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Town of Tralee
Tralee or Ratass Civil Parishes Castleisland Civil Parish

This alphabetical list of the Heads of Household living in the town of Tralee, County Kerry is extracted from Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, which was completed in Tralee in 1851-1852.

Those who lived in the town of Tralee could have been in either Tralee Civil Parish or Ratass Civil Parish. Most lived in Tralee Civil Parish, so this list only notes the civil parish when it is Ratass.

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Surname, First Name - Street
Acton, Michael - Old Chapel Lane
Ahern, John - Strand St. Upper
Ahern, Michael - Caher Anne Road
Ahern, Michael - Canal New Road
Ahern, Michael - Rae St.
Ahern, William - Kean's Lane
Aliman, David - Ratass P./Boherboy
Allinan, John - Nelson St.
Allinan, Mary - Moydore Well Lane
Allman, Patrick - Castle St. Upper
Allman, Timothy - Castle St. Upper
Alton, William - Denny St.
Alton, William - Old Chapel Lane
Ashe, James - Bridge St.
Ashe, James - Rae St.
Ashe, John - Murphy's Lane
Ashe, Mary - Milk Market Lane
Ayers, John - Racket Lane
Babington, William - Ratass P./Boherboy
Bailey, John - Caher Anne Road
Baker, John - Balloonagh Road
Baker, John - Racket Lane
Baker, John - Russell St.
Baker, John - The Rock
Barkman, William - Bridge St.
Barrett, James - Barrack Lane
Barrett, James - Brogue Maker's Lane
Barrett, James - Nelson St.
Barrett, James - Nelson St.
Comment : and Son
Barrett, John - Castle St. Upper
Barrett, John - Moydore Well Lane
Barrett, John - The Rock
Barry, James - Brogue Maker's Lane
Barry, John - Caher Anne Road
Barry, Susan - Daly's Lane
Bastable, Edward - Strand St. Upper
Batten, Rachel - Boherboy
Beaver, William - Big River Road
Bell, Joseph - Morris' Lane
Bennard, Timothy - Francis St.
Benner, Henry - Denny St.
Benner, Henry - Old Chapel Lane
Benner, Henry - Strand St.
Benner, Henry - Waterloo Lane
Benner, John - Bridge St.
Benner, Robert - Castle St. Upper
Benner, Thomas - Castle St. Lower
Benner, Thomas - Pound Lane
Beverage, William - Godfrey Place
Bianconi, Charles - Green Lane
Bigley, Maurice - Chute's Lane
Blennerhassett, Rowland - Day Place
Blennerhassett, Thomas - Prince's Quay
Bolster, Richard - Castle St. Lower
Boulder, Timothy - Boherboy
Bourke, Francis - Church Place
Bower, John - Castle St. Upper
Bowes, William - Boherboy
Bowles, Elizabeth - Denny St.
Bradley, Thomas - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Breen, Michael - Moydore Well Lane
Breen, Thomas - Brogue Maker's Lane
Brennan, Denis - Connor's Lane
Brennan, John - Friar's Lane
Brennan, Thomas - Brogue Maker's Lane
Bresnahan, Cornelius - Busteed's Lane
Bresnahan, Daniel - Caher Anne Road
Bresnahan, Denis - Boherboy
Bresnahan, Ellen - Brogue Maker's Lane
Bresnahan, Francis - Old Chapel Lane
Bresnahan, John - Cross Lane
Bresnahan, Maurice - Caher Anne Road
Bresnahan, Maurice - Milk Market Lane
Brice, James - Strand St.
Brick, John - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Brick, Mary - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Brick, Michael - Connor's Lane
Brick, Patrick - Church St.
Brick, Patrick - The Rock
Brick, William - Bridge St.
Brick, William - Russell St.
Bridewell, ??? - Moydorewell Lane
Bridgeman, Mary - Strand St.
Brien, John - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Britton, Thomas - Ratass P./Boherboy
Broderick, Richard - Brogue Maker's Lane
Browne, Anne - Russell St.
Browne, Daniel - Castle St. Upper
Browne, James - Boherboy
Browne, Michael - Connor's Lane
Browne, Nicholas - Pound Lane
Browne, Patrick - The Rock
Browne, Thomas - Brogue Maker's Lane
Brunton, John - Boherboy
Bryan, Michael - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Buckley, John - Castle St. Upper
Burke, Edward - Brogue Maker's Lane
Burke, Francis - Nelson St.
Burke, John - The Mall
Burke, Michael - Castle St. Lower
Burke, Ulick - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Burnham, Edward - Russell St.
Burnham, Francis - The Rock
Burnham, Rice - The Rock
Busteed, John - Abbey St.
Busteed, John - Day Place
Butler, Judith - Kean's Lane
Byrne, William - Daly's Lane
Cahill, Cornelius - Brogue Maker's Lane
Cahill, Denis - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Cahill, Denis - William St.
Cahill, Honoria - Connor's Lane
Cahill, Patrick - Bridge St.
Callaghan, Denis - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Callaghan, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Callaghan, John - Moydore Well Lane
Callaghan, John - The Rock
Callaghan, Michael - Boherboy
Callaghan, William - Caher Anne Road
Cantillon, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Cantillon, Richard - Castle St. Upper
Carberry, John - Castle St. Lower
Carey, Margaret - Strand St.
Carmody, Mary - Murphy's Lane
Carroll, John - Caher Anne Road
Carroll, Thomas - Busteed's Lane
Carroll, William - Milk Market Lane
Carter, Benjamin - Nelson St.
Carty, Daniel - Daly's Lane
Carver, William - Bridge St.
Casey, Catherine - Nelson St.
Casey, Edward - Abbey St.
Casey, Ellen - Strand St.
Casey, John - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Casey, Michael - The Rock
Casey, Patrick - The Rock
Casey, Thomas - Strand St.
Cashel, Ellen - Strand St.
Cavanagh, John - Chute's Lane
Chapman, Matthew - Boherboy
Chesneet, Rev. Wm. - Ratass P./Garryruth
Chuite, Arthur - Castle St. Upper
Chuite, Elizabeth - Ratass P./Garryruth
Chuite, Margaret - Denny St.
Chuite, Richard - Boherboy
Chuite, Richard - Prince's Quay
Chuite, Sarah - Prince's Quay
Clarke, John B. - Bridge St.
Clemmenger, John - James St.
Clifford, Cornelius - Castle St. Lower
Clifford, Denis - John St.
Clifford, Jeremiah - Rae St.
Clifford, John - Strand St.
Clifford, Michael - The Rock
Clure, Thomas - The Rock
Coffey, James - Ratass P./Garryruth
Coffey, James - Caher Anne Road
Coffey, Jeremiah - Bridge St.
