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1901 Census AshbourneTown, townland of Killegland - Page#1

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1901 Census AshbourneTown, townland of Killegland - Page#4

1901 Census Masspool, Newtown Commons, Rath of Greenoge, Baltrasna, Harlockstown, Ballybin, Cookstown, Rath, R.I. C. Barracks 

1901 Census Archerstown, Bullstown, Donaghmore,  Milltown, Robertstown, Dunreagh, Greenoge

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Meath Ireland Cemeteries

Clonalvy Cemetery County Meath, Ireland

Clonalvy is located in the civil parish in the Barony of Duleek, Drogheda, County Meath. Most of the old headstones are gone. The cemetery is seen from the roadway across the road from the church in the Village of Clonalvy.

Ball, Maureen (Rock), d. 2 Oct 1982, age: 59yr, d/o William and Margaret.

Brangan, Maria (Fanning), d. 25 Sep 1952, d/o Patrick and Mary, Interred in The Naul.

Collins, Esther, d. 21 May 1939, age: 2yr 6mo, d/o Rose Ann and James.

Collins, Patricia, d. 29 Nov 1951, age: 24yr, d/o Thomas and Jane.

Collins, Thomas, d. 23 Aug 1941, age: 68yr, h/o Jane.

Connell, Patrick, d 1943, s/o Nick and Susan.

Connell, Susan, d. 6 Jun 1942, w/o Nick

.Donnelly, Angela, d. 11 Sep 1923, d/o James and Anne Marie.

Donnelly, James, d. 1 Jun 1946, h/o Anne Marie.

Doonan, Patrick, d. 12 Dec 1950, Uncle of Mary Murphy.

Fanning, Annie, d. 24 Jan 1904, age: 75yr, w/o Patrick.

Fanning, Brian, d. 2 Jan 1888, age: 34yr, s/o Patrick and Anne.

Fanning, Cabrini, d 18 Jan 1947, age: 6 Mths.,",",d/o John J.

Fanning, Patrick, d. 31 Jul 1935, age: 65yr, s/o Patrick and Anne.

Kavanagh, John, d 18 Oct 1940, h/o Mary.

Kavanagh, Mary, d. 1 Jun 1914, w/o John.

Kavanagh, Mary, d. 27 Jul 1951, w/o John.

Kelly, James, d. 6 Feb 1930, s/o Margaret and Peter.

Kelly, Margaret, d. 11 Sep 1913, h/o Peter.

Kelly, Michael, d. 3 Dec 1961, s/o Margaret and Peter.

Kelly, Peter, d. 13 Mar 1913, h/o Margaret.

Lynch, William, d. 14 Jul 1896, age: 37yr, s/o William, Erected by his Father William.

Magrane, Eleanor, d. 5 Dec 1822, age: 72yr, w/o Thomas.

Magrane, Ellen, d. 24 May 1856, age: 72yr, d/o Thomas and Eleanor.

Magrane, Ellen, d. 5 Oct 1853, age: 41yr, w/o Peter.

Magrane, Margaret, d. 17 Feb 1822, age: 43yr, d/o Thomas and Eleanor.

Magrane, Mary, d. 15 Sep.1824, age: 35yr, d/o Thomas and Eleanor.

Magrane, Peter, d. 1 Apr 1840, age: 55yr, s/o Thomas and Eleanor.

Magrane, Thomas, d. 4 Aug 1808, age: 65yr, h/o Eleanor, Erected by Son Peter.

McCabe, Mary (Lynch), d. 11 Nov 1906, d/o William.

McCabe, Thomas, d. 21 Jul 1938, w/o Mary.

McGrath, Janie, d 18 Oct 1955, age: 80yr, sis/o Mary and John, Erected by Agnes McGuinness.

McGrath, John, d. 20 Sep 1945, age: 73yr, bro/o Janie and Mary.

McGrath, Mary, d. 11 Apr 1942, age: 72yr, sis/o Janie and John.

McNally, Peggy, d. 12 Jul 1966, d/o Thomas and Janie.

McNally, Sarah, d. 2 Jun 1929, d/o Thomas and Janie.

McNally, Thomas, d 18 Nov 1968, h/o Janie.

Morgan, Michael, d. 20 Sep.1951, age: 45yr, s/o Michael and Anne.

Morgan, Michael, d. 29 Dec 1947, age: 79yr, h/o Anne.

Murphy, Thomas, d. 20 Jun 1959, h/o Mary.

O'Malley, Margaret, d. 20 Dec 1940, Mother of Mary Murphy.

Pearse, Patricia (Morgan), d. 30 Nov 1968, age: 50yr, d/o Michael and Anne.

Queenan, Charlie, d. 5 Mar 1966, age: 84yr, h/o Mary.

Reilly, John, d 19 Aug 1942, age: 53yr, h/o Annie.

Rock, Elizabeth, d. 3 Jun 1939, age: 58yr, d/o Mary and Joseph.

Rock, John, d. 10 Aug 1959, age: 77yr, s/o Mary and Joseph.

Rock, Joseph, d 19 Dec 1934, age: 84yr, h/o Mary.

Rock, Margaret, d. 6 Dec 1887, age: 90yr, w/o William.

Rock, Mary, d. 23 May 1931, age: 81yr, w/o Joseph.

Rock, William, d. 30 Nov 1969, age: 80yr, s/o Mary and Joseph.

Walsh, Richard, d. 13 Apr 1968, h/o Rose.

Walsh, Rose, d. 23 Jun 1969, w/o Richard.

White, Annie, d. 17 Jun 1940, sis/o Lizzie and Patrick.

White, Bridget, d. 26 Dec 1917, w/o Peter.

White, John J., d. 22 Oct 1943, s/o Patrick and Mary.

White, Lizzie, d. 1 May 1943, sis/o Patrick and Annie.

White, Mary, d. 1 Apr 1958, w/o Patrick.

White, Patrick, d. 23 Jan 1939, bro/o Lizzie and Annie.

White, Peter, d. 1 May 1939, h/o Bridget.

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