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Castleisland Civil Parish

Townlands: A - G | Kealgorm-Tullig

Two contributions comprise this extraction of Brosna Civil Parish households from Griffith's Index 1848-1864. Dan Sullivan's contribution is an alphabetical list of the heads of households in all townlands. Ray Marshall's is a transcription of the full records from Brosna townlands and town. For these, the alphabetical list is not provided.

Burke William Leahy Patrick

Bresnahan John Maunsell Rev. Fras
O'Connell John Maunsell Rev. Frass
O'Connor Bryan Murphy Denis
O'Connor Thomas Roche John
Gleeson Robert M. Roche Redmond
Houran Daniel Scollard William
Houran Michael O'Sullivan Andrew
Houran William O'Sullivan Patrick
Hussey Mary

Gallavan Denis Mahony Jeremiah
Harley Thomas Nelligan Michael
Harrington Bridget Rooney Elizabeth
O'Connell John O'Leary Rev Jeremiah
Harrington John Riordan Daniel
Knight Mary


Claney Michael Leehy Daniel
Divane John Nelligan Michael
Hartnett Edward Roche Catherine
Hoare Thomas
Casey Martin O'Neil John
Leane John O'Sullivan Jeremiah

Bresnahan William Hoaran William
Casey Timothy Leeson Robert M.
Hoaran John Regan Bartholomew
Hoaran Charles Scollard James
Hoaran Charles O'Shea John
Hoaran Cornelius O'Sullivan Charles

Dillane John Stokes George D.
Geaney John Sugrue Jeremiah

O'Connor Michael Prenderville Mary
O'Connor Timothy Shanahan Jeremiah
headley Lady Anne Shanahan Richard
Jones Bryan O'Shea Michael
Kearin Ulick O'Sullivan Maurice
Leahy Jeremiah O'Sullivan Maurice Jr.
Murphy Patrick
Bradley John Kerwick Michael
Bradley Michael Langford Francis
Casey James Mahony Jeremiah
O'Connor William McCarthy Owen
Donohoe Daniel McMahon John
Fitzgerald Margaret McMahon Michael
Forehan Matthew Prenderville James
Hourin Hanora Rahilly John
Kearrin Johanna O'Shea Mary
Kerrin Johanna


Lot Occupier Lessor Description Area Land Value Building Value
No.on map Name Name House Office Land Garden acres-roods-perches pounds-shillings-pence

Knocknagashel East Townland, Castleisland Civil Parish, Truaghanacmy Barony (Ord. S. 23)
1AJulia WalshLady Anne HeadleyLand20-3-66-5-00-
1Bditto  12-2-322-2-00-
2Edmont Walsh Land33-2-06-5-0 
3AMatthew Dilane Land20-0-273-15-0 
Bditto ditto14-2-62-10-0 
4aJohn Brown H O L17-1-204-0-00-17-0
bBridget Brown H G0-0-360-2-00-5-0
-Patrick Leahy Garden0-0-350-1-0 
5Honoria BrowndittoH O L8-2-052-2-000-10-0
6Joseph ConneldittoO&L32-1-75-0-00-7-0
7Timothy ShinedittoH O L21-3-333-0-00-12-0
8Daniel ConnordittoLand 9-1-171-5-00
9John Connor (Day)dittoLand 29-3-147-0-0
 BartH O Lomew Connor     
10John Connor (Day)dittoLand20-0-55-15-0 
avacantJohn Connor (Day)House 0-18-0 
11aJames Connor jun.Lady Anne HeadleyH O L52-3-35-10-001-0-0
bBartH O Lomiew Connor H O L5-10-001-0-0 
12aWilliam MayberrydittoH O L50-2-1613-10-01-15-00
bCatherine WalshWilliam MayberryH O L10-Feb0-5-00-10-0
cMary KeanedittoHouse  0-5-0
dMichael ReadyLady Anne HeadleyHouse   0-6-0
eJohn GriffindittoHouse  0-10-0
fTimothy HourindittoHouse  0-7-0
-Patrick KeanedittoGarden 0-2-140-6-0
13aEllen KeanedittoH O L64-2-2415-5-02-0-0
bPatrick KeaneEllen KeaneHouse  0-6-0
-Richard CotterJames ThompsonGarden 0-2-260-6-0
14Maurice MurphyLady Anne HeadleyLand 16-3-204-10-00
15Anne MurphydittoLand 8-1-252-5-0
Totals   435-2-2196-9-0107-14-0


