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Griffiths and Later Valuations

Brosna Civil Parish 1848-1864

Two contributions comprise this extraction of Brosna Civil Parish households from Griffith's Index 1848-1864. Dan Sullivan's contribution is an alphabetical list of the heads of households in all townlands. Ray Marshall's is a transcription of the full records from Brosna townlands and town. For these townlands, the alphabetical list is not provided.

Cahill Bridget Kearin Thomas
Cahill Ellen Lane Timothy
Cahill Michael Leahy John
Curtin Bartholomew Murphy John
Curtin David Murphy Richard
Curtin John Murphy Thomas
Curtin John O'Connor Catherine
Curtin William O'Neill Humphrey
Daly Denis Sheehan Denis
Hickey Laurence

Lot Occupier Lessor Description Area Land Value Building Value
No.on map Name Name House Office Land Garden acres-roods-perches pounds-shillings-pence

Brosna, East Townland, Castleisland Civil Parish, Truaghanacmy Barony (Ord. S. 32 & 24
1ADenis RahilyMaurice SandesH O L2-3-270-7-0-
Bdittoditto 18-1-215-10-00 0-13-0
2AThomas NelligandittoH O L2-1-356-11-00-
Badittoditto 19-1-165-5-000-9-0
BbWilliam TobinThomas NelliganHouse--0-8-0
BcCornelius MullanedittoH G0-0-390-2-00-6-0
3William NelliganMaurice SandesH O L40-2-6 14-10-01-0-0
4ANicH O Las CotterdittoLand2-0-80-10-0-
 Daniel CurtinNicH O Las CotterLand 0-10-0-
BaNicH O Las CotterMaurice SandesH L37-0-235-0-0 0-12-0
BbDaniel CurtinNicH O Las CotterH O L 5-0-0 0-10-0
BcHonoria GeaneydittoH G0-0-250-1-00-6-0
BdDenis RochedittoH G0-2-230-5-00-6-0
BeVacantJames CotterHouse--0-6-0
BgJohn Collins (Rue)NicH O Las CotterH G0-0-320-1-0 0-6-0
--James CotterMaurice SandesGarden0-0-330-2-0 --
5AEllen RahillydittoH O L2-0-150-7-0-
Badittoditto 48-0-2810-0-0 0-18-0
BbJohn EnrightEllen RahillyHouse--0-12-0
6AWilliam CotterMaurice SandesH O L2-0-100-10-0-
BaWilliam Cotterditto 54-1-1410-5-001-0-0
BbMaurice KearinWm. Cotter & OthersH G0-0-300-1-00-7-0
7AJames CotterMaurice SandesH O L3-0-220-12-0-
Bdittoditto 51-0-3611-10-00 0-18-0
8AEdward SheehandittoH O L3-1-280-8-0-
Badittoditto 37-3-189-10-001-2-00
BbVacantEdward SheehanHouse--0-5-0
9aMargaret CahillMaurice SandesH O L42-1-35 4-12-00-8-0
bThadeus Cahill H O L 4-12-000-13-0
cVacantMgt. & Thad. CahillHouse--0-6-0
10Thomas SheehanWilliam CotterHouse pt. & L1-1-070-9-0 0-12-0
 Catherine MahoneydittoHouse pt. & L0-1-10-2-0 
11Maurice KearinWilliam Cotter et al.Land2-3-060-15-0-
12David Cartin (Darby)NicH O Las CotterLand2-0-25 0-12-0-
13John CollinsdittoLand5-3-151-8-00-
aCornelius CollinsJohn CollinsH O L- -0-6-0
14Daniel LyneNicH O Las CotterLand2-0-250-14-0-
15Cornelius GuineydittoH O L4-1-211-5-000-7-0
16John EnrightEllen RahillyLand1-2-330-8-0-
17AElizabeth SullivanMaurice SandesH O L3-2-388-5-00 -
Bditto  38-0-288-5-00 0-18-0
18AWilliam CahilldittoLand5-0-70-10-0-
 Thomas Cahillditto  0-10-0-
BaWilliam CahilldittoH O L59-3-147-0-0 0-10-0
BbThomas CahilldittoH O L 7-0-0 0-15-0
BcMary DalyWm. & Thos. CahillHouse- -0-5-0
BdDenis LynedittoHouse--0-6-0
19Honoria GeaneyMaurice SandesH O L46-3-2911-15-001-0-0
20AJohanna SullivandittoH O L11-2-241-15-00-
Bdittoditto 61-1-1114-0-01-0-0
AElizabeth SullivandittoGarden0-1-20-2-0-


