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Slater's Directory of Ireland - 1856
Castle Connell and O'Brien's Bridge

Castle Connell or Stradballay, post village and parish in the barony of Clanwilliam, Co. Limerick

Name Address Occupation
AHERN Winifred Castle Connell Shopkeeper
AIREY John O'Brien's Bridge Church Edu Soc's School.Master & Parish clerk
BELL Edward The Grange Nobility,Gentry, Clergy.G.J.P. stipendiary
BENSON Rev Jno B Tontine Parish Church Castle Connell, Rector
BLACKALL Jonas Esq Garden Hill Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
BOURKE Genl. Sir Richd. Thornfield Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
BRIDGEMAN Mr Henry O'Brien's Bridge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
BROWNE George O'Brien's Bridge Boot & Shoemaker
BROWNE John O'Brien's Bridge Boot & Shoemaker
BROWNE Richard Montpelier Public House
BURKE Michael O'Brien's Bridge Carpenter
CARROLL William A mail car tor Killaloe leaves at 5pm  
CARROLL William A mail car for to Limerick leaves 9am  
CASSAN Capt. Edward Castle Connell Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
CLARE the Hon. the Earl of Mount Shannon Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
COE Richard Esq Ingolsby Lodge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
COLLINS Mchl. O'Brien's Bridge Shopkeeper
COLLINS Michael O'Brien's Bridge Collector of tolls for Shannon Commissioners
CONNER Charles Castle Connell Boatbuilder
CONNER John Castle Connell Boatbuilder
CORBETT William Constabulary Barracks O'Brien's Bridge Constable
CORBETT William Esq Rock Lodge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
COTTON John Castle Connell Blacksmith
CRAWLEY James Esq White Hill Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
CREAGH Paul Esq Fairy Hall Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
CROTTY Michael O'Brien's Bridge Process server
CULLEN Patrick O'Brien's Bridge Nail maker
CUSACK Michael O'Brien's Bridge Shopkeeper
DALY Jeremiah Castle Connell Public House
DAVIS Miss Barbara O'Brien's Bridge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
DE BURGHO Sir Richard Bart. The Island Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
DIGAN Michael Esq Ross Nobility, Gentry, Clergy
DIGAN William O'Brien's Bridge Millers & Grain merchants
DOWLING Mary Castle Connell Shopkeeper
DWYER George Esq Tontine Nobility, Gentry, Clergy. S.J.P.
EGAN Rev Castle Connell Roman Catholic Chapel. Curate
FITZGERALD Connell Esq Ardcloony Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
FREWEN Mrs Margaret Castle Connell Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
FREWEN Thomas Esq Coolriree Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
GABBETT William Esq Cahirline Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
GAVIN Mr Michael O'Brien's Bridge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
GOGGIN Edwd. Esq O'Brien's Bridge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
GOING John Esq Cragg Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
GOODALL Matilda Castle Connell Parochial School. Mistress
GOODALL William Castle Connell Parochial School. Master. Parish clerk+C92
GOUGH George Esq Shannon View Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
HALL Henry Castle Connell Butcher
HALLINAN John Castle Connell Blacksmith
HARRISON George Esq Prospect Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
HARTIGAN Patrick Spa Hotel Castle Connell Public House
HARTIGAN Patrick Castle Connell Slater
HAYES John Castle Connell Shopkeeper
HEAD Rev Jonathan Ross Glebe Parish Church O'Brien's Bridge.Curate
HEALY James O'Brien's Bridge Boot & Shoemaker
HEARD William H Constabulary Barracks Castle Connell Sub-inspector
HENEYJas Montpelier Shoemaker
HENNESSY Rev Patrick Castle Connell Roman Catholic Chapel. Parish priest
HICKEY John Castle Connell Carpenter
HICKEY Patrick Castle Connell Shopkeeper
HOGAN Mary Spa Well Castle Connell Well keeper
HOGAN Michael Castle Connell Public House
HOGAN Michael Castle Connell Painter
HOWLEY William Esq Rich Hill Nobility, Gentry, Clergy. J.P.
KELLY Jno. O'Brien's Bridge Painter
LANAHAN John Castle Connell Shopkeeper
LLOYD Eyre Esq Prospect Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
LYNCH Michael Castle Connell Process server
MACKEY Anthony Castle Connell Public House
MACKEY Anthony Castle Connell Boot & Shoemaker
MADDEN James Castle Connell Post master
MASSY Sir Hugh Dillon Doonas Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
MASSY the Hon. Lord Hermitage Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
M'CREAGH Donough Esq O'Brien's Bridge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
MEANEY Patrick O'Brien's Bridge Public House
MEANEY Patrick O'Brien's Bridge Flour dealer
M'GRATH John Bridge Town National School. Master
M'NABB James Esq Mona Lodge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
M'NAMARA Daniel O'Brien's Bridge Stonemason
MORKANE Michael O'Brien's Bridge Slater
MOSS James Castle Connell Shoemaker
MURPHY William P Castle Connell Professional Person. Surgeon
MURPHY William P Dispensary Castle Connell Surgeon, dispenser
O'BRIEN William Castle Connell Slater
O'MEARA William Esq Laurel Lodge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
POWELL Caleb Esq Clanshavoy Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
QUINLIVAN Thomas Montpelier Public House
QUINLIVAN Thomas O'Brien's Bridge Blacksmith
RIORDAN Thomas T Laurel Lodge Professional Person. M.D.
RYAN Daniel Montpelier Public House
RYAN Denis Montpelier Carpenter
RYAN George O'Brien's Bridge Public House
RYAN Jno. H Esq O'Brien's Bridge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
RYAN Thomas Castle Connell National School.Catholic. Master
RYAN Thos. O'Brien's Bridge Carpenter
RYAN William Castle Connell Boot & Shoemaker
STUDDART William S Esq Clonboy Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
SUPPLE Mary Castle Connell National School. Catholic. Mistress
TOOHEY John Castle Connell Butcher
TOOHEY Michael Castle Connell Stonemason
TOOHEY Roger Castle Connell Carpenter
TOOHEY Thomas Castle Connell Stonemason
TWISS Mrs Elizabeth Tontine Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
VANDELEUR Colonel Ballinacourty House Nobility, Gentry, Clergy. .
VINCENT George Esq Erina Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
WALKER James O'Brien's Bridge Baker,shopkeeper&draper
WALKER James Castle Connell Post master
WALPLATE Joseph Esq Stormount Nobility, Gentry, Clergy. J.P.
WALPLATE Miss Mary Brook Lodge Nobility, Gentry, Clergy.
WALSH Hugh Esq O'Brien's Bridge Nobility,Gentry,Clergy
WALSH Jonathon Montpelier Public House
WATSON Andrew J Esq O'Brien's Bridge Nobility,Gentry,Clergy
WATSON Samuel M Tontine Professional Person. Barrister
WHITE John Esq Belmont Nobility,Gentry,Clergy
WHITE Thomas S Esq Castle View Nobility,Gentry,Clergy