Knocknagashel West Townland, Castleisland Civil Parish, Truaghanacmy Barony (Ord. S. 23)
1Patrick LeahyLady Anne HeadlyLand77-2-3810-5-00-
1aEdmund MorriseyPatrick LeahyH G1-1-190-6-00-6-0
1bHonoria Connorditto 0-0-70-1-00-6-0
2Laurence KirbyLady Anne HeadleyLand37-3-331-10-00 
 James Kirby  ditto-1-10-0-
3Laurence Kirbydittoditto20-1-302-15-00-
4Michael Connordittoditto26-2-320-15-0-
 Timothy Connor  -0-15-0-
5John KirbydittoH O L44-1-185-15-001-0-0
6aVacantJohn KirbyHouse--0-18-0
7Cornelius ConnorLady Anne HeadleyLand44-2-80-4-0-
 Daniel Connor Land -0-4-0-
 Maurice Connor Land-0-4-0-
8Cornelius ConnordittoLand59-1-160-14-0-
 Daniel Connor Land-0-14-0-
 Maurice Connor Land-0-14-0-
9ADaniel ConnordittoH O L1-2-370-7-0-
9BdittodittoH O L2-2-140-10-0 
9CdittodittoH O L22-1-46-0-0 
9DdittodittoH O L1-2-71-0-0 
9EadittodittoH O L2-0-150-1001-0-0

9FdittodittoH O L
9EbCornelius ConnordittoHOG
10Bditto Land
10Cditto Land
11aMaurice ConnordittoH O L
11bJohanna ConnordittoHouse
12Maurice ReadydittoH L
13Timothy ReadydittoH L
14John SullivandittoH L
15AJohn BrowndittoLand
15BJohn BrowndittoLand
16Honoria BrowndittoLand
17Joseph ConnelldittoH O L
 David ReadydittoLand
18AThomas BroderJ Connell & D ReidyH G
19ADavid ReadyLady Anne HeadleyLand
20bLuke ConnelldittoLand
21AadittodittoH O L
21BdittodittoH O L
21AbDavid Ready H G
22aLuke Connell H O L
22bditto H O L
23ANicH O Las Donchoe H L
23Bditto H L
24John Connor (Day)John BunworthLand
24aBridget ConnorJohn Connor (Day)House
25John Connor (Day)Lady Anne HeadleyLand
26ditto Land
26aPatrick BroderJohn Connor (Day)House
27John Connor (Day)Lady Anne HeadleyLand
28ditto Land
29aditto H L
29bKerry Keane jun. H G, Pound
29cCatherine Connor House
29dEllen Nowlan House
29eDaniel Connell House
29fEllen LongJohn Connor (Day)House
29gVacant H&O
30aJohn Connor (Day)Lady Anne HeadleyLand
 BartH O Lomew Connor H O L
30bVacantJohn Connor (Day)House
31John BunworthLady Anne HeadleyH L
32Michael Carmody H O L
33James ConnordittoH O L
34AMaurice Murphy jun. H L
34Bditto H L
34Cditto H L
35AFlorence M"Auliffe H O L
35Bditto H O L
36aVacantFlorence M"AuliffeH&O
37Florence M"AuliffeLady Anne HeadleyLand
 Timothy M"Auliffe 
 Elizabeth M"Auliffe 
38Timothy M"AuliffedittoH O L
 Elizabeth DaltondittoGarden
39Timothy M"AuliffeThaddeus ConnorLand
40Elizabeth M"AuliffeLady Anne HeadleyH L
 Elizabeth Dalton Garden
41aEdward Brown H L
41bDavid SullivanzH G
42AThomas Connor H O L
42Baditto H O L
42BbPeter Connor H G
42BcEllen ConnorPeter & Thos ConnorH&O
42BdJames Nowlan Schoolhouse
43Peter ConnorLady Anne HeadleyLand
 Thomas Connor Land
44APeter Connor Land
44B ditto Land
45Johanna Long Land
45a Cornelius BresnehanJohanna LongHouse
45b John Tobin House
45c Elizabeth Long House
46Johanna LongLady Anne HeadleyH O L
47AMaurice Murphy H O L
47BadittodittoH O L
47BbJohn Murphy H G
48Maurice Murphy Land
 Anne Murphy Land
49a Anne Murphy HOY
49b  RC Chapel
50AaJames Keane (Daniel)Lady Anne HeadleyH O L
50BdittodittoH O L
50AbJames Connor H&O
50AcMary Brien House
51Denis Scanlan H O L
52ditto Land
 Kerry Keane jun. Land
53ditto H O L
54AElizabeth Dalton Land
55AJames Keane (John)  H O L
55Bditto H O L
56ASimon Keane H O L
56Bditto H O L
57Kerry Keane H O L
58Jeremiah Bresnahan H L
59aDavid Bresnahan H O L
59bJer. Bresnahan jun. H O L
60David Broder H L
61John Fitzgerald Land
61aDenis RocheJohn FitzgeraldH G
62John FitzgeraldLady Anne HeadleyH O L
63Catherine Connell H O L
64Thomas WalshThomas ConnellH L
65William MayberryLady Anne HeadleyLand
 Thomas WalshWilliam MayberryGarden
66Ellen KeaneLady Anne HeadleyLand
67Lady Anne HeadleyIn feeMountain


