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1901 Census - Iraghticonner Barony

Listowel Civil Parish

Listowel Town & Urban Area - Townlands

Listowel Town & nearby Townlands
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Church Street
Market Street
Lane at rear of Market Street
Convent Lane
un-named street
Bridewell Lane
Courthouse Road
Newmans Lane
The Square
William Street
Islandgannir North

This is a complete extraction from the house and Building Return for the Town of Listowel, referred to as Urban Listowel, from the 1901 census. Listowel is in Iraghticonnor Barony, Listowel Parish, Listowel Poor law Union, in the North Kerry Parliamentary Division.

The film also includes five townlands listed as within the Listowel urban or rural area.

The data was extracted from LDS Film #0838577.

The film is one of three that contain the 1901 Kerry census- the other two are #0838576 and #0838574. You can rent the films yourself from your local Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints/Family History Center.

Church Street, Listowel Civil Parish
house # Name Building
1 Matthew R. Dillon Barber shop
2 Mary Potter Public house
3 Thomas Beary Post office
4 John Maye Eating house
5 David J. Larken Public house
6 Michael O'Connor Public house
7 Mary O'Connor shop
8 Margaret Keefe Public house
9 Johanna Spillane Tobacco shop
10 John Dillon Confectioner
11 Michael McDonnell Victualler's shop
12 Patrick Hayes bookmaker's shop
13 Johanna Kirby shop
14 John T. Maguire Medical hall
15 Michael Kirby Draper's shop
16 Patrick Molyneaux Public house
17 Deborah Buckley Public house
18 Denis Flavin Public house
19 Ellen Fitzmaurice shop
James Lunney
20 John Dillon Victualler's shop
21 Jane Enright Public house
22 John Troy Draper's shop
23 John Mara private dwelling
24 John P. Finucane Harness making shop
house # Name Building
25 William Keane private dwelling
James Morrison
26 Johanna Flavin Stationery, meal and flour shop
27 Denis Murphy Victualler's shop
28 Timothy Curtin Rivet shop
29 Michael Malone Public house
Jennie Shaughnessy
Bridget Mahony
? Keane
30 Margaret Mulvihill Public house
31 Kate Hennegan
James Monekton Public house
32 Patrick Mullally grocery shop
33 Nora Hudson Public house
34 Jane McFadden private dwelling
35 Thomas Colohan Public house
36 Robert Browne Provn. shop
37 uninhabited shop
38 Isac McMahon private dwelling
39 Sarah Stack private dwelling
40 John Grany private dwelling
41 Martin Sheehy? private dwelling
42 Thomas McLoughlin RIC Barrack
Richard J. Walshe The RIC Form St.
43 James Cain grocers shop
44 Daniel Browne grocers shop
45 Nora Dillon grocers shop
Robert Fitzpatrick The RIC Form St.
46 Michael Madden private dwelling
47 Patrick Breen Public house
48 Edward Wilmott Swat? shop
49 Patrick Hennesy Public house
house # Name Building
50 James Horigan private dwelling
51 Jeremiah Kennelly Provn. shop
Denis Connor
52 Margaret O'Connor Public house
53 Bernard McGinley Public house
54 John Broderick Public house
55 Timothy Purcell private dwelling
56 James Sullivan same
57 Honora Keane same
58 Thomas Dowd same
59 Catherine Kearns shop
60 Joseph Dolan private dwelling
61 Mary O'Connor grocer's shop
62 uninhabited private dwelling
63 Michael Leahy private dwelling
64 James Carroll same
65 William Cannavan same
John Godfrey
66 Thomas Pierse same
67 Mary O'Connor same
68 Edward O'Connor same
69 uninhabited same
70 William Twomey Public house
71 Michael Costelloe private dwelling
John Kiely
72 Joseph Wilmott private dwelling
73 John Browne Victualler's shop
74 Cornelius Farrell Harness maker's shop
house# Name Building
75 Michael Barry private dwelling
76 Evell Leahy Public house
77 Mary Kelly private dwelling
78 Daniel Sweeney tailor's shop
79 Michael Quill carpenter's shop
80 Thomas Grogan tailor's shop
81 Mary Buckley Public house
82 Mary O'Brien Eating house
83 Ellen Whelan private dwelling
84 Thomas McGrath Restaurant
Julia O'Connor
85 Thomas McElligott private dwelling
86 Thomas Stack private dwelling
87 Garrett Sayers private dwelling
Margaret O'Reilly
Edward Brandon
88 Catherine Banyane store
89 John Barrett tailor's shop
90 Michael Keane shoemaker's shop
91 Johanna Shanahan shop
John Griffin
92 William Leahy Public house
93 uninhabited  
94 Timothy Lehane private dwelling
95 James Kenny private dwelling
96 James O'Hanlon Fish and fruit shop
97 Michael Kennelly private dwelling
Edmond Lacy
Daniel McCarthy
Thomas Carey
98 Patrick Loughnane shop
99 Patrick Harnett shoemaker's shop
house #  Name Building
100 James Barry shoemaker's shop
101 Mary Costelloe Public house
102 William Kinny Victualler's shop
103 Mary O'Flaherty shop
104 James Enright public house
105 Patrick Kearney Book shop
106 Timothy Moylneax shop
107 James Bunyane Public house
108 Jeremiah J. Larkin Public house
Eugene O'Connell
Kate Driscoll
109 Matthew Finucane Drapers's shop
110 John O'Shea Public house
Mary O'Keefe
Mary Cremmen
111 Elizabeth Loughnane Public house
112 uninhabited  
113 uninhabited  
114 John C. Harnett Public house
115 Patrick Corridan Public house
116 Jeremiah Buckley Draper's shop and Town Hall
Elizabeth McMahon
Gertrude Clancy
117 Thomas McAuliff Stationer's shop
118 James O'Conner Bacon shop
119 Martin Sheehy grocer's shop
120 Jeremiah Hayes Flour store
121 John Reidy Egg and Feather shop
122 uninhabited  
123 Margaret O'Carroll Public house
124 Thomas Hayes private dwelling
125 Male National School #42