Brosna, West Townland, Castleisland Civil Parish, Truaghanacmy Barony (Ord. S. 32 & 24)
1aDaniel SheehanMaurice SandesH O L121-1-1828-5-02-0-0
bVacantDaniel SheehanHouse--0-6-0
2AThomas SheehanMaurice SandesLand2-3-370-4-0-
 Laurence Curtindittoditto 0-4-0-
2BThomas Sheehandittoditto127-2-1916-0-0-
zLaurence Curtindittoditto 16-0-0-
2CThomas Sheehandittoditto10-0-381-0-0-
 Laurence Curtindittoditto 1-0-0-
2DaJohn ReganThomas SheehanHouse--0-4-0
2DbArthur KeeffedittoH G0-1-30-2-00-6-0
2DcPatrick ConnordittoH G0-0-340-1-00-5-0
3John Curtin (Oge)Rev. Edward NewmanLand (glebe)1-2-241-0-0-
 Thomas Sheehandittoditto1-0-260-15-0-
 Mary Sheehandittoditto0-3-00-9-0-
 John Coleloghdittoditto0-0-190-2-0-
4AaDaniel LyneMaurice SandesH O L126-0-114-10-01-5-00
4AbDenis LynedittoH O L 7-5-001-0-0
4BDaniel LynedittoLand12-2-140-16-8-
 Denis LynedittoLand 0-8-0-
4AcVacantThomas SheehanHouse--0-12-0
4AdDenis GraneyDaniel LyneH G0-0-200-1-00-12-0
4AeBartH O Lomew CurtindittoH G0-0-180-1-00-7-0
5John CollinsdittoLand1-1-230-13-0-
6AaDaniel HartnettMaurice SandesH O L64-1-218-0-00-10-0
6Bdittoditto 12-1-041-10-00-
6AbPatrick HartnettDaniel HartnettH G0-0-190-1-00-12-0
7AaGeo. Callaghan (Daniel)Maurice SandesH O L65-2-817-0-00-10-0
7Bditto  10-1-381-10-00-
7AbVacantGeo. Callaghan (Daniel)House--0-6-0
8AGeorge JohnsonMaurice SandsLand32-0-186-15-00-
8AaCornelius CallaghanGeorge JohnsonHouse--0-10-0
8AbJohn Collinsdittoditto--0-7-0
9aJohn LaneMaurice SandesH O L108-2-255-0-01-0-0
9bCatherine CallaghandittoH L 10-0-00-12-0
9cRichard CollinsdittoH L 5-0-00-10-0
10Patrick ConnellGeorge CallaghanH L4-1-330-16-00-6-0
11Denis DowneyGeo. Callaghan (Daniel)H L7-2-221-8-000-7-0
12David Curtin (Darby)dittoH O L14-1-112-2-000-8-0
13Patrick DowneyThomas SheehanH O L65-0-94-15-000-15-0


Brosna Village Townland, Castleisland Civil Parish, Truaghanacmy Barony
14-1Denis FinneganThomas SheehanH G0-0-80-2-00-4-0
14-2Daniel HickeydittoH& Sm. G--0-14-0
14-3John Curtin (Oge)Maurice SandesH&O--1-0-0
14-4Johanna ConnorThomas SheehanHouse--0-8-0
14-5VacantdittoH G0-0-130-3-00-11-0
14-6William DevaneDaniel Sheehanditto0-0-110-4-00-8-0
14-7James Buckleydittoditto0-0-130-3-01-2-00
14-8Laurence CurtinMaurice SandesHOG0-0-160-3-01-7-00
14-9Thomas SheehandittoHouse--0-8-0
14-10Michael CollinsDaniel LyneHouse (in progress)-- 
14-11William NeillJohn CollinsHouse--0-6-0
14-12Timothy Hourandittoditto--0-5-0
14-13Michael Leahydittoditto--0-4-0
14-14Timothy Sullivandittoditto--0-6-0
14-15David Curtindittoditto--0-15-0
14-16John CollinsDaniel LyneHOG0-0-90-2-00-8-0
14-17Ellen TuomydittoHouse--0-8-0
14-18Daniel LyneMaurice SandesH G0-0-90-2-00-6-0
14-19Thomas KearinDaniel LyneHOG0-0-240-3-01-12-00
14-20Michael SullivandittoH G0-0-180-2-00-8-0
14-21 Maurice SandesRC Chapel0-1-00-5-04-15-00
14-22John ColeloughJohn Curtin (Oge)HOG0-0-100-2-01-6-00
14-23Cornelius MurphyJohn CurtinH G0-0-130-3-00-9-0
14-24Thomas SheehanMaurice SandesHouse--0-7-0
14-25Thomas SheehandittoHOY--2-5-00
14-26Mary SheehandittoHouse--0-16-0
14-27Laurence Curtindittoditto--0-6-0
14-28Thomas W. ConnorDaniel SheehanH G0-0-120-4-00-6-0
14-29Connor CallaghandittoHouse--0-5-0
14-30VacantThomas Sheehanditto--0-8-0
14-31Philip ConnorDaniel Sheehanditto--0-8-0
 Waste  1-3-12  
Totals   894-2-13165-6-032-6-0


Callaghan Johanna Murphy Denis
Curtin David Murphy Patrick
Curtin Ellen O'Connor John
Dempsey John O'Connor Patrick
Fitzgerald Catherine O'Connor Philip Jr.
King John O'Connor Philip Sr.
Leahy William Rahilly William

Daly John Jr. Murphy William
Daly John Sr. O'Connor James
Guiney James

Brown Bartholomew Leahy Michael
Cahill William McAuliffe Timothy
Curtin William Mullowney Michael
Daly Bartholomew O'Connor Philip
Downey John O'Connor Philip Jr.