O'Connell Michael Hauran William
Daly Cornelius McAuliffe Florence
Devane Denis Nowlan Patrick
Fitzgerald David O'Shea John
Hickey David O'Sullivan Maurice
Hickey Laurence O'Sullivan Patrick
Hickey William Tangney John
Clifford John Leahy Timothy
Courname William Neligan Michael
Leahy David

Callaghan Catherine Keane Luke
O'Connor Cornelius O'Keefe Francis
O'Connor John Leane Daniel
O'Connor Patrick Leane Denis
Dalton Elizabeth Leane John
Daly John Leane Michael
Griffin John Murphy Anne
headley Lady Anne Murphy Maurice
Heirlihy John Jr. O'Connor Connor
Heirlihy Thaddeus Regan Julia
Hickey Florence O'Sullivan Laurence
Hickey Laurence O'Sullivan Mary
Hickey William Talbot James
Heirlihy John Jr. Walsh James
Joy James Walsh Michael
Kean John Walsh Robert
Keane James Walsh Roger
Keane John


Meenleitrim North Townland, Castleisland Civil Parish, Truaghanacmy Barony (Ord. S. 31)
1John ReadyRobert M. LeesonLand36-1-5 3-5-00
2aJulia ReadydittoH O L8-0-1211-10-002-0-0
2bDenis M"AuliffeJulia ReadyHouse  0-6-0
3Denis ReadyRobert M. LeesonH O L41-3-154-18-000-12-0
4Maurice (Denis)dittoH L36-2-154-5-000-8-0
5John ReadydittoH O L41-0-146-0-01-0-0
6John Connor (Denis)dittoH L42-1-377-5-001-0-0
7Patrick NelligandittoH O L60-2-2311-15-001-10-00
8aJohn ConnordittoH L61-2-366-10-001-0-0
8bJeremiah Connor H O L 6-10-01-5-00 
-Ellen ConnorJohn ConnorHouse  0-5-0
9John CaseyRobert M. LeesonH O L52-3-114-10-00-12-0
 Timothy Casey  4-10-00  
10William MilesdittoLand 23-3-9 5-0-0
-aWilliam HartnettWilliam MilesHouse  0-15-0
11Patrick CurtindittoLand52-2-334-5-00 
-aDenis BegleyPatrick CurtinH G0-2-20-2-00-7-0
12Michael SullivanRobert M. LeesonH O L46-1-48-0-01-0-0
13aJohn GreanydittoH L109-3-146-2-0-14-0
- bMary Greany H O L 6-2-00-8-0
- cJames Greany H O L 6-2-01-3-00
- dJames KeaneMary GreanyHouse  0-5-0


