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Two contributions comprise this extraction of Brosna Civil Parish households from Griffith's Index 1848-1864. Dan Sullivan's contribution is an alphabetical list of the heads of households in all townlands. Ray Marshall's is a transcription of the full records from Brosna townlands and town. For these, the alphabetical list is not provided.

Brown Patrick O'Sullivan John
Doody William O'Sullivan John
Falvy Jeremiah O'Sullivan Timothy
Fitzgerald James Walsh John
Fitzgerald Richard Walsh Mary
Fitzmaurice Ellen Walsh Michael
Hierlihy Michael Walsh Patrick
Horgan Philip Walsh Robert
McAuliffe Patrick

Daley Denis O'Connell Philip
Daley John O'Connor Michael
Hourin Cornelius O'Connor Thaddeus
Hourin William O'Connor Thaddeus Jr.
Leane Denis O'Connor Timothy
Leane Ellen Pembroke Daniel
Lynch Daniel Pembroke Daniel Jr.
Lynch Edward Ready Daniel
Murphy Bartholemew Shanahan Jeremiah
Murphy Hanora Shanahan Richard
Murphy Patrick Walsh John
Nowlin Martin

Horgan Denis O'Leary Ellen
Lombard John Powell John
O'Connell John

Barrett Timothy Moynahan Elizabeth
Brosnahan Denis Moynahan Thaddeus
Callaghan Timothy O'Connor Bridget
Carmody Thomas O'Connor Cornelius
Flemming John O'Connor James
headley Lady Anne O'Connor Matthew
Herlihy Daniel O'Connor Philip
Herlihy John Jr. O'Connor Timothy
Hickey James Ready Hanora
Hickey James Jr. Ready James
Hickey Laurence Ready John
Hourin Thaddeus Ready Julia
Keane Callaghan Walsh Daniel
Keane Ellen Walsh Michael
Kearney Thomas Walsh Robert
Leane Eneas Walsh William
Moore Henry

Daly Timothy Hourin Anne
Fitzgerald John Roche John
Foley Timothy
Kelleher William Lombard John
O'Sullivan Hanora

Greany Timothy Kearn John
Hoare James Keilleher Maurice
Houran Mary O'Connor Jeremiah
Houran Thaddeus Shanahan Timothy
Clancy James Pembroke Daniel
Moore Edmond Pembroke Daniel Jr.
Nelligan Michael Prenderville Simon
Nowlan Martin Ready Daniel
O'Connor James Roche Redmond
O'Connor James


Bailey William O'Keefe Francis
Begley Thomas Walsh Edmond
Brown Daniel Walsh Edmond Jr.
Collins Hanora Walsh John
Delane Matthew Walsh Judith
Greaney Bridget Walsh Patrick
Herlihy Patrick Walsh Patrick
Herlihy Patrick Jr. Walsh Patrick
Leahy Patrick Walsh Robert
Mangan John
Greaney Daniel O'Connoll Michael
Greaney Maurice O'Connoll Peter
Lenahan Timothy O'Connor William
Murphy John O'Sullivan Daniel
Murphy Patrick Sweeny Timothy
O'Connoll Maurice

Bresnahan John Hussey James
Burke John Lawler Patrick
Callanan Dominick Lehane Timothy
Costelloe William O'Connor Charles
Crowley Mary O'Connor Jeremiah
Heffernan John O'Connor John
Hogan Edward Prenderville Maurice
Houran John Rice David
Hussey Catherine
Cahereen West
Casey John O'Connor Margaret
Collins Mary Powell John
Fitzgerald Patrick Ready Jeremiah
Houran Anne Ready Maurice
Loughnane David Roche Redmond
Nolan Daniel Jr. Wren Matthew

Bradley Bartholomew Hewson G. M.
Bradley John Mahony Bryan
Dillane Martin
Camp East
Mahony James

Ahern John Kearney John
Backley John Kennelly Nicholas
Bresnahan Cornelius King John
Browne Elizabeth McCarthy Ellen
Cronin Jeremiah Morisey Geoffrey
Dunleavy Jeremiah Moynahan Andrew
Harnett William O'Connor Daniel
Hartnett Edward O'Connor Hugh
Kearin Maurice Sweeney Mary

