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Townlands of County Kerry

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Townland Acres Barony Parish PLU
CAHERSIVEEN T. xx Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
CASTLE Island T. xx Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
CASTLEGREGORY T. xx Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
CASTLEMAINE T. xx Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
CAUSEWAY T. xx Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
CHAPELTOWN T. xx Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
CLOGHANE T. xx Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Caher 178 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Caher 427 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Caher 109 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Caher 483 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Caher West 234 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Caheracruttera 574 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Caheragh 435 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Caherard 199 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Caheratrant 297 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Caherbarnagh 295 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Caherboshina 444 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Caherbreagh 387 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Caherbullig 323 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Cahercullenagh Lower 283 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cahercullenagh Upper 520 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Caherdaniel 452 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Caherdean 243 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Caherdorgan North 216 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Caherdorgan South 105 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Cahereen 8 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Cahereen West 109 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Cahereighterrush 277 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Caherfealane 1,038 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Caherfealane-marsh 64 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Caherleheen 64 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Caherleheen 826 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Caherlehillan 709 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cahermoneen 28 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Caher More 89 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cahernabane 476 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Cahernaduv 131 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Cahernageeha 355 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Cahernaman 503 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cahernane 75 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Cahernane 188 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Cahernead 131 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Caherpierce 503 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Caherquin 164 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Cahersavane 621 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Caherscullibeen 322 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Cahersiveen 255 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Caherslee 40 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Caherulla 557 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Caherweesheen 137 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Callahaniska 394 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Callanafersy 848 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Callanafersy West 779 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Camp 356 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Camp 226 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Camp 160 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Camp 109 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Canagullen 555 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Canburrin 1,293 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Canearagh 949 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Canfee 195 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cangullia 789 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Canknoogheda 359 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cantra 145 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Canuig 1,267 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Canuig 450 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Cappa 371 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cappaclogh 220 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Cappaclogh West 214 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Cappaganneen 496 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cappagh 383 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Cappagh 190 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cappagh 518 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Cappagh 1,253 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cappagh 720 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cappagh 110 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Cappagh 248 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cappa More 636 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Cappa More 273 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Cappa More 225 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cappa More 79 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cappanacush 684 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cappanacush Island 19 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cappanacush West 495 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cappanagroun 558 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Cappananee 101 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Cappanlivane 265 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Cappanthlarrig 310 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Capparoe 385 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Capparoe 325 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cappateige 492 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Cappawee 308 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Cappyantanvally 317 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Carhan Lower 200 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Carhan Upper 553 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Carhoo 158 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Carhoo West 181 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Carhoo Beg 225 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Carhooearagh 1,370 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Carhoomeengar 223 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Carhoomeengar West 249 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Carhoona 593 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Carhoonahone 805 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Carhoonakilla 161 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Carhoonakineely 316 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Carhoonaknock 103 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Carhoonaknock West 89 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Carhoonaphuca 163 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Carhoonoe 305 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Carker 938 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Carks 447 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Carrahane Lower 1,008 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Carrahane Upper 156 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Carran 394 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Carrig 151 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Carrig 1,013 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Carrig Island 231 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Carrig West 699 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Carrigadav 984 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Carrigafoyle 221 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Carrigafreaghane 79 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Carrigaha 155 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Carrigane 198 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Carrigaveema 299 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Carrigawannia 241 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Carrigcannon 962 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Carrigeen 301 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Carrigeencullia 1,485 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Carrigeendaniel 106 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Carrigeenwood 393 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Carriginane 770 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Carrignafeela 108 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Carrignafeela 81 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Carrignahihilan 119 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare


Cashelagh 801 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Cashelkeelty 595 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Castleconway 91 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Castledrum 707 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Castlefarm 258 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Castlegregory 250 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Castlelough 125 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Castlemaine 9 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Castlemaine 9 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Castlequarter 189 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Castlequin 1,192 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Castleshannon 386 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Castleshannon 238 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Castletown 197 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Listowel
Castleview 35 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Caunteens 710 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Chapel Quarter 7 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Churchfield 100 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Churchground 641 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Churchtown 294 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Claddanure 373 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Claddanure West 349 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Clahane 2,170 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Clash 219 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Clash 225 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Clash 170 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Clash Island 3 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Clash West 64 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Clashaphuca 85 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Clashatlea 335 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Clashedmond 186 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Clasheen 244 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Clashganniv 512 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Clashmelcon 958 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Clashnagarrane 479 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Cleanderry 638 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Cleedagh 60 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Cleeny 89 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Cliddaun 172 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Listowel
Cliddaun 73 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Clievragh 331 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Clodragh 276 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Cloghane 143 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cloghane 1,007 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cloghane 141 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Cloghane 353 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cloghane 481 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Cloghaneanode 535 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Cloghaneanua 566 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Cloghanebane 171 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Cloghanecanuig 132 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Cloghanecarhan 1,039 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Cloghaneduff 208 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Cloghaneleesh 300 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Cloghaneleskirt 875 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Cloghanelinaghan 1,169 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Cloghanenagleragh 577 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Cloghanesheskeen 165 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Clogharee 1,026 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cloghavoola 130 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cloghboola 686 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Clogher 41 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Clogher 368 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Clogher 156 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Clogher 296 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Cloghera Beg 885 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cloghera More 794 Dunkerron North Knockane Kenmare
Clogherane 699 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Clogherbrien 318 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Clogherclemin 204 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cloghereen Lower 256 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Cloghereen Upper 270 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Clogher More 62 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cloghernoosh 1,149 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cloghers 192 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Cloghfune 242 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Cloghfune 265 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cloghleagh 119 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Cloghmackirkeen 251 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Cloghvoola 1,733 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Clondouglas 292 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Cloon 338 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Cloon Berg 71 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Cloon 1,003 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cloon Glebe 94 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Cloon Island 3 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Cloon More 99 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Cloon West 1,807 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cloonacurrig 153 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Cloonaghlin 1,428 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Cloonalassan 154 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Cloonalour 144 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Cloonalour 85 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Cloonaman 819 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Cloonametagh 216 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Cloonanorig 25 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Cloon Beg 101 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Cloonbrane 315 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Clooncarrig 76 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Cloonclogh 244 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Clooncolla 168 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Clooncreestane 38 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Clooncurra 194 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Clooneagh 20 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Cloonearagh 89 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Cloonee 700 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Clooneen 160 Clanmaurice Killahan Listowel
Cloonkeen 707 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cloonlara 174 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Cloonlogher 161 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Cloonmackon 387 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Cloonmealane 264 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Cloon More 337 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Cloonnafinneela 745 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Cloonprohus 249 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Cloonsharragh 498 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cloonsillagh 69 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Cloonsquire 96 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Cloontarriv 361 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Cloonteens 155 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Cloonties 228 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Cloonts 466 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Cloontubbrid North 250 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Cloontubbrid South 281 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Cloonydonigan Lower 93 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Cloonydonigan Upper 198 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Cloos More 115 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Clydagh 105 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Clydaghroe 1,286 Magunihy Killaha Killarney


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