Barrett John Leane Daniel
Breen Michael Leane Denis
Casey Denis Leane Ellen
Casey Patrick Leane Hanora
Collins Ellen Leane John
Collins Patrick Leane Patrick
Cotter Garrett Leane Patrick
Curtin Mary Leane William
Duran Edmond Morrissy John
Keane James O'Connor John
King Jeremiah O'Connor Mary
Leane Daniel O'Keefe Luke

Kilmaniheen East
Broderick John Leane John
Broderick William Murphy Edmond
Brosnahan Denis Murphy Patrick
Browne John Murphy Thomas
Collins Daniel Naughtin Rev. Richard
Daly Johanna O'Connor Denis
Delane John O'Connor Jeremiah
Downey John O'Connor John
Greaney Catherine O'Connor John
Greaney Ellen O'Connor Mary
Heffernan Patrick O'Connor Maurice
Houran Thomas O'Connor Michael
Keane James O'Connor Patrick
Keane James O'Connor Thadeus
Keane Jeremiah O'Sullivan Michael
Keane Jeremiah Ready Edmond
Keane John Roche Margaret
Keane John Roche William
Keane Martin Tobin Daniel
Keane Martin

Kilmaniheen West
Brosnahan Hanora McCarty Michael
Carroll John Morissy Hanora
Carroll Patrick Morissy Johanna
Collins Andrew Murphy Daniel
Collins Catherine Murphy Ellen
Collins Johanna Murphy John
Cotter Jeremiah Norman Rev. Edward
Cotter William Nowlan Daniel
Counehan John O'Connell Daniel
Cronin Cornelius O'Connell John
Cronin Daniel O'Connell Michael
Daly John O'Connor Catherine
Doody Mary O'Connor Hugh
Downey Jeremiah O'Connor Johanna
Duggan Mary O'Connor John
Fitzgerald John O'Connor Michael
Flynn William O'Keefe Cornelius
Foley Jeremiah O'Keefe Daniel
Forehan Daniel O'Keefe Edward
Gleason John O'Keefe Ellen
Hartnett John O'Keefe Francis
Hartnett Maurice O'Keefe John
Healy Patrick O'Keefe Patrick
Heirlehy John O'Roarke Andrew
Heirlehy Michael O'Roarke Owen
Keane Deborah O'Sullivan Michael
Keane Timothy Roche Elizabeth
Leary James Talbot David
Mannix John Tobin James
McCarthy Florence

Colclough John Moriarty Maurice
Evans Michael O'Connor Jeremiah
Hourin David O'Connor John
Kerby Jeremiah Roche David
Kerby John Roche William
Leane Ellen Scanlan Daniel
Moore Henry Walsh John

Cahill Michael O'Connell Mary
Curtin Hanora O'Connell Philip
Daly John Riordan Cornelius
Guiney Catherine Riordan Daniel
Guiney Denis Riordan John
Guiney John Riordan Patrick
McAuliffe Johanna Riordan William
O'Connell Ellen Shine Jeremiah

Barry John Horian Richard
Barry Margaret
Barry Patrick Keane Hanora
Breen Michael Leahy John
Brosnahan Cornelius McCormack William
Brosnahan Hugh Morrissy Hanora
Brosnahan Jeremiah Morrissy John
Brosnahan Maurice Morrissy Michael
Brosnahan Patrick Murphy Denis
Brosnahan Timothy Murphy John
Brosnahan0 William Murphy Mary
Casey Catherine Nowlan Thomas
Collins Ellen O'Connell John
Cotter Ellen O'Connor Bryan
Cotter John Jr. O'Connor Cornelius
Cotter John Sr O'Connor Denis
Cotter Richard O'Connor Hugh
Cronin Daniel O'Connor John
Curtin Daniel O'Keefe Timothy
Doody Michael O'Neill John
Doody Timothy O'Sullivan Humphrey
Downey Denis O'Sullivan Jeremiah
Downey John O'Sullivan Patrick
Downey John Pigott Patrick
Falvey John Savage Thomas
Greaney Cornelius Stack William
Greaney James Thompson Hanora
Griffin Patrick Walsh Michael
Griffin Thomas Walsh Robert
Hickey Laurence Walsh Thomas

Evans Michael Scanlon Edmond Houran John

Callaghan George McAuliffe Cornelius
Callaghan George Moriarty Maurice
Curtin John Roche William

Callaghan George Leane Eneas
Casey Eliza O'Connor James
Curtin John

Colclough John O'Connor John
Keane James O'Connor John
Leahy David O'Keefe Francis
McCarthy Edward Walsh John
Moriarty Maurice

Cahill William Leane William
Casey Eliza O'Connor Ellen
Casey John O'Connor James
Curtin Cornelius O'Connor Jeremiah
Hourin David Reagan ?
Kirby Jeremiah

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