Coffey, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Coffey, William - Bridge St.
Coghlan, Jeremiah - Strand St.
Colesman, Patrick - John St.
Collingwood, Ellen - Prince's Quay
Collins, Michael - Strand St.
Collins, Patrick - Daly's Lane
Collins, Thomas - Brogue Maker's Lane
Collins, Timothy - Strand St.
Collis, Maurice J. - Milk Market Lane
Collis, Maurice J. - Nelson St.
Collis, William - Nelson St.
Commane, Daniel - Chute's Lane
Commane, Edward - The Rock
Commane, John - The Rock
Commane, Owen - Strand St. Upper
Conan, Frances - Prince's Quay
Concoran, John - John St.
Connell, Daniel - Brogue Maker's Lane
Connell, Mary - Waterloo Lane
Connell, Patrick - Daly's Lane
Connell, Patrick - Moydore Well Lane
Connell, Timothy - Brogue Maker's Lane
Connolly, Edward - Kean's Lane
Connolly, Mary - The Mall
Connor, Brien - Boherboy
Connor, Daniel - Rae St.
Connor, Florence - Friar's Lane
Connor, Hugh - Strand St.
Connor, James - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Connor, James - Brogue Maker's Lane
Connor, James - Moydore Well Lane
Connor, James - Strand St.
Connor, Johanna - Moydore Well Lane
Connor, John - Ratass P./Moydorewell Lane
Connor, John - Boherboy
Connor, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Connor, John - Moydore Well Lane
Connor, John - Pie Lane
Connor, Mary - Boherboy
Connor, Mary - The Rock
Connor, Patrick - Cross Lane
Connor, Patrick - John St.
Connor, Patrick - Moydore Well Lane
Connor, Patrick - The Rock
Connor, Richard - Strand St.
Connor, Thaddeus - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Connor, Thomas - Abbey St.
Connor, Thomas - Mc Ennery's Lane
Connor, Thomas - Old Chapel Lane
Connor, Thomas - Pound Lane
Connor, Timothy - The Rock
Connors, Jeremiah - Strand St. Upper
Connors, Mary - Strand St.
Connors, Thomas - Pound Lane
Conoughan, Michael - Boherboy
Corcoran, Denis - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Costello, Patrick - Boherboy
Costello, Timothy - Strand St. Upper
Cotter, Mary - Pie Lane
Counahan, Cornelius - Connor's Lane
Counihan, Mary - Castle St. Upper
Counihan, Timothy - Connor's Lane
Counihan, William - Boherboy
Cournane, Mary - Russell St.
Cournane, Stephen - Old Chapel Lane
Cramer, Denis - Strand St.
Cransberry, Samuel - Boherboy
Crean, Martin - Ratass P./Garryruth
Creane, Alexander - Moydore Well Lane
Croker, Rachael - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Cronin, John - Barrack Lane
Cronin, Margaret - Strand St.
Cronin, Michael - Ratass P./Boherboy
Cronin, Michael - Abbey St.
Crosbie, Arthur - James St.
Crosbie, Arthur - Strand St.
Crosbie, Elizabeth - Bridge St.
Crosbie, John - Bridge St.
Crowley, John - Mary St.
Crowley, Laurence - The Rock
Crowley, Margaret - Strand St. Upper
Crowley, Timothy - Bridge St.
Crowley, Timothy - Kean's Lane
Crumpe, Francis - Denny St.
Crumpe, Jane - James St.
Curley, Michael - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Currane, James - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Curry, Edward - Church St.
Daly, Jeremiah - Abbey St. Lower
Daly, John - Pound Lane
Daly, John - Strand St.
Daly, Margaret - Boherboy
Daly, Mary - John St.
Danihy, Dermot - The Rock
Danihy, James - Castle St. Upper
Danihy, Jeremiah - The Rock
Danihy, John - Rae St.
Danihy, Patrick - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Davis, Robert - Russell St.
Day, Debora - Day Place
Day, William - Waterloo Lane
Deady, Owen - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Deady, Patrick - Connor's Lane
Deane, Thomas - Cross Lane
Dee, Mary - Rae St.
Dee, Maurice - Caher Anne Road
Dee, Michael - Caher Anne Road
Dee, Timothy - Abbey St.
Denny, Rev. Anthony - Nelson St.
Denny, Baronet Edward - Big River Road
Denny, Baronet Edward - Blemerville Road
Denny, Baronet Edward - Canal New Road
Denny, Baronet Edward - Listowel New Road
Denny, Baronet Edward - Old Rd. To Milltown
Denny, Baronet Edward - The Terrace
Denny, Baronet Edwd. - Ratass P./Garryruth
Denny, William - Canal New Road
Denny, William - Day Place
Diggin, Terence - Abbey St.
Diggin, Thaddeus - Racket Lane
Diggins, Timothy - The Rock
Doherty, John - John St.
Donald, John - Nelson St.
Donegan, Timothy - The Rock
Donohoe, Bartholomew - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Donohoe, Daniel - Kean's Lane
Donohoe, Florence - Strand St. Upper
Donohoe, John - Friar's Lane
Donohoe, John - Mary St.
Donohoe, John - Murphy's Lane
Donohoe, John - Pound Lane
Donohoe, Matthew - The Rock
Donohoe, Thaddeus - Mary St.
Donohoe, Timothy - Strand St.
Donohue, John - Abbey St.
Donovan, Daniel - Pie Lane
Donovan, Daniel - Waterloo Lane
Donovan, Edmond - Milk Market Lane
Donovan, John - Godfrey Place
Donovan, John - The Rock
Donovan, John - The Square
Donovan, Nicholas - The Square
Donovan, Patrick - Cross Lane
Donovan, Richard - Barrack Lane
Donovan, Richard - Bridge St.
Donovan, Thomas - Boherboy
Doran, Edward - Pound Lane
Doran, Michael - Abbey St. Lower
Doran, Michael - Pie Lane
Dowd, John - Milk Market Lane
Dowd, William - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Dowde, William - Ratass P./Garryruth
Dowling, Edward - Boherboy
Dowling, John - Boherboy
Dowling, John - Church Place
Dowling, John - Church St.
Dowling, Michael - John St.
Downes, George - Old Chapel Lane
Driscoll, James - Ratass P./Garryruth
Driscoll, Patrick - Caher Anne Road
Driscoll, Timothy - The Mall
Duffield, ??? - The Mall
Comment : Shaw and Duffield
Duggan, Patrick - Kean's Lane
Dundon, Matthew - John St.
Dunleavy, James - John St.
Dunne, Catherine - Waterloo Lane
Dunne, John - Abbey St.
Dunne, Thomas - The Rock
Duohig, Mary - Ratass P./Boherboy
Dwyer, Jane - Nelson St.
