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About RoscommonGenWeb

Research for this Database was started by Cousin David Falion in 1986. David focused  upon collecting uncommon information about County Roscommon history and people. This website went online during the summer of 1996.

Cousin Ed Finn started the Leitrim-Roscommon website in 1995 and helped David Falion out by adding information from his own database.

On March 20 1996 a website for County Leitrim went online. Counties Roscommon and Leitrim were two of six county websites that went online in 1996 as IRGenWeb (IGW) later changed to IrelandGenWeb (IGW). All rights to display these names or acronyms are reserved.

These websites all predate the formation of WorldGenWeb and are still thriving and providing Irish genealogical information free to the world.

Other contributors added their databases, Brian de Breffney and David Lavin to name two of many whom have continued to add interesting and useful historical material to this database.

In late 2000 the IrelandGenWeb Project was subjected to a takeover attempt by WorldGenWeb when Carol Hepburn on Christmas Eve 2000, backed by WorldGenWeb management, attempted by coup to take over the IGW project.

Carol called her British project which was too close to our name, so to avoid being mistaken for them and get on with our genealogical research, we changed our name to Ireland Genealogy Projects (IGP). We could have gone to court to press ownership rights, but the larger project was just too strong politically, and a protracted lawsuit was financially out of question, and an insult to researchers who depended upon us tp provide a steady stream of data in timely manner.

In the end the IGP project members voted to change the name and it would be better to let the new IGW travel it's own trail as a British (United Kingdom) Project for Ireland.

The founders of the Ireland Project maintain sole rights to use IRGenWeb (IGW), IrelandGenWeb (IGW) TM, and Ireland Genealogy Projects (IGP) TM. All rights are reserved. Ireland Genealogy Projects is an Ireland only project and not associated with BritishGenWeb or UKGenWeb.


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