Market Street, Listowel, Listowel Parish
house #NameBuilding
1 Thomas Gibson Drapery
2 Johanna McKenna Hard ware shop
3 Bridget McDonnell Victualler's shop
4 Gerald L Stack Chemist shop
5 Margaret Eggleston Public house
6 John Murphy Hard ware
7 Kate O'Sullivan Public house
8 John Davis shop
9 ? Public house
10 William Maher same
11 Patrick Scanlon same
12 Edward Moran Draper shop
13 Michael O'Connor Hotel
14 John Bunyan private dwelling
15 Bridget ? shop
16 Michael Corsiden shop
17 Mary O'Brien private dwelling
18 Patrick O'Connor shop
19 Patrick Stokes private dwelling
20 John O'Sullivan Public house
21 Margaret Moroney shop
22 Kate Griffin shop


Lane at rear of Market Street, Listowel, Listowel Parish
house #NameBuildingLandholder
1 Maurice Sullivan private dwelling
Johanna Dillon  
2 unoccupied Timber and saw mill John Fahey of William St.
3 unoccupied Black smith forge Patrick Connor of Convent Lane
4 unoccupied Slaughter house Michael McDonnell of Church St.
5 unoccupied private dwelling


Convent Lane, Listowel, Listowel Parish
house #NameBuilding
1 John Carroll private dwelling
2 Cornelius Kennelly same
3 Denis Neligan same
4 Johanna McCarthy same
5 Kate Murphy same
6 John Daly same
7 Mary Hayes same
8 Edward McCarthy same
Kate O'Sullivan same
9 Julia Dee same
10 Martin Ashe same
11 Benjamin Foly same
12 James Cotter same
13 Garrett Cotter same
14 Michael Hennessy same
Thomas Carroll
15 Maurice Nugent same
16 John Moynahan same
17 Catherine Quirk same
18 Patrick Pelican same
19 John Moran same
Daniel Holly
20 Timothy Keller? same
21 James Costelloe same
22 John Mackeesy same
James Fitzgerald
23 William Fitzmaurice same
24 Michael Leane same
25 Johanna Murphy same
26 John Patt same
27 Thomas Casey same
James O'Brien
28 John Connor same
29 Patrick Allen same
30 Mary Kennell same
Michael Gleason
31 Timothy Allen same
32 Michael Somers same
33 Michael Shea same
34 Ellen O'Connor same
35 Matthew Banyane Same
36 Thomas Granville private dwelling
37 William Barteshette same
38 Stephen Connor same
39 Edmond Murphy same
40 Hannah Barry same
41 Bernard Murphy same
42 Patrick Connor same
43 Thomas Callaghan same
44 Mary Diggins same
45 James Crowley same
46 Mary Barteshette same
47 Patrick Healy same
48 Catherine Mulvihill same
49 James Connor same
50 Thomas Boland same
51 John O'Connor same
52 Thomas O'Connor same


no street name, Urban Listowel, Listowel Civil Parish
house # Name Building Landholder
1 Mary Shea private dwelling Earl of Listowel
2 Bridget Collins same
3 Denis McGrath same
4 Patrick Rowan same
5 Wilson McCaracken same
6 Ellen O'Keeffe same
7 Jeremiah Nolan same
8 Patrick Broder same
9 Mary Quilter same
10 Mary McDonnell same
11 Michael Moran same
12 Mary Talbot same
13 Edward Broder same
14 Thomas Carroll same
15 Mary Stack same
16 Cornelius Halpin same
17 Mary Dowde same
18 Johanna Granville same
19 Mary Jones same
20 John Relihan same David Collins of Listowel
21 Jeremiah Gearan same Earl of Listowel
22 Margaret Gun same
23 Kate Sheehan same
24 Deborah O'Halloran same
25 Patrick Bunce same
26 Mary Foley same
27 Margaret O'Sullivan same
28 Kate Barrett same
29 Mary Fitzgerald same
30 Francis Grans same
31 Mary Enright same
32 Mary Hannon same
33 Samuel McCormack same Earl of Listowel
34 Gate Lodge  
35 Matthew Daly Court house
36 Michael Ambrose Railway Station GS & W Railway
37 unoccupied private dwelling Listowel/ Ballybunion Railway St.

This data was transcribed and contributed by Anne Livak.
This page created October, 1999, for County Kerry, Ireland at


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