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Townlands of County Kerry- H-J

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Townland Acres Barony Parish PLU
Headfort 385 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Heirhill 395 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Hillgrove 99 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Hogs Head Island 9 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Horse Island 34 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Horse Island 6 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen


Illaunacummig 7 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunanadan 16 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunboe 4 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Illaunboy 3 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Illauncaum 161 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Illaundrane 26 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunimmil 29 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Illaunleagh 9 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunnakilla 7 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunnaweelaun 6 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Illaunsillagh 9 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunslea 18 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunstookagh 311 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Illauntaanig 2 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Inch 193 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Inch 77 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Inch 1,003 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Inch 312 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Inch 251 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Inch Moor 340 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Inch West 360 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Inch West 207 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Inchaloughra 50 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Inchee 1,772 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Inchee 601 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Inchee West 798 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Incheens 580 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Inchfarrannagheragh Gle 828 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Inchiboy 775 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Inchiclogh 227 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Inchicloon 301 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Inchicorrigane 463 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Inchicorrigane West 545 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Inchimacteige 252 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Inchi More 311 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Inchi More 1,014 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Inchin Lough 335 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Inchinaleega 83 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Inchinaleega West 115 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Inchinanagh 1,736 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Inchinapeagh 711 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Inchinascarty 368 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Inchinatinny 334 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Inchincoosh 911 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Inchincummer 368 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Inchinglanna 740 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Inchintren 190 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Inchinveema 195 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Inchycullane 229 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Inchymagilleragh 28 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Inchymagilleragh West 92 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Inishabro 102 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Inishfoyle 753 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Inishkeragh 12 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Inishtooskert 186 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Inishtooskert 12 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Inishvickillane 171 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Innisfallen 21 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Irra Beg 269 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Irra More 596 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Island Sack 25 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Island Sack Little 8 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Islandboy 137 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Islandboy 985 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Islandboy 81 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Islandboy West 9 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Islandearagh 425 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Island ganniv North 135 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Island ganniv South 21 Clanmaurice Listowel Listowel
Island macloughry 153 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Island More 125 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Istalea Lower 151 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Istalea Upper 349 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare

There are no townlands that begin with J


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