Town of Castleisland
Ashcroft John Leary Daniel
Baily William Leary Hanora
Barry James Leehy Patrick
Barry Johhana Leeson Robert M.
Barry Joseph Leonard William
Barry William Leyne John
Bianconi Charles Lombard Anne
Bradley Giles Long Johanna
Bresnahan Cornelius Mahony John
Bresnahan Daniel McAuliffe Mary
Bresnahan Edward McCarthy Justin
Bresnahan Hugh McCarthy Margaret
Bresnahan Johanna McDonald John
Bresnahan John Moore Edward
Bresnahan Patrick Moore Edward
Bresnahan Patrick Moynahan Andrew
Bumver John Moynahan Dermot
Burke Mary Moynahan Michael
Burke Redmond Moynahan Patrick
Burke Redmond Murphy Jeremiah
Cahill John Murphy John
Cahill Thomas Murphy Patrick
Calinan Mary Murphy Sarah
Callaghan Cornelius Murphy Thomas
Callaghan Daniel Murphy Timothy
Callaghan Denis Murphy Timothy
Callaghan George Neligan David
Callinan Patrick Neligan Mary
Callinan Patrick Neligan Maurice
Callinan William Neligan Michael
Casey Daniel Neligan Michael
Casey John Neligan Michael
Casey John Norris Mary
Casey Patrick Nowlan Daniel
Chute Richard Nowlan John
Clifford William O'Brien Elizabeth
Coffey Daniel O'Brien Michael
Coffey Daniel O'Connell Denis
Colclough Jeremiah O'Connell Ellen
Collins Mary O'Connell John
Collins Michael O'Connell Maurice
Collins William O'Connor Brien
Crean Timothy O'Connor Charles
Cullerton Eugene O'Connor Charles
Curtin Denis O'Connor Cornelius
Dehaney Timothy O'Connor Hanora
Denahy Ellen O'Connor James
Denahy Philip O'Connor James
Desmond Margaret O'Connor John
Devane James O'Connor John
Devane John O'Connor John
Devane Mary O'Connor John
Devane Thaddeus O'Connor John K.
Dobbins Emily O'Connor Kerry
Dobbins Robert O'Connor Margaret
Doherty Maurice O'Connor Mary
Donovan John O'Connor Michael
Doran John O'Connor Michael
Dowling Patrick O'Connor Thaddeus
Dunne Margaret O'Connors William
Dunne William O'Keefe Daniel
Eagar Edward O'Keefe Daniel
Fitzgerald John O'Keefe Daniel
Fitzgerald Thaddeus O'Leary Cornelius
Fitzgerald William O'Leary Rev.Jeremiah
Gallavan Patrick O'Sullivan Catherine
Gallavan Patrick O'Sullivan Daniel
Giles Jane O'Sullivan Denis
Griffin James O'Sullivan Jeremiah
Guinnea Mary O'Sullivan William
Harrington Thomas Prendervile Denis
Harrold Richard Prenderville Margaret
Healy Patrick Prenderville Simon
Herlihy James Quinlan Catherine
Herlihy Michael Rahilly John
Hickey Daniel Ready Daniel
Hickey David Ready Jeremiah
Hoare Hanora Ready Johanna
Hoare James Ready Maurice
Hogan Daniel Ready Maurice M.
Hogan John Ready Michael
Hoolahan Denis Ready Thomas
Horan Anne Riordan John
Horan Charles Riordan John
Horan Ellen Riordan Peter
Horan Johanna Roche Bridget
Horan John Roche Catherine
Horan Maurice Roche David
Horan Timothy Roche Redmond
Horan William Roche Redmond
Hussey Catherine Savage Patrick
Irwin William Scott Michael
Kearin John Sheehy Daniel
Kearney Denis Sparks Richard
Kelly Michael Sweeney Michael
Kelly Muttaugh Sweeny Alice
Kelly Thomas Sweeny Margaret
Kennea Timothy Talbot John
Kenny Hanora Talbot William
Kerney Margaret Thompson Alexander
Knight Mary Toumey Daniel
Landers Margaret Toumey Mary
Latchford James Toumey William
Latchford John Wallace James
Lawlor Daniel Walsh James
Lawlor Michael Walsh John
Leahy Patrick Wren Matthew
Leane John Wren Thomas

