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Townlands of County Kerry

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Townland Acres Barony Parish PLU
Coad 641 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Coarha Beg 920 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Coarha More 832 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Coars 543 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cockhill 172 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Cockow 389 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Collegefield 25 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Collorus 474 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Commanes 544 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Commaun 561 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Commons 10 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Commons 219 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Commons 106 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Commons East 176 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Commons North 111 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Commons North 359 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Commons South 281 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Commons West 61 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Commons of Dingle 876 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Commons of Milltown 58 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Connigar 238 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Cool 336 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Cool 364 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Cool West 272 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Coolaclarig 665 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Coolagowan 268 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Coolanaroo 155 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coolaneelig 405 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Coolard 363 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Coolaruane 257 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Coolatoosane 232 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Coolavanny 163 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Coolavorheen 107 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolbane 217 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolbane 262 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Coolbane 12 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolbane West 129 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Coolbane West 15 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolbaun 109 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Coolbaun 173 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Coolbeha 187 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Coolcaslagh 455 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coolclieve 174 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coolclogher 119 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coolcorcoran 289 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Coolcreen 739 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coolcummisk 644 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coolcurtoga 761 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cooleanig 461 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coolgarriv 95 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Coolgarriv 224 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Coolies 2,254 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coolkeragh 1,437 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Coolknoohill 1,128 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Coollegrean 56 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coollegrean 1,246 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Coollick 830 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Coollick 168 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Coolmagort 653 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coolnacalliagh 229 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Coolnadead 124 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Coolnagarrahy 53 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Coolnageragh 536 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Coolnagoppoge 757 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Coolnagoppoge 434 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Coolnagoppoge 466 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Coolnagraigue 292 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Coolnaharragill Lower 137 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coolnaharragill Upper 420 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coolnalaght 111 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Coolnaleen Lower 229 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Coolnaleen Upper 269 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Coolnanoonagh 178 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Coologes 994 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Coolownig 165 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coolroe 1,068 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coolroe 109 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Coolroe 323 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Coolroe Lower 242 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coolroe North 256 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolroe South 275 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolroe Upper 506 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coolroe West 110 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Cools 726 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Cools 375 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Coolvackagh 57 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Coom 954 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Coom 258 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Coom 1,799 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Coomabaha 838 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomacullen 1,076 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Coomakeogh 168 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Coomanaspig 256 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Coomasaharn 1,081 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coomaspeara 1,212 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomastow 701 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomatloukane 622 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Coomavanniha and Dughile 1,195 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomavoher 1,476 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomavoon 624 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coomcallee 1,549 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coomclogherane 478 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Coomdeeween 258 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coomduff 81 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coomlamminy 1,402 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Coomleagh 867 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomlettra 421 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Coomnafanida 364 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Coomnahincha 299 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coomnahorna 710 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Coomnahorna West 326 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Coomnakilla North 492 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Coomnakilla South 645 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Coomshanna 1,024 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coomura 356 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomyanna 1,067 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Cooracoosane 574 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cooragweanish 238 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Coorleagh 1,198 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Coornacaragh 326 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coornagillagh 213 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coornagrena and Goulnacappy 816 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Coornameana 233 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Cooryeen 629 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cooryvanaheen 97 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen


Coracow 85 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Corbally 170 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Corbally 400 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Corbally 115 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Corcas and Sandhills 125 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Cordal 1,886 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Cordal West 1,219 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Cores 1,434 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Corkaboy 154 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Cosha North 213 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Cosha South 270 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coshcummeragh 347 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coss 608 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cottage 331 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Coulagh 1,000 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coumaleague 255 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Coumanare 776 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Coumbowler 430 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Coumduff 2,093 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Coumeenoole North 335 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Coumeenoole South 261 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Coumeenycorraun 375 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Coumgagh 75 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Coumlanders 49 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Coumreagh 265 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cow Island 2 Magunihy Killarney Killarney


Crag 324 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Crag 282 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Crag 156 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Crag 243 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Craggane 233 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Craggaunmoonia 99 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Creegooane 26 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Creeveen 567 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Creeveen 916 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Creggeen 486 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Crinagort 629 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Crinnagh 571 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Crinny 292 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Crinny West 284 Trughanacmy CastleIsland Tralee
Crohane 1,845 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Crohane 466 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Cromane Lower 517 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Cromane Upper 879 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Croogorts 23 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Crossderry 830 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Crosstown 145 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Crotta 399 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Listowel
Crotta 62 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Cuhig 589 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Culleeny Beg 116 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Culleeny More 348 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Cullenagh 177 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Cullenagh Lower 175 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cullenagh Upper 513 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cullinagh 598 Dunkerron North Aghadoe Killarney
Cummeen 435 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cummeen Lower 183 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Cummeen Upper 899 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Cummeenavrick 1,151 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cummeenboy 765 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Cummeenduvasig 931 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Cummeengeera 466 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cummeennabuddoge 1,499 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cummeenshrule 718 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Cummers 389 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cummers West 229 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cunnagare 205 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Cunnavoola 131 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Curra 257 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Currabanefield 201 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Curra Beg 452 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Curracitty 310 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Curracullenagh 866 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Curraduff 160 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Curraflugh 144 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Curragh 305 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Curragh Beg 356 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Curragh More 1,282 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Curraghatoosane 296 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Curraghatouk 153 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Curraghcroneen 480 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Curraghderrig 523 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Curraghleha 56 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Curraghleha West 74 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Curraghmacdonagh 102 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Curraghmacdonagh 25 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Curragh More East 340 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Curragh More West 784 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Curraghnanav 281 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Curraghweesha 196 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Curraglass 523 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Curraglass North 177 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Curraglass South 211 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Curragraigue 704 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Curragraigue 160 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Curragraigue 140 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Curraheen 657 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Curraheen 2,302 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Curraheen Little 60 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Curraknockaun 102 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Curraross 496 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Currauly 193 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Curravaha 1,263 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Curravogh North 257 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Curravogh South 262 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Curravoola 1,732 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Curreal 484 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cuss 130 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Cuss 148 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Cutteen 46 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle


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