Meenleitrim South Townland, Castleisland Civil Parish, Truaghanacmy Barony (Ord. S. 31)
1aPatrick CurtinRobert M. LeesonH O L286-1-2513-10-02-10-00
- bCharles Curtin H O L6-15-01-0-0 
- cvacantPatrick CurtinHouse  0-6-0
- dNicholas MooredittoH G1-0-150-3-60-6-0
2aCornelius HickeyRobert M. LeesonH O L498-2-2422-5-02-10-0
- bJohn Hickey H O L22-5-02-15-00 
- cDaniel BresnahanJohn HickeyHouse  0-6-0
- dTimothy CahillCornelius HickeyH G0-2-170-2-00-6-0
- eJohn SullivandittoH G0-0-310-1-00-6-0

Bresnahan Cornelius Heatherman Maurice
Bresnahan Jeremiah Hogan Michael
Bresnahan Johanna Houran Patrick
Bresnahan John Leane John
Collins Jeremiah Murphy Cornelius
Collins Mary Murphy Nancy
O'Connell Maurice Murphy Patrick
O'Connor Cornelius O'Connor James
O'Connor John Prenderville Ellen
O'Connor Kerry Ready Maurice
O'Connor Thomas Ready Michael
Doran Patrick O'Sullivan Edward
Fitzgerald Maurice O'Sullivan Ellen
Fitzgerald John Toumy John
O'Grady John Toumy Thomas
Harrington Mary
Ahern Hanora Leary Elizabeth
Ahern John Leary Humphrey
Broder Judith Murphy Edward
Carmody Cornelius Murphy Timothy
O'Connor Jeremiah Quill Denis
O'Connor Mary Quill John
O'Connor Patrick Quill Mary
Crimmons Denis Quill Patrick
Curtin Patrick Shanahan John
Fleming Thomas Walsh Edmond
O'Keefe Daniel Walsh Mary
Lawler James

Begley Patrick Kearin Denis
Bresnahan James McCarthy Denis
Bresnaham John McCarthy Thomas
O'Connell Michael Nowlan Edward
O'Connor John Nowlan Michael
Curtain Charles Nowlan Patrick
Curtayne Charles Sealy John
Devane Denis O'Sullivan Owen
Houran Thomas Tangney John

O'Connor Michael Ready Daniel
Flynn Patrick

Browne John Houran Patrick
Callinan Denis Kearney John
Callinane Daniel Kearrin Maurice
Casey Johanna Leahy Timothy
Cloclogh James Leary Michael
Cronin James Murphy Margaret
Cullenane John Quinlan Patrick
Downey Julia Tangney James
Houran Cornelius Tangney Jeremiah
Scartaglin Town
Bresnahan John Lyne Jeremiah
Browne Edmond McAuliffe Denis
Cronin James Moore John
Doody Timothy Nowlan James
Fitzgerald John Prenderville Joseph
Fitzgerald Nickolas Prenderville Thomas
Fleming Mary Saunders Mary
Foster Dorcas O'Sullivan Owen
Griffin Denis Toumy Julia

Casey Patrick Roche Redmond
Chambers James Sugrue Cornelius
Gallagher John Thompson William
Houran Anne
O'Connell Maurice Roche Redmond
Houlaghan Denis Ventry Lord ???
Murphy Daniel Wren Matthew

Broder Thomas Nowlan Jeremiah
Falvey Timothy Nowlan Jeremiah Jr.
Nowlan Andrew Nowlan John
Nowlan Andrew Nowlan Mary
Nowlan Andrew Nowlan Michael D.
Nowlan Bridget Sealy John
Bresnahan Ellen McAuliffe Timothy
O'Connor Patrick Moore Henry
Falvey Margaret Murphy Barth Jr.
headley Lady Anne Murphy Daniel
Hickey James Jr. Murphy Denis
Hickey Laurence Murphy Dennis Jr.
Keane James Murphy Patrick
Keane James Ready Andrew
Keane John Reidy Hanora
Leane Mary Shanahan Michael
Lyne John Walsh Robert
McAuliffe Denis Wren Laurence
McAuliffe Michael Wren Thomas

Collis Stephan E. Nowlan Edmond
Crowley Jeremiah Nowlan Michael
Fitzgerald David Riordan Michael
Fitzgerald Michael Sweeney Edmund
Fitzgerald Thomas
Bresnahan Patrick Hoaran John
O'Connell Daniel Hoaran Michael
O'Connell John Hoaran Phillip
O'Connor John Keane Maurice
Dunne William Kearney James
Hanafin Michael O'Keefe John
Hoare James Leane Timothy

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