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Books of Survey and Distribution

Extract from Books of Survey and Distribution (1680) for Kilcummin

Patrick Kissane contributes information about the Books of Distribution and Survey and a transcription of the Survey for Kilcummin, presented in the table below.

Read about The Books of Survey and Distribution.

The Survey states it is for the parish of Kilcomin. The present-day name is probably Kilcummin. But the areas mentioned are not in the present-day parish of Kilcummin. Rather they are mainly in Rathmore to the east of Killarney town. These lands would probably have been owned by the O' Donoghue of the Glen branch of the O' Donoghue clan.

The Nicholas Browne mentioned was Sir Valentine Browne’s son and heir.

The records below are shown in six columns. Measurements are by acres, roods and perches. Some names have changed since the book was written. Where able to confirm a name or location, it is listed in brackets after the 17th century name. However some of the names mentioned are no longer in use and have no present-day equivalents.

  1. The owner in 1641 i.e. prior to the Insurrection and Cromwellian plantation.
  2. A description of the land: it is mainly a geographical place-name.
  3. Unprofitable land e.g. bogs, mountains, lakes etc.
  4. Profitable land e.g. arable and grazing land.
  5. Acreage transferred. The acres are Plantation acres which equalled 1.62 of a statute acre.
  6. The name of the owner in 1680 i.e. after a) the Plantation and b) the Restoration (which reversed some of the Plantation). However in many cases it shows Sir Valentine Browne as both the old owner and the new owner, that is, no change.
Owner 1641 Land Description Land Unprofitable
Land Profitable
Acres Transferred
Owner 1680
Nicholas Browne In Rathmore (Rathmore) Rathbegg   260:2:00 262:2:00 Sr Valentine Browne
  (Rathbegg) afores.        
The Same Bogg in ye Same 161:0:0     ditto
The Same Bogg in ye Same 54:0:0     ditto
Sr Valentine Browne Duhcarrigg (Dughcarrigg) Killenoan        
  (Killenoan) Gortugeane        
  (Gortugeane) Gorteragh (Gorteragh)   6810:2:37 6810:2:37 ditto
The Same In ye Same   613:0:0 613:0:0 ditto
The Same In ye Same   626:0:0 626:0:0 ditto
The Same In ye Same   160:0:0 160:0:0 ditto
The Same In ye Same   7:03:10 7:03:10 ditto
The Same In ye Same   15:00:00 15:00:00 ditto
The Same In ye Same   37:0:11 37:0:11 ditto
The Same In ye Same   13:00:20 13:00:20 ditto
The Same In ye Same Mountaine 422:0:0     ditto
The Same In ye Same Bogge 182:2:20     ditto
The Same In ye Same Bogge 11:00:00     ditto
The Same In ye Same 32:1:32     ditto
The Same In ye Same 22:00:00     ditto
The Same In ye Same 50:0:10     ditto
A Redd Bogg
(a bog from which peat can be harvested)
Comon to ye Adjacent Townes 431:2:13     ditto
Gleab (Glebe) land In this parish   54:0:0 54:0:0 Gleab Land
(glebe (church) land)

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