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Co. Kerry

Hannifin Surname

Ballyferriter Catholic Parish,
Dingle Peninsula

Hannifin Marriages 1807-1846 | Hannifin Baptisms 1807-1850

Be aware that the records were difficult to transcribe, and researchers are always advised to check the documents themselves.

2/?/1807Timothy LeehyMaria HannifinEugene AhernRobert Grandfield
Timothy Connell
John Grandfield
2 or 3/10/1807Demetrius HannifinMaria Long?Thomas Shea
John ?
Maurice ?
2/5/1809Patrick HannifinMaria Connell?Thomas Shea
Thomas Ash
Daniel Kennedy
2/12/1809William MooreBrigid Hannifin?James Garvey
Michael Garvey
Maurice Connor (?)
3/4/1810John HannifinMaria BowlerEugene AhernThomas Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
Thomas Manning
3/6/1810John HannifinCatharine SheehyEugene AhernJames Fitzgerald
Thomas Sullivan
Denis Sullivan
2/10/1812Maurice HannifinCatharine MillaneEugene AhernSylvester Mitchell
Patrick Connor
Denis Sullivan
2/17/1813John CurraneHonora HannifinEugene AhernMaurice Moriarty
Daniel Kievane
Patrick Kievane
2/20/1814Thomas ManningMargaret HannifinEugene AhernDaniel Connell
John Manning
William Hannifin
2/20/1814John McDonnellHonora HannifinEugene AhernMaurice Stack
Daniel Connell
(Jr.?)Daniel Connor
2/21/1814Michael Gueehin
or Greehin
Catharine HannifinEugene AhernJames Sheehy
Thomas Connor
James Moriarty
2/22/1814Daniel DivaneMaria HannifinEugene AhernDaniel Sullivan
Edmond Sullivan
John Bowler
2/7/1815Matthew KayMaria HannifinEugene AhernMaurice Kennedy
William Moore
Michael O'Brien
2/9/1817John HannifinMaria GarveyEugene AhernJames Manning
Timothy ?
James ?
2/18/1817Michael Brown or BreenHelen HannifinEugene AhernEdmund ?
Daniel Sullivan
James Sullivan
2/18/1817John MooreElizabeth HannifinEugene AhernThomas Sullivan
Daniel Sullivan
James Sullivan
2/3/1818Demetrius ConnellMaria HannifinEugene AhernNicolas Baker
John Moriarty
Gregory Moriarty
11//28/1818James SullivanBrigid HannifinEugene AhernJohn Garvey
John Shea
Richard Johnson
2/21/1819John KievaneMaria HannifinEugene AhernAndrew Shea
John Long
James Sullivan
2/10/1820William SearesMaria HanifenJohn CaseyThomas Manning
John Shea
Anna McCrohan
3/5/1821John FitzgeraldMaria HanifenThomas CarmodyJohn Hanifen
Nich'ol Fitzgerald
Ma? Fitzgerald
3/6/1821Denis MoranJohanna HanifenJohn CaseyJohn Sullivan
William Moran
John Hanifen
3/6/1821James DivaneJohanna HanifenJohn CaseyGreg. Ash
John Thornton
Thaddeus Hanifen
2/17/1822Michael HanifenHelen McDonnellJohn CaseyNicholas Baker
Michael Bowler
William Fitzgerald
1/31/1826Daniel HanifenHelen FitzgeraldJohn CaseyGregory Ash
John Shea
Thaddeus Hanifen
1/31/1826John MooreMaria HanifenJohn CaseyGregory Ash
John Shea
John Hanifen
2/27/1827Feronlius (?)KennedyMaria HanifenJohn CaseyJohn Shea
Martin Sullivan
John Hanifen
2/27/1827John HanifenMargaret KavanPatrick FoleyJohn Connell
Patrick Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald
2/27/1827John SheaHelen HanifenPatrick FoleyJohn Connell
Patrick Shea
Thomas Shea
2/19/1828Michael HanifenEllen FitzgeraldJohn CaseyJames Rooney (?)
William Fitzgerald
John Shea
2/14/1830Michael HanifenJohanna ScanlonJohn CaseyJohn Shea
James Rooney
Maurice She
2/23/1830John HanifenJohanna KeanParick FoleyMichael Kean
William Hanifen
James Moriarty
2/10/1831James MoriartyJohanna HanifenPatrick FoleyJohn Fitzgerald
John Connell
John Hanifen
2/15/1831John HanifenElizabeth FitzgeraldPatrick FoleyJoseph McKenna
John Grady
John Connell
2/17/1833Patrick HanifenMaria SullivanJohn CaseyJohn Connell
Thomas Garvey
John Garvey
2/19/1833Michael HanifenMaria LongThomas O'SullivanJohn Connell
John Shea
Thomas Kavan
11/24/1833John WalshMaria HanifenJohn CaseyPatrick Foley
John Connell
Michael Ahern
2/9/1834Maurice HanifenMargaret ConnellJohn CaseyMaurice Begly
Patrick Shea
James Moriarty
1/13/1836Michael HanifenElizabeth LeehyJohn CaseyJames Leehy
John Conn???
Brigid Gorman
2/7/1837James FerriterMaria HanifenPatrick FoleyDaniel Hanifen
James Houlihan
2/7/1837Daniel HanifenMaria McDonnellPatrick FoleyMichael Bowler
Patrick Connell
2/8/1839Thomas LeyneHonora HanifenPatrick FoleyJohn Hanifen
Daniel Hanifen
2/18/1840Demetrius LeyneJohanna HanifenPatrick FoleyJames Houlihan
Daniel Moriarty
2/9/1841Patrick HanifenBrigid LongPatrick FoleyJohn Connell
Thomas Casey
Dermett Meara
2/23/1841Patrick GormanHonora HanifanPatrick FoleyJohn Connell
Patrick Malone
Daniel Moriarty
2/6/1842John HanifenMaria LandersPatrick FoleyThaddeus Moran
John Hanifen
John Connell
2/8/1842Demetrius LynchMaria HanifenPatrick FoleyJohn Connell
John Shea
Maurice Hanifen
2/20/1844Thomas HanifenMaria ManningPatrick FoleyPatrick Mallone
Daniel Hanifen
John Sullivan
9/4/1845? (maybe John) DowdMargaret Hanifin?Daniel Connell
John Shea
9/4/1845Timothy HannifinHonora C......?
Maybe Connor
?John Shea
Margaret Sullivan
2/15/1846James LongJohanna HanifenD. O'ConnorPatrick Nuigle (?)
Thomas McCarthy


Thanks to Susan Larkin for this data.

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