Eagar, Anthony - William St.
Eagar, James R. - Church St.
Eagar, John F. - Caher Anne Road
Eagar, John F. - Nelson St.
Eagar, Rowland T. - The Terrace
Early, Michael - Strand St.
Edwards, David - Russell St.
Egan, Anne - Old Chapel Lane
Egan, Blanch - Prince's Quay
Egan, Geoffrey - Denny St.
Egan, John - Busteed's Lane
Egan, John - Denny St.
Egan, John - The Mall
Ellard, Michael - Boherboy
English, Rep. James - Denny St.
Enright, Catherine - Racket Lane
Falvey, Charles - Russell St.
Falvey, Daniel - Strand St.
Falvey, John B. - Ratass P./Garryruth
Falvey, Mary - Island of Geese
Falvey, Michael - Barrack Lane
Falvey, Michael - Island of Geese
Falvey, Michael - Racket Lane
Falvey, Michael - The Mall
Fanaghty, John - Caher Anne Road
farmer, John - Castle St. Lower
farmer, John - Mc Ennery's Lane
farmer, John - The Square
farmer, John H. - Courthouse Lane
farmer, Richard - Castle St. Lower
farmer, William - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Feehan, Cornelius - Pound Lane
Feenaghty, Barthw. - Brogue Maker's Lane
Fehan, Patrick - Strand St. Upper
Fehane, Patrick - Strand St. Upper
Ferris, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Ferris, Thomas - The Rock
Finn, James - Caher Anne Road
Finn, John - Bridge St.
Finnegan, Jeremiah - Island of Geese
Finnegan, Jeremiah - Russell St.
Fishbourne, Joseph - Castle St. Upper
Fitgerald, Michael - John St.
Fitzgerald, Darby - Connor's Lane
Fitzgerald, David - The Rock
Fitzgerald, Francis - Moydore Well Lane
Fitzgerald, Garrett - Abbey St.
Fitzgerald, James - Ratass P./Garryruth
Fitzgerald, James - Caher Anne Road
Fitzgerald, James - James St.
Fitzgerald, James - William St.
Fitzgerald, John - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Fitzgerald, John - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Fitzgerald, Maurice - The Square
Fitzgerald, Michael - Denny St.
Fitzgerald, Michael - Strand St. Upper
Fitzgerald, Patrick - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Fitzgerald, Robert - Big River Road
Fitzgerald, Robert - Strand St.
Fitzgerald, Stephen - Strand St.
Fitzgerald, Thomas - Milk Market Lane
Fitzgerald, William - Mary St.
Fitzgibbon, Ellen - Bridge St.
Fitzmaurice, Ms. ??? - Staughton Row
Fitzmaurice, Thomas - Mary St.
Fitzmaurice, Ulick - Church Place
Flaherty, Mary - Strand St. Upper
Flaherty, Patrick - Strand St. Upper
Fleming, Garrett - Chute's Lane
Fleming, James - Moydore Well Lane
Fleming, John - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Flynn, Anthony - The Mall
Flynn, Bartholomew - Francis St.
Flynn, Batholomew - Castle St. Upper
Flynn, Daniel - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Flynn, Jeremiah - Abbey St.
Flynn, John - Bridge St.
Flynn, John - Caher Anne Road
Flynn, John - James St.
Flynn, John - Rae St.
Flynn, John - The Rock
Flynn, Patrick - Nelson St.
Flynn, Sarah - Boherboy
Flynn, Thomas - The Rock
Foley, Catherine - Denny St.
Foley, Catherine - Moydore Well Lane
Foley, Charles - Strand St.
Foley, Daniel - Brogue Maker's Lane
Foley, Daniel - Milk Market Lane
Foley, Daniel - Moydore Well Lane
Foley, Honoria - Brogue Maker's Lane
Foley, James - John St.
Foley, James - Moydore Well Lane
Foley, Jeremiah - Brogue Maker's Lane
Foley, John - Milk Market Lane
Foley, John - Moydore Well Lane
Foley, Margaret - Castle St. Upper
Foley, Mary - Rae St.
Foley, Richard - Caher Anne Road
Foley, Thomas - Brogue Maker's Lane
Foley, Timothy - Mary St.
Folke, Daniel - Morris' Lane
Foran, Murtagh - Brogue Maker's Lane
Forehan, Robert - Ratass P./Garryruth
Foster, George - Waterloo Lane
Gaine, James - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Gallavan, Eliza - Brogue Maker's Lane
Gallavan, John - Castle St. Upper
Gallavan, Michael - Ratass P./Garryruth
Gallavan, Michael - Big River Road
Gallavan, Michael - Strand St.
Gallavan, Michael - The Rock
Gallavan, Thaddeus - Ratass P./Garryruth
Gallavan, Thomas - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Gallavin, James - Abbey St.
Gallavin, John - Abbey St.
Gallavin, Michael - Ratass P./Garryruth
Gallavin, Michael - Abbey St.
Gallavin, Michael - The Rock
Gallavin, Thomas - Abbey St.
Gallavin, Thomas - Bridge St.
Gallavin, William - Bridge St.
Gallavin, William - Milk Market Lane
Gallivan, Denis - Castle St. Lower
Gallivan, John - Boherboy
Garvey, Daniel - Ratass P./Garryruth
Gearan, Richard - Abbey St.
Gentleman, Nicholas - Moydore Well Lane
Gieran, Timothy - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Gilbert, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Giles, George - The Mall
Glavan, Johanna - Brogue Maker's Lane
Glavan, Mary - Brogue Maker's Lane
Gleeson, John - Milk Market Lane
Gloster, Patrick - Brogue Maker's Lane
Glover, John Thomas - Moydore Well Lane
Goggin, John - Ratass P./Garryruth
Goold, Patrick - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Gorman, Michael - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Gorman, William - Balloonagh Road
Gorman, William - William St.
Gray, Elizabeth - Church St.
Greany, Michael - William St.
Greene, Ellen - Connor's Lane
Greene, Joseph - Abbey St.
Griffin, Denis - Strand St. Upper
Griffin, Ellen - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Griffin, Jeremiah - Kean's Lane
Griffin, Jeremiah - Strand St.
Griffin, Jeremiah - Strand St. Upper
Griffin, John - Chute's Lane
Griffin, John - Strand St. Upper
Griffin, John F. - Castle St. Lower
Griffin, Laurence - Kean's Lane
Griffin, Mary - The Rock
Griffin, Patrick - Connor's Lane
Griffin, Thomas - Boherboy
Griffin, Thomas - Cross Lane
Griffin, Thomas - Pie Lane
Grogan, John - The Rock
Gurnett, Ellen - Brogue Maker's Lane
Hacket, Thomas - Moydore Well Lane
Hagerty, Bartholomew - Caher Anne Road
Hallavan, Denis - The Rock
Hallinan, Ellen - The Rock
Hallinan, John - Moydore Well Lane
Hallinan, John - The Rock
Hanifin, William - Caher Anne Road
Hanlon, Catherine - Moydore Well Lane
Hanlon, Jeremiah - Abbey St.
Hanlon, John - Moydore Well Lane
Hanlon, John - The Rock
Hanlon, Michael - Abbey St.
Hannafin, Denis - Brogue Maker's Lane
Hanrahan, John - The Mall
Hanrahan, John - The Mall
Comment : and Co
Hanrahan, John - The Rock
Hare, Denis - The Rock
Hare, George F. - Strand St.
Hare, John - Abbey St.
Harmon, Thomas - The Mall
Harrington, Maurice - Ratass P./Garryruth
Harrington, Maurice - Bridge St.
Harrington, Maurice - Church St.
Harrington, Maurice - Milk Market Lane
Hasset, William - The Rock
Hassett, Martin - The Rock
Hassett, Rowland - The Rock
Haurahan, John - Barrack Lane
Hayes, Edward - Abbey St.
Hayes, James - Strand St.
Hayes, Michael - Abbey St.
Hayes, Michael - The Rock
Hayes, William - Ratass P./Garryruth
Healy, Brian - Strand St. Upper
Healy, Francis - The Mall
Healy, John - Cross Lane
Healy, John - Francis St.
Healy, Matthew - The Rock
Healy, Patrick - Old Chapel Lane
Healy, Roger - Balloonagh Road
Hearne, Michael - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Heffernan, Patrick - Boherboy
Hegarty, Patrick - Strand St. Upper
Hegerty, Jeremiah - Caher Anne Road
Hendley, John - High St.
Hickey, William - Cross Lane
Hickson, Robert - Day Place
Higgins, Daniel - Brogue Maker's Lane
Higgins, John - Abbey St.
Higgins, John - Nelson St.
Higgins, Mary - Caher Anne Road
Higgins, Thomas - Ratass P./Boherboy
Higgins, Thomas - Abbey St.
Higgins, Thomas - Barrack Lane
Hill, John - Castle St. Lower
Hillard, Elizabeth - Waterloo Lane
Hilliard, Elizabeth - Bridge St.
Hilliard, Elizabeth - Moydore Well Lane
Hilliard, George - Day Place
Hilliard, Richard - Church Place
Hilliard, William - Abbey St. Lower
Hilliard, William - The Terrace
Hoare, John - Boherboy
Hoare, Matthew - Strand St.
Hogan, Bryan - William St.
Hogan, Michael - Brogue Maker's Lane
Hogan, Patrick - Canal New Road
Hogan, Patrick - Strand St.
Hogan, Richard - Milk Market Lane
Hoolahan, Catherine - Kean's Lane
Hoolahan, Daniel - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Horan, Catherine - Abbey St.
Horan, Cornelius - Boherboy
Horan, Edmond - Brogue Maker's Lane
Horan, Patrick - Rae St.
Horan, Patrick - The Rock
Horan, Patrick - The Square
Horrigan, Thomas - The Rock
Hospital, ??? - Ratass P./Moydorewell Lane
Hospital, ??? - Strand St.
Howard, John - Church St.
Howard, Matthew - Chute's Lane
Howard, William - Church St.
Hubbard, John - Moydore Well Lane
Hudson, Edward - Strand St.
Hudson, Edward - Strand St. Upper
Huggard, John - Ratass P./Garryruth
Huggard, Richard - Caher Anne Road
Huggard, Richard - Denny St.
Huggard, Stephen - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Huggard, Stephen - Castle St. Upper
Huggard, Stephen - Nelson St.
Hurley, Charles - Boherboy
Hurley, Francis - The Rock
Hurley, John - Boherboy
Hurley, John - Chute's Lane
Hurley, John - High St.
Hurley, John - The Rock
Hurley, Murto - Castle St. Lower
Hurley, Thomas B. - Nelson St.
Hurley, Thomas B. - Prince's Quay
Hurley, William - The Rock
Hussy, Edward - William St.
Hynes, Thomas - Ratass P./Garryruth
Irwin, Mary - The Rock
Irwin, Thomas - Strand St.
Irwin, Thomas - Waterloo Lane
Jeffcott, Joseph - Castle St. Upper
Jeffcott, Joseph - Green Lane
Jeffcott, Michael - Ratass P./Moydorewell Lane
Jeffcott, William - Prince's Quay
Johnston, Edward - Nelson St.
Johnston, John - Moydore Well Lane
Johnston, William - Brewery Road
Jones, John - Strand St.
Jones, Thomas - Old Chapel Lane
Jordan, Richard - Strand St.
Jordan, Thomas - Pie Lane
Joyce, Robert - Church St.
Kane, John - Connor's Lane
Keane, Catherine - Kean's Lane
Keane, Denis - Mc Ennery's Lane
Keane, Ellen - Kean's Lane
Keane, John - Moydore Well Lane
Keane, Maurice - Mary St.
Kearney, Thomas - Racket Lane
Keeffe, Anne - Brogue Maker's Lane
Keeffe, Daniel - Daly's Lane
Kelleher, Daniel - Rae St.
Kelleher, John - The Rock
Kelleher, John M. - Balloonagh Road
Kelleher, Maurice - Balloonagh Road
Kelleher, Maurice - The Rock
Kelleher, Timothy - John St.
Kelliher, John - Ratass P./Garryruth
Kelliher, John - The Rock
Kelly, James - The Square
Kelly, Mary - Murphy's Lane
Kelly, Michael - Denny St.
Kelly, Sarah - Morris' Lane
Kelly, William - Caher Anne Road
Kenifick, John - Bridge St.
Kenna, Jeremiah - Connor's Lane
Kennealy, Francis - Moydore Well Lane
Kennealy, Michael - Staughton Row
Kennedy, James - John St.
Kennedy, James - Strand St.
Comment : and Co
Kennedy, Mary - Moydore Well Lane
Kennedy, Michael - Milk Market Lane
Kennedy, Patrick - The Rock
Kennefick, Edward - Godfrey Place
Kennefick, John - James St.
Kerrigan, Elizabeth - Brogue Maker's Lane
Kerrisk, Thomas - John St.
King, Jeremiah - Denny St.
King, Richard - Pie Lane
Kinnea, Daniel - Strand St.
Kinnealy, Francis - Francis St.
Kirby, Margaret - Brogue Maker's Lane
Kirby, Timothy - The Rock
Kissane, Bridget - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Knox, James - Strand St.
Knox, James - The Square
Lamb, Cornelius - The Rock
Lamb, John - The Square
Lamb, Patrick - The Rock
Lamoon, Joseph - Ratass P./Garryruth
Lane, John - Strand St.
Langan, Robert - The Rock
Latchford, John - Bridge St.
Launders, Maurice - Rae St.
Lawlor, Bartholomew - Boherboy
Lawlor, Bartholomew - Francis St.
Lawlor, John - Castle St. Upper
Lawlor, John - Francis St.
Lawlor, Mary - Nelson St.
Lawlor, Michael - The Square
Lawlor, Robt. - The Square
Lawlor, William H. - Staughton Row
Leahy, Daniel - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Leahy, John - Church Place
Leahy, Michael - Ratass P./Garryruth
Leahy, Richard - Church Place
Leahy, Richard - Strand St.
Leahy, William - Staughton Row
Leahy, William F. - The Terrace
Leary, Cornelius - The Rock
Leary, Mary - Connor's Lane
Leary, Michael - The Rock
Leary, Patrick - Old Chapel Lane
Leary, Timothy - Brogue Maker's Lane
Leeler, Richard - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Leen, Maurice - Racket Lane
Leene, Maurice - Ratass P./Garryruth
Lelliott, Edward - Boherboy
Lenehan, John - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Lenihan, Daniel - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Lenihan, John - Church St.
Lenihan, Michael - Strand St. Upper
Leonard, Denis - Denny St.
Leonard, John - Ratass P./Boherboy
Leyne, Jeremiah - Denny St.
Lloyd, Johanna - Old Chapel Lane
Loder, James - Canal New Road
Long, James - Connor's Lane
Long, John - Boherboy
Long, Michael - Moydore Well Lane
Looney, Jeremiah - Rae St.
Looney, Jeremiah - Strand St. Upper
Looney, Margaret - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Looney, Mary - Bridge St.
Loony, Daniel - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Luby, Elizabeth - Castle St. Lower
Lucas, James - Rae St.
Lumsden, John - Denny St.
Lunham, William - Denny St.
Lunham, William - The Rock
Lynch, Edward - Barrack Lane
Lynch, Elizabeth - Boherboy
Lynch, Elizabeth Anne - Bridge Place
Lynch, George D. - Nelson St.
Lynch, Honoria - Abbey St.
Lynch, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Lynch, John - Connor's Lane
Lynch, John - Strand St.
Lynch, Patrick - Boherboy
Lynch, Patrick - Francis St.
Lynch, Thomas - Bridge St.
Lyons, Elizabeth - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Lyons, Henry - Denny St.
Mack, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Madden, John - Milk Market Lane
Magill, John - Prince's Quay
Magrath, Charles K. - Strand St. Upper
Magrath, Chas. K. - Denny St.
Comment : Agent
Magrath, John - Abbey St. Lower
Maguire, Robert - Ratass P./Boherboy
Maher, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Maher, Joseph - Brogue Maker's Lane
Mahony, Charles - Castle St. Lower
Mahony, Daniel - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Mahony, Ellen - Friar's Lane
Mahony, James - John St.
Mahony, Rep. James - The Square
Mahony, Jeremiah - Milk Market Lane
Mahony, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Mahony, John - Daly's Lane
Mahony, John - Nelson St.
Mahony, John - Rae St.
Mahony, Maurice - The Mall
Mahony, Patrick - Boherboy
Mahony, Patrick - Brogue Maker's Lane
Mahony, Timothy - Moydore Well Lane
Mahony, William - Bridge St.
Malcomson, Fred. P. H. - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Malcomson, Fredk. P. H. - Ratass P./Boherboy
Mansfield, John - Moydore Well Lane
Maroney, James - The Square
Martello, John - James St.
Mason, Charles - Ratass P./Garryruth
Mason, Thomas - Nelson St.
Mason, William - Bridge St.
Mason, William - High St.
Matthews, Benjamin - Nelson St.
Maw, Rev. John - Castle St. Lower
Mc Auliff, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Mc Auliffe, Thomas - Church Place
Mc Cann, Henry - Prince's Quay
Mc Carthy, Catherine - Strand St. Upper
Mc Carthy, Charles - Boherboy
Mc Carthy, Daniel - Brogue Maker's Lane
Mc Carthy, Francis - Bridge St.
Mc Carthy, James - Moydore Well Lane
Mc Carthy, Jeremiah - Strand St. Upper
Mc Carthy, John - Bridge St.
Mc Carthy, John - John St.
Mc Carthy, Margaret - Racket Lane
Mc Carthy, Mary - Ratass P./Boherboy
Mc Carthy, Mary - The Rock
Mc Carthy, Maurice - Courthouse Lane
Mc Carthy, Maurice - The Mall
Mc Carthy, Nathaniel - The Mall
Mc Carthy, Owen - Boherboy
Mc Carthy, Robert - Old Chapel Lane
Mc Carthy, William - Milk Market Lane
Mc Carty, John - Daly's Lane
Mc Cluire, Robert - The Rock
Mc Cowan, James - The Square
Mc Cowan, Robert - The Mall
Mc Crean, John - Caher Anne Road
Mc Crohan, John - Castle St. Upper
Mc Donnell, Jeremiah - The Rock
Mc Donnell, John - Abbey St.
Mc Donnell, Maurice - Canal New Road
Mc Donnell, Michael - Abbey St.
Mc Donnell, Thomas - Francis St.
Mc Elligot, James - Boherboy
Mc Elligot, John - Caher Anne Road
Mc Elligott, Patrick - Abbey St.
Mc Elligott, Peter - Abbey St.
Mc Elligott, Richard - Abbey St.
Mc Elligott, Richard - Pie Lane
Mc Elligott, Thomas - The Rock
Mc Elligut, Thomas - The Rock
Mc Ellistrum, John - Mary St.
Mc Ellistrum, Robert - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Mc Ellistrun, Garrett - Strand St.
Mc Ennery, David - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Mc Ennery, David - Moydore Well Lane
Mc Ennnery, J. G. - Moydore Well Lane
Comment : Very Rev.
Mc Gillicuddy, Alexander - John St.
Mc Gillicuddy, Dan. Dec. - Day Place
Mc Gillicuddy, Jane - Milk Market Lane
Mc Gillycuddy, Daniel - Moydore Well Lane
Mc Gillycuddy, Margaret - Church Place
Mc Gillycuddy, Patrick - Abbey St.
Mc Gillycuddy, Patrick - Castle St. Lower
Mc Gillycuddy, Patrick - Pound Lane
Mc Gillycuddy, Richard - Nelson St.
Mc Grath, Marcus - The Mall
Mc Gregor, Adam - Church Place
Mc Gregor, Adam - The Mall
Mc Guinness, John - Boherboy
Mc Kenna, Jeremiah - Connor's Lane
Mc Kenna, John - Morris' Lane
Mc Kenna, Patrick - Francis St.
Mc Kenna, Patrick - Strand St.
Mc Mahon, Brien - Connor's Lane
Mc Namara, Eugene - Strand St.
Mc Namara, John - Strand St.
Mc Namara, Patrick - Strand St. Upper
Mc Quinn, John - Connor's Lane
Mc Quinn, Maurice - The Rock
Mc Sheehy, John - Russell St.
Mc Sweeny, Matthew - Abbey St.
Meredith, Richard - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Meskitt, Mary - Brogue Maker's Lane
Miller, Richard - Church Place
Mills, John - Denny St.
Minahan, Denis - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Minahan, Timothy - Brogue Maker's Lane
Minehan, James - Rae St.
Moore, Garrett - Mary St.
Moore, John - Bridge St.
Moore, Maurice - Brogue Maker's Lane
Moore, Nicholas - Caher Anne Road
Moran, Jeremiah - Strand St.
Moran, Michael - Moydore Well Lane
Moran, Roger - Strand St.
Morgan, Mary - Brogue Maker's Lane
Moriarty, Charles - The Rock
Moriarty, Hugh - The Rock
Moriarty, Johanna - Canal New Road
Moriarty, John - Ratass P./Garryruth
Moriarty, John - The Mall
Moriarty, John - The Square
Moriarty, Maurice - Moydore Well Lane
Moriarty, Michael - Moydore Well Lane
Moriarty, Murtagh - The Rock
Moriarty, Oliver - Prince's Quay
Moriarty, Patrick - Abbey St.
Moriarty, Patrick - Brogue Maker's Lane
Morphy, Eusebius - Castle St. Lower
Morphy, Eusebius - Nelson St.
Morris, Elizabeth - High St.
Morris, Sarah - Nelson St.
Morris, Thomas - Castle St. Lower
Moylan, Michael - Ratass P./Boherboy
Moynahan, Andrew - Ratass P./Garryruth
Moynahan, Cornelius - Ratass P./Garryruth
Mulchinock, John - Ratass P./Garryruth
Mullane, Michael - John St.
Mullane, Timothy - The Square
Mullowney, Edward - Boherboy
Mullowney, John - Boherboy
Murphy, Abraham - Nelson St.
Murphy, Barbara - Strand St.
Murphy, Cornelius - The Rock
Murphy, Daniel - Listowel New Road
Murphy, Daniel - Russell St.
Murphy, Daniel - The Rock
Murphy, Denis - Balloonagh Road
Murphy, Denis - The Rock
Murphy, Edward - Nelson St.
Murphy, Edward - Prince's Quay
Murphy, Jeremiah - Francis St.
Murphy, John - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Murphy, John - Castle St. Upper
Murphy, John - Moydore Well Lane
Murphy, John - Strand St. Upper
Murphy, John - The Square
Murphy, Michael - Bridge St.
Murphy, Michael - Murphy's Lane
Murphy, Michael - Pie Lane
Murphy, Michael - Strand St.
Murphy, Murtagh - Brogue Maker's Lane
Murphy, Richard - Bridge St.
Murphy, Sylvester - Ratass P./Garryruth
Murray, Peter - Nelson St.
Myles, William - Ratass P./Garryruth
Naughton, Eliza - The Rock
Neale, John - Boherboy
Nealon, Andrew - Caher Anne Road
Nealon, John - Pound Lane
Neill, Denis - Brogue Maker's Lane
Neill, John - Castle St. Upper
Neligan, William J. - Ratass P./Boherboy
Nelligan, Cherry - Denny St.
Nelligan, Wm. J. - Denny St.
Nelligan, Wm. J. - Green Lane
Nocton, John - Pie Lane
Norman, John - Ratass P./Boherboy
Norris Russell, John - Courthouse Lane
Comment : and Sons
Norwood, John - Ratass P./Boherboy
Nowlan, John - Castle St. Upper
Nowlan, John - Russell St.
O'Brien, Anne - The Square
O'Brien, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
O'Brien, John - Nelson St.
O'Brien, Michael - Strand St.
O'Brien, Patrick - Ratass P./Garryruth
O'Brien, Patrick - Abbey St. Lower
O'Brien, Patrick - Brogue Maker's Lane
O'Brien, Patrick - Moydore Well Lane
O'Brien, Patrick - Pie Lane
O'Brien, William - Russell St.
Oche, Patrick - Brogue Maker's Lane
O'Connell, Patrick - Moydore Well Lane
O'Connell, Thomas - Nelson St.
O'Connor, Brian - Abbey St.
O'Connor, Bryan - Bridge St.
O'Connor, Bryan - Waterloo Lane
O'Connor, Daniel - Strand St.
O'Connor, David - Barrack Lane
O'Connor, David - The Mall
O'Connor, Diana - Bridge St.
O'Connor, Gerald - Castle St. Lower
O'Connor, Gerald F. - Prince's Quay
O'Connor, James - Boherboy
O'Connor, James - Denny St.
O'Connor, Jeremiah - Strand St. Upper
O'Connor, John - The Rock
O'Connor, Mary - Boherboy
O'Connor, Michael - Nelson St.
O'Connor, Thomas - Boherboy
O'Donnell, Denis - Boherboy
O'Donnell, James - Balloonagh Road
O'Donnell, James - Listowel New Road
O'Donnell, Patrick - Brogue Maker's Lane
O'Flaherty, John - Island of Geese
O'Grady, Terence - The Square
O'Kelly, Michael - Castle St. Upper
O'Kelly, Thomas - Bridge St.
O'Kelly, Thomas - Island of Geese
O'Kelly, Thomas - Waterloo Lane
O'L. Byrne, Patk. - Nelson St.
O'Leary, John - Francis St.
O'Mahony, John - Castle St. Lower
O'Neill, Cornelius - Castle St. Upper
O'Neill, Denis - Boherboy
O'Neill, Edward - Strand St.
O'Neill, Thomas - Rae St.
Ormond, Daniel - Brogue Maker's Lane
Ormond, Maurice - John St.
O'Shea, Andrew - Nelson St.
O'Sullivan, Cornelius - Castle St. Lower
O'Sullivan, Daniel - Castle St. Lower
O'Sullivan, Daniel - Courthouse Lane
O'Sullivan, Daniel - Listowel New Road
O'Sullivan, John - Boherboy
O'Sullivan, Michael - Milk Market Lane
O'Sullivan, Patrick - The Rock
Palmer, Edward - Godfrey Place
Palmer, John - Day Place
Palmer, John - James St.
Palmer, John - The Mall
Payne, Nathaniel - Rae St.
Peate, Clement - Prince's Quay
Pembroke, John W. - Denny St.
Pender, Francis - Canal New Road
Phelan, Francis - Nelson St.
Pierce, John - Abbey St. Lower
Powell, John - William St.
Power, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Power, John - Castle St. Lower
Power, John - Castle St. Upper
Power, John - The Rock
Power, M. J. - Denny St.
Comment : Manager
Prendaville, Michael - Ratass P./Boherboy
Prendaville, William - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Prendergast, Geoffry - Boherboy
Prendergast, James - Boherboy
Prendergast, John - Rae St.
Prenderville, Garrett - Milk Market Lane
Prenderville, James - Brogue Maker's Lane
Prenderville, John - Boherboy
Prenderville, John - The Rock
Prenderville, John - Waterloo Lane
Prenderville, Thomas - The Rock
Prike, William - Ratass P./Garryruth
Prison, ??? - Ratass P./Garryruth
Purdon, Mary - Staughton Row
Quigley, Thomas - Moydore Well Lane
Quill, Jerome - Day Place
Quill, Maurice - Caher Anne Road
Quill, Rickard - Nelson St.
Quill, Timothy - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Quinlan, Thomas - Staughton Row
Quirk, Timothy - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Quirke, Edward - Rae St.
Quirke, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Quirke, John - Caher Anne Road
Rahilly, Mary - Pound Lane
Rahilly, Timothy - Brogue Maker's Lane
Raymond, George - Abbey St. Lower
Raymond, William - Abbey St. Lower
Ready, Bartholomew - Chute's Lane
Ready, Denis - The Rock
Ready, John - Rae St.
Ready, Mary - Church Place
Ready, Matthew - The Rock
Ready, Michael - The Mall
Reardon, Michael - Strand St. Upper
Reardon, Thaddeus - Milk Market Lane
Reardon, Thomas - The Rock
Regan, Daniel - Brogue Maker's Lane
Regan, Daniel - Waterloo Lane
Regan, Patrick - Boherboy
Regan, Thomas - Strand St.
Regan, Timothy - Brogue Maker's Lane
Regan, William - Canal New Road
Reid, Caroline - James St.
Reidy, Maurice - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Reynolds, Joseph - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Ring, Daniel - Strand St. Upper
Rioran, Timothy - The Mall
Riordan, Daniel - Strand St.
Comment : and Co
Riordan, John - Milk Market Lane
Riordan, Thomas - The Rock
Riordan, Timothy - Barrack Lane
Roche, James - Connor's Lane
Roche, John D. - Castle St. Lower
Roche, Michael - Caher Anne Road
Roche, Patrick - Old Chapel Lane
Rohan, John - Bridge St.
Ross, James - Denny St.
Ross, William - Waterloo Lane
Rowan, Rev. Arthur B/.Parish : Annagh/Ballyard
Rowan, Rev. Arthur B. - Blemerville Road
Roy, James A. - Ratass P./Garryruth
Russell, Jn. Norris - Castle St. Upper
Russell, John Norris - Castle St. Lower
Ruttle, Christopher - Godfrey Place
Ruttle, Christopher - The Square
Ruttle, John - Castle St. Lower
Ryall, Michael - Caher Anne Road
Ryall, Thomas - Abbey St. Lower
Ryan, Mary - Caher Anne Road
Ryan, Michael - Milk Market Lane
Ryan, William - Abbey St. Lower
Ryle, Denis - The Rock
Sage, John - Francis St.
Sanders, Bridget - Denny St.
Sands, Nicholas - Balloonagh Road
Saunders, Timothy - John St.
Saunders, William - The Rock
Savage, David - The Square
Savage, Mary - The Rock
Savage, Maurice - Brogue Maker's Lane
Savage, Richard - The Rock
Savage, Thomas - Castle St. Upper
Scanlan, James - Strand St.
Scanlan, Judith - Waterloo Lane
Scanlan, Michael - Connor's Lane
Scanlan, Michael - Friar's Lane
Scanlan, Thaddeus - Strand St.
Scanlan, Thaddeus - Strand St. Upper
Scanlan, Thaddeus - The Mall
Scanlan, Thadeus - Nelson St.
Scanlon, Garrett - Brogue Maker's Lane
Scannell, Thaddeus - The Rock
Scannell, Timothy - Ratass P./Boherboy
Scollard, Michael - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Scollard, Michael - Waterloo Lane
Sewell, Thomas - Russell St.
Seymour, William - Strand St.
Sharpe, William - The Rock
Shaughnessy, Patrick - Caher Anne Road
Shaw, ??? - The Mall
Comment : Shaw and Duffield
Shea, Daniel - Moydore Well Lane
Shea, Honoria - Daly's Lane
Shea, James - Bridge St.
Shea, John - Boherboy
Shea, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Shea, John - James St.
Shea, John - Rae St.
Shea, John - Strand St.
Shea, Matthew - Murphy's Lane
Shea, Michael - The Mall
Shea, Simon - The Rock
Shea, Simon - The Square
Shea, Thomas - Moydore Well Lane
Shearman, Patrick - Boherboy
Sheehan, Jeremiah - Boherboy
Sheehan, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Sheehy, Bryan - Milk Market Lane
Sheehy, Edmond - The Rock
Sheehy, John - Ratass P./Garryruth
Sheehy, John - The Rock
Sheehy, Thomas - Ratass P./Garryruth
Sheehy, Timothy - Strand St.
Sheehy, William - Canal New Road
Shine, John - Kean's Lane
Shinners, Richard - The Rock
Simmonds, Arthur - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Skahane, John - Ratass P./Garryruth
Slattery, Daniel - Strand St. Upper
Slattery, James - Morris' Lane
Slattery, James - Rae St.
Slattery, Jeremiah - Abbey St.
Slattery, John - The Rock
Slattery, Lucinda - Day Place
Slattery, Michael - The Rock
Slattery, Murtagh - Russell St.
Slattery, Patrick - Caher Anne Road
Slattery, Patrick - Strand St. Upper
Slattery, Timothy - Brogue Maker's Lane
Smith, Benjamin - Denny St.
Smith, Ellen - Milk Market Lane
Spillane, Maurice - Strand St.
Spring, Robert - Ratass P./Boherboy
Stack, Edmond - The Mall
Stack, Eugene - Bridge St.
Stack, James - Daly's Lane
Stack, John - Castle St. Lower
Stack, Margaret - Bridge St.
Stack, Mary - Brogue Maker's Lane
Stack, Patrick - Brogue Maker's Lane
Stack, Patrick - Nelson St.
Stack, Patrick - Rae St.
Stack, Richard - The Rock
Stack, Sarah - The Square
Stack, Thomas - The Rock
Stephens, Rep. Henry - Ratass P./Garryruth
Stephens, Joseph - Castle St. Lower
Stephens, Samuel - Ratass P./Garryruth
Stephens, Samuel - Ratass P./Killierisk
Stephens, William - Ratass P./Mc Ennery's Lane
Stephens, William - Moydore Well Lane
Stewart, Thos. - Denny St.
Comment : Manager
Stokes, Edward D. - Castle St. Lower
Stokes, George D. - Prince's Quay
Stokes, Oliver - Ratass P./Killierisk
Stokes, Patrick - Strand St.
Sugrue, Catherine - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Sugrue, Catherine - Castle St. Lower
Sugrue, James - Balloonagh Road
Sugrue, John - Balloonagh Road
Sugrue, John - The Rock
Sugrue, Thomas - Ratass P./Garryruth
Sullivan, Andrew - Castle St. Upper
Sullivan, Catherine - The Rock
Sullivan, Cornelius - Mary St.
Sullivan, Daniel - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Sullivan, Daniel - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Sullivan, Daniel - Boherboy
Sullivan, Daniel - Francis St.
Sullivan, Daniel - Moydore Well Lane
Sullivan, Daniel - The Rock
Sullivan, David - Rae St.
Sullivan, Denis - Abbey St.
Sullivan, Denis - Balloonagh Road
Sullivan, Denis - Moydore Well Lane
Sullivan, James - Brogue Maker's Lane
Sullivan, James - The Rock
Sullivan, James - Waterloo Lane
Sullivan, Jeremiah - Pie Lane
Sullivan, Jeremiah - Strand St.
Sullivan, John - Boherboy
Sullivan, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Sullivan, John - Daly's Lane
Sullivan, John - Friar's Lane
Sullivan, John - Milk Market Lane
Sullivan, John - Strand St.
Sullivan, John - Strand St. Upper
Sullivan, Keane - John St.
Sullivan, Margaret - Ratass P./Stephen's Lane
Sullivan, Rep. Mary - Canal New Road
Sullivan, Mary - Rae St.
Sullivan, Mary - Strand St.
Sullivan, Mary - The Rock
Sullivan, Michael - Ratass P./Boherboy
Sullivan, Michael - Brogue Maker's Lane
Sullivan, Michael - Caher Anne Road
Sullivan, Michael - Friar's Lane
Sullivan, Michael - Rae St.
Sullivan, Michael - The Rock
Sullivan, Michael - Waterloo Lane
Sullivan, Owen - Moydore Well Lane
Sullivan, Patrick - Barrack Lane
Sullivan, Patrick - Boherboy
Sullivan, Patrick - Castle St. Upper
Sullivan, Patrick - Daly's Lane
Sullivan, Patrick - Mc Ennery's Lane
Sullivan, Patrick - Milk Market Lane
Sullivan, Thaddeus - Strand St.
Sullivan, Thomas - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Sullivan, Timothy - Brogue Maker's Lane
Sullivan, William - Milk Market Lane
Sullivan, William - Rae St.
Supple, Justin - Castle St. Lower
Sutherland, Alex - Castle St. Lower
Sweeny, Bartholomew - Abbey St.
Sweeny, Bartholomew - Balloonagh Road
Sweeny, Denis - The Rock
Sweeny, Eugene - Daly's Lane
Sweeny, James - Ratass P./Boherboy
Sweeny, John - Abbey St.
Sweeny, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Sweeny, John - Caher Anne Road
Sweeny, Mary - Brogue Maker's Lane
Sweeny, Myles - John St.
Sweeny, Patrick - Abbey St.
Sweeny, Patrick - Brogue Maker's Lane
Sweeny, Richard - Abbey St.
Sweeny, William - Moydore Well Lane
Talbot, Timothy - Brogue Maker's Lane
Taylor, Charles - Connor's Lane
Taylor, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Taylor, John - Moydore Well Lane
Taylor, Joseph - The Rock
Teigney, John - Brogue Maker's Lane
Thomas, Mary - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Thomas, Richard - Milk Market Lane
Thompson, Anne - Denny St.
Tidmarsh, Margaret - Nelson St.
Tobin, Francis - Brogue Maker's Lane
Tracy, Thomas - Boherboy
Trant, John - The Rock
Tretton, John - Ratass P./Chute's Lane
Turner, John - Moydore Well Lane
Turner, Margaret - Bridge St.
Turner, Thomas - Friar's Lane
Turner, Thomas - Murphy's Lane
Twiss, Francis - Moydore Well Lane
Twomey, Ellen - Bridge St.
Twomey, Ellen - Waterloo Lane
Twomey, Honoria - The Rock
Twomey, Martin - Cross Lane
Twomey, Michael - Brogue Maker's Lane
Twomey, Peter - Ratass P./Garryruth
Twomey, Thomas - Ratass P./Spring's Lane
Tynan, Catherine - The Mall
Usborne, Thomas M. - Bridge St.
Usborne, Thomas M. - James St.
Usborne, Thomas M. - Pie Lane
Vaughan, John - Francis St.
Vaughan, Patrick - Mary St.
Waldron, John - Chute's Lane
Walker, Mary - Prince's Quay
Wall, Catherine - Strand St.
Wallace, Catherine - Boherboy
Wallace, Catherine - Canal New Road
Wallace, Patrick - The Square
Walpole, Johnathan, Jr. - Listowel New Road
Walpole, Jonathan - Castle St. Upper
Walpole, Jonathan, Jr. - Francis St.
Walpole, Robert - Castle St. Lower
Walpole, Robert - Listowel New Road
Walpole, Robert - Nelson St.
Walsh, John S. - Denny St.
Walsh, John S. - The Square
Walsh, John S. - Waterloo Lane
Walsh, Maurice - Strand St.
Walsh, Michael - Moydore Well Lane
Walsh, Richard - Moydore Well Lane
Walsh, Thomas - Rae St.
Wassy, Michael - Rae St.
Wheeler, John - Denny St.
Whelan, Bryan - Ratass P./Boherboy
Whelan, Jeremiah - Ratass P./Boherboy
White, Catherine - Milk Market Lane
White, John - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
White, John - The Rock
White, Richard - The Mall
Wicken, Richard - Caher Anne Road
Wickham, William - Castle Mc Ellistrum Lane
Williams, Eliza - Castle St. Lower
Williams, Robert - Pie Lane
Wilson, Hugh - Castle St. Upper
Wren, Edward - Castle St. Upper
Wren, Patrick - Abbey St.
Wren, Patrick - Strand St.
Wren, William - Boherboy
Yealdon, John - Strand St. Upper

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