb 3, 1862. This church seems to have been a few years in the course of erection. Before it was slated, a violent storm, blew off the roof and it remained without a roof for two or three years. An old church, with a slate roof, probably built towards the end of the Penal days, stood in a place called "Old Chapel", in the townland of Shronederagh, between the houses at present owned by Corn. Cremin and Patrick D. Moynihan, no trace of this church now exists. The present church at Barraduff was built by Fr. Dermot Falvey P.P. in 1841-42. It was enlarged and improved by Fr. John Browne, P.P. and re-dedicated under the title of the Sacred Heart by Bishop John Mangan in Oct 25, 1908. It was intended and renovated by Rev. A. J. Molyneux and re-dedicated by most Rev. D. Moynihan on Sept 19-55. Killaha house has been used as a Presbytery since 1887, having been acquird by Fr. M. O'Flagherty, shortly after he became P.P. It was re-roofed and repaired by Fr J. Browne and improved in late years, by Fr J. Godley, P.P. Previously, there was no Presbytery owned by diocesan trusteees, the P. P. for the time being, receiving a house and land in the same way as other tenants from the landlord. Fr Shanahan lived in a low thatched house at Rusheemore, on the site of the house now owned by Corn. Donoghue. Fr. Falvey, lived for some years at Curraglass in the house owned by Patrick O'Donoghue. He was evicted by the landlord, Herbert of Muckross, due, it is said to his having voted or having got the parishioners to vote against the latter. He then got a farm at Raenaruha from Coltsmen and built the house now owned by Jerh.O'Leary and resided there for about the last 6 years of his life. After his death, the house and land went to his relatives, the present owner being his grand-nephew. A farmer, P.P. Fr .M. Cronin, lived at Droumcarbon a house, now a ruin, at the rear of the Cronin's houses. His house and farm also passed to his relatives, James Cronin, the present owner being his great-grand-nephew.


Index page 82

The following is a list of the parish Priest's since the end of the Penal Days;

  1. Fr Maurice Cronin (probably the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century) died in Glenflesk and is buried in the tomb at Killaha Churchyard.
  2. Fr John O'Reilly (circa 1806 to Oct 1824)
  3. Fr T. Healy (Nov. 1824-Nov 1828)
  4. Fr. Dermot Falvey (Dec 1828-Nov. 1846) died in Glenflesk and is buried in the tomb at Killaha.
  5. Fr John Shanahan (Jan 1847- Feb 1887) After retiring in 1887, he lived at Rusheenmore and died probably in March 1890. He is buried in Glenflesk Church. A cross of black tiles marks his grave near the last row of seats, between the two doors.
  6. Fr Maurice O'Flagherty (March 1887- July 1905) died in Glenflesk and is buried at Kilmorley, N. Kerry.
  7. Fr. John Browne (Dec 1905- Feb 1929-transferred to Dingle, and became Archdeacon at Castleisland in 1936, died in Castleiasland 1954 and is buried in the church grounds.
  8. Fr John Godley (Feb 1929-Nov 1938) died in Glenflesk and is buried at Muckross.
  9. Fr. William Ferris, Dec 1938-Nov 1943 transferred to Ballylongford. He wrote the books "The Kerry Searchlight", "The Gaelic Commonwealth", and he had the manuscript of another "The History of Man" almost completed whe leaving Glenflesk, He worked to forward the Irish language.
  10. Fr. Myles Allman (May 1943-Feb 1950) transferred to Duagh, died in Duagh July 12, 1952. He was buried in Aglish, the Caorseac Eamon de Valera, attended the Solemn Requiem mass and the funeral. He did great work for the language and for the nation. He and his two brothers took a prominent part in the fight for freedom. He did very good work as parish priest here and in Duagh. He established a door collection at the churches here and in Duagh. he died young, but he accomplished much in his compartively short life, 1892-1952.

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