Boyle William Murphy Cornelius
Clancy Daniel Murphy Kerry
Fitzgerald Patrick O'Brien James
Griffin Patrick O'Connell Denis
Knight Mary O'Connor Charles
Leehy Patrick Ready Johanna
Moore Mary Toumy Timothy
Curtin Thomas Mahony John
Hogan Patrick

Brown Maurice O'Connor Bryan
Curtain Daniel O'Connor Thomas
Curtain Patrick O'Shea Michael
Daly Timothy O'Sullivan Charles
Houran Patrick O'Sullivan Daniel
Hussey Mary O'Sullivan John
Leeson Robert M. Prenderville Maurice
O'Connell Michael Riordan Owen

Crinny East
Collins James Houran Daniel
Hickey John Houran Timothy
Hickey Laurence O'Sullivan Johanna
Hicky Mary
Crinny West
Bresnahan John Murphy Denis
Hickey Cornelius O'Connor Denis
Hickey John O'Sullivan Daniel
Murphy Daniel

Doolaig North
Devane Darby O'Connor James
Gleeson Patrick O'Connor Thomas
Lenahan Denis Riordan James
Lenahan Timothy Roche David
Moriarty Maurice Savage Michael
Mulcahy David Sweeney Bryan
Doolaig South
Dennahy William Murphy Patrick
Gallivan Jeremiah O'Connor Thomas
Lombard John O'Rourke Timothy
Lombard Nickolas O'Sullivan John
Lucy Daniel Reidy Daniel
Mulcahy David Riordan James
Murphy Margaret


Bresnahan Bridget Nolin Martin
Costelloe Thomas O'Connell Philip
Curtain Timothy O'Connor Mary
Eagan Patrick O'Grady Denis
Hartnett John O'Sullivan Daniel
headley Lady Anne O'Sullivan John
Hickey David Pembroke Daniel
Kelliher Maurice Pembroke Daniel Jr.
Leahy Ellen Powell John
Leeson James Ready Daniel
Lombard John Ready Daniel Jr.
Lynch Daniel Shanahan Edmond
Lynch Edmond Shanahan John
Lynch John Toumey Cornelius
Neagle Thomas

Bresnahan John Hussey John
Callaghan Jeremiah McCarthy Ellen
Callaghan John McGrath Thomas
Crowley Denis Murphy Timothy
Dunleavy Jeremiah O'Connor Daniel
Fitzgerald John O'Sullivan Patrick
Fitzgerald John Jr. Ready Daniel
Fitzgerald Nicholas Ryan John
Houran Jeremiah Shermock Thomas
Houran Thomas

Bresnahan Thaddeus Houran Charles
Daly Andrew O'Connor James
Daly Timothy O'Connor Jeremiah
Flynn Maurice O'Connor Thomas
Houran Charles Quinlan Daniel

Bresnahan Terence O'Connor Cornelius
Bresnahan Thomas

Collins Patrick O'Sullivan Patrick
Geaney Bridget Walsh Edward
Heirlihy Catherine Walsh John
Heirlihy Johanna Walsh Michael
Heirlihy John Walsh Patrick
Heirlihy Patrick Jr. Walsh Patrick
Heirlihy Patrick Sr. Walsh Patrick
Leahy Patrick Walsh Redmond
Mangan John Walsh Robert
McEnnery James

Burke Patrick Manix Daniel
Burke Redmond McCarthy John
Cronin Catherine McCarthy Owen
Healy John Moynahan Andrew
Kelliher Jeremiah O'Connor Ellen
Kelliher John Shanahan William
Kelliher Maurice Shealy John
Lombard John Toumy Cornelius
Lynch Ellen
King Mary O'Connor Charles
Kirby James O'Connor Michael
Kirby Laurence O'Connor Philip
Morrissy Michael O'Connor Timothy
Moynahan Thaddeus O'Shea Hanora
O'Connor Bartholomew O'Sullivan James
O'Connor Catherine Walsh Edmond Jr.
O'